Still #1 in my eyes!


There are villains you hate, villains you love, villains you love to hate, and villains you just don’t understand. When it comes to Bizarro that’s true on many levels; from his bizarre talk to his bizarre motives, its hard to tell if hes really “evil” or just plain backwards!  The new figure from DCC is so great you would be backwards to NOT get it!
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More Jason Bourne Than G.I. Joe


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is packed with secrets. Even those secrets have secrets. But it’s no secret that the movie is one hell of a spy-clashing joyride.

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The Next Mutation


Today, I’ve been tagged, mentioned and been repeatedly texted more than I can count regarding the release of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trailer! If anyone knows me, they’d know I am a huge TMNT fanatic! Thanks to all of you! It’s a heartwarming feeling when people think about you over such topics you’re so passionate about, even it is for four reptilian ninjas!

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Dead or Alive – You’re Coming with Me


Reboot Robocop…really? Why remake a cult classic that was ahead of its time? Has Hollywood run out of ideas? Or perhaps with today’s technology, Robocop could be brought to life in a different way? Here’s my spoiler-free review.
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A Shot at Amazing

amzingspidermanBANNERIn 2012 we were gifted with yet another Spider-Man movie, a reboot to the Sam Raimi trilogy that ended just 5yrs prior, really not enough time for anyone to even want a reboot. But it came, we all went to see it, mixed reviews, blah blah blah, long story short Figma just released an action figure and its kinda amazing!

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You Have Failed this City

arrowbanner Arrow – yes, there’s a lot of buff men looking for excuses to walk around shirtless, it’s on the CW unfortunately, and there’s some cheesy romance. However! This is nothing like Smallville or Agents of Shield (yeah I said it!). In fact, it’s the best superhero TV series and my favourite show to watch right now.
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Nerds v Hipsters


Its all about the beards and the filters! Its like magic, if only I had some magic to GROW a beard. Le sigh.

I’m Invincible!


In an industry laden with constant shameless rip-offs and non-stop reboots its hard to believe there were any new characters to create or any new stories to tell, yet somehow Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley came through with Invincible; and although not the newest idea, it feels incredibly fresh! And as luck would have it Diamond Select feels the same way and have come through with some fresh new Minimates!

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Know Your Nerds


By – Stephen Maurice Graham

Fantastic little guide to help make everyone’s life a bit easier. Be sure to check out more of SMG’s work on his tumblr of awesomes. LINK I don’t know how much I actually agree with it but its pretty fun. Oh if only I could grow a goatee.

Her name is Elizabeth.

elizabthbannnerThere are many reasons why certain figures are purchased over others; some characters are needed because they are favorites, or are needed to complete a team, or sometimes its just a really snazzy looking character we know nothing about but comes with a cool chair. Let me introduce you to Elizabeth, I am sure we are going to be good friends.

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