Cosplayer Spotlight 02 : Leah

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays (Christmas is obviously #1!). Scary movies, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and of course the best part – dressing up! For one night only, you can be someone or something else and forget about reality. But why limit yourself to one night only? If cosplaying is your passion, just do it whenever and however! Leah certainly has.
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Cosplayer Spotlight 01 : Paul


So often we see awesome cosplayers walking around conventions, looking all awesome and stuff, sometimes a bit intimidating. But we are brave nerds, we stop them and ask for a photo, thanks them, walk away. But who is the nerd behind the mask? What drives them? Why the heck are they dressed up in spandex? Well here is the first of many cosplay interviews to answer these deep questions!

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Gone Girl Review

Here’s my spoiler-free review for Gone Girl. A fantastic mystery movie that’ll keep you at the edge of your seats throughout the entire film. Batfleck is great but Rosamund Pike definitely steals the show. On a random note, I can’t wait for Batman V Superman because in Gone Girl, Batfleck looks huge!

Mighty Morphin’ Hamilton!


Thanks to Claudio’s lovely birthday gift to Hugo earlier this year, the two nerds were able to attend the Hamilton Comic Con this year together and meet some choice Rangers! Bringing huge smiles to their 8yr old selves, and somewhat unimpressed expressions to their significant others. If you were able to attend you know it was good times, if not click along with us and feel the magic! In a first time ever 2-person post!

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October Has Arrived!


October is here, back-to-school September blues are now replaced with thoughts of monsters, costumes and candies! It truly is a magical time! We’ll be dropping some interviews/spotlighting cool Cosplayer peeps, along with more Halloween-y related material!
Tricks and Treats for everyone!

Super Mega No Thanks!


We all know that cranky old man character that complains about change, how things were different, how things were better when he was a boy. I am usually all for change, always excited and interested to see where the future will take us. But some things don’t need changing, sometimes the original, the classic approach, is the better one. But hey, you never know what you have until its gone, so why not jump over the fence and see if the grass on the other side actually is any greener.

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My Favorite Part Was When He Said…


You know that moment when you drop a really good movie quote or reference and you get nothing but cricket chirps?!
Well, we know the feeling. As such we made this snazzy collection of great quotes from great nerd movies so that everyone can learn them and become that much nerdier!

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To Infinity and Beyond!


There is nothing I love more than a good beat ‘em up game! There is nothing like running rampant through streets, castles, jungles; beating up baddies and blowing things up as you go, ah that is the life! Oh if only there was a way to combine this style of action-packed gameplay with my love of comics and my love of figures, such a creation would surely be the bestest! Well if you agree with me so far, I got some good news for ya!
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New Omega Mode in Street Fighter IV


The upcoming downloadable patch isn’t just an update based on feedback from the diehard gaming community. It’s also a brand new, unthinkable surprise for those fans. This new version includes Omega Mode, which reimagines some of the most iconic special moves in fighting game history, adding even more depth and fun to a game that was originally released 5 years ago.

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Before the Bat

Before the Batman was Batman there was a city full of criminals and crazy, and a young James Gordon trying to keep his promise to a boy. I am not sure how I feel about this show. Feels forced and a bit confusing. Maybe its because I know more background info on the characters than the regular Joe the show is directed to, I don’t know, really I hope that is the case. Too early to tell, hopefully there is more to the story here than making a quick buck.

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