Fast, Furious and Inhuman!


Some time ago Vin Diesel dropped a possible hint on his FB at future involvements with Marvel, or maybe we are all just reading too much into it because we WANT it to be real.

Vin and Marvel… you all made it happen!
I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman… Haha.

There has been buzzing on the internetz about the possibility of an Inhumans movie before, and its fair to say that the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy further supports the possibility… but will Vin actually play a role? I’m a big fan of the Inhumans and their leader BlackBolt; but I also think Vin is pretty cool so its all fine by me. Usually I have a problem with the same actor playing multiple roles within the same Universe, but considering all he really contributed to GotG was his voice, and BlackBolt doesn’t really talk; well its all hunky dory.

I mean considering the role Thanos will be playing in the Marvel Movieverse it makes perfect sense to throw in some extra muscle!

Clone in a Red Cape


For the most part I prefer villains to their hero counterparts, mainly due to the fact that the villains have more exciting and complex stories. Sure their motives are pretty predictable but their background stories are usually pretty crazy. Case in point; the mutant clone from the future known as Stryfe.
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DC Movie Universe Finally Coming Together – Seriously!

Warner Brothers Studios has locked in 10 dates from 2016-2020 and they’re all DC movies! It took them a while, but they’re finally doing it. Starting in 2016, there’ll be two DC movies a year. Now we already know there’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25, 2016 and a Justice League movie in 2017. That leaves us with 8 unknown DC movies, although I think it’s safe to speculate there’ll be a Wonder Woman movie and a Superman sequel. The rest is anyone’s guess? I definitely want a proper Green Lantern movie and a Green Arrow movie would be cool to see. What do you want from the DC movie universe?

Guardians of the 6″ Galaxy

gotGbannerYou had me at giant tree-man and talking raccoon! I mean really, how could anyone not love a team with such amazing members?! This is not a movie review, as I have not seen it yet (also another writer called dibs). Rather its a review of the super cool action figures! Which drew me in harder than the trailers ever could!

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Nerds from Around the World : 01 Mervyn

mervynQbannerThis is the first of many articles where we will be spotlighting a nerd friend from somewhere in the world, and showing you how awesome they are! The world needs more nerds, but the ones we do have are quite mighty! Our first victim..err… comrade is Mervyn from the East side of the globe! Read the rest »

Hooked on a Feeling


Marvel continues to craft loveable characters within one cohesive universe by charging Guardians of the Galaxy with exactly the right energy. *Spoiler-free thoughts* Read the rest »

There is no WHY in team!


Regardless of how much you dislike a character if they are on a team that you are collecting, you need to include them. Its a rule. You can sometimes try to substitute them for someone else, as team rosters do change, but you can’t just leave that slot empty. Why? Well, because you just can’t! Even if it is a royal pain.
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Cap is still upset about the amount of Nerds!


Congrats Mr.Matt!

Huge Congrats to our buddy Matt for tying the knot with his special lady! Matt, this is a huge milestone in your life, both your lives, cherish every moment you are together! We wish you all the bestest best! Especially try to enjoy the time between the ‘I Dos’ and the constant asking ‘When are you two having babies?!’  hahaha

Much love,

The Nerds


A Nerd’s Best Friend

dogbanner Dog’s are wonderful creatures, they love unconditionally, they’re always there when you need them and ask for very little in return. Needless to say I am a dog owner and I love my furry beast more than I probably should, he may not be the best dog around, but I wuv him all the same. Now lets take a look at some other doggies that have forever left paw-prints in our lives. Read the rest »

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