The Soundtrack to Every 80’s Wet Dream


Electronic artist, Com Truise, live @ Coda in Toronto.

The crowd sets forth on a night of retro space exploration—synthesized beats that evoke vast bitmap landscapes sprawled across dark, seductive worlds. The complex set forms the audio equivalent of a red convertible slowly cruising through galaxies, landing on desolate, murky terrain with the upmost style. Each track is a portal, with Com Truise grooving the crowd inward like a sci-fi Pied Piper.

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Superheroes Are Officially Taking Over Television

Supergirl is coming to television on CBS. Apparently the network has committed to the series the way Fox committed to Gotham last year…without a pilot episode to test things out! It’s only a few more days until we see if Fox’s gamble will pay off. However, with Netflix purchasing the rights to Gotham before it even airs is a strong testimony to the quality of the upcoming show. In any case, does the world really need another TV series like Smallville except with a female lead? Or will things be different this time around (a costume would be nice!)? Are you interested in a Supergirl TV show? Who do you want to play Kara Zor-El? Until next time, nerd out.

Battle of the Bricks


Growing up I distinctly remember my younger brother spending what felt like hours sifting through our toy bins, separating the LEGO bricks from the MegaBloks bricks,an act I never really cared for or understood. I mean sure I realized they were different but it didn’t actually affect myself so it didn’t matter; whereas he hated the MegaBloks and wanted to keep them away. As an adult now, walking down the brick-toy aisle its crazy how different they actually are…

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Angry Video Game Nerd, The Review


He’s gonna take you back to the past to play the s****y games that suck a**! If you’ve heard this before, you know the Angry Video Game Nerd and his new feature film that was officially released online on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014! The film is directed by Kevin Finn who also wrote the screenplay with James Rolfe, the Nerd! I’ve seen it almost ten times now and I was lucky enough to view the premiere screening of the film here in Toronto at the Royal Cinema where the director, Kevin Finn was present for Q&A after the movie….

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Nerds from Around the World : 02 Luis

Here is the second installment in what will surely be an ongoing series of interviews getting to know our nerd amigos from around the world! Today we are travelling South to the largest country in South America; where you will not only find amazing rainforests, beaches and football enthusiasts, but also my new Otaku buddy Luis.

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Walking Dead Game – Season 2 Review

Season 2 of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games has come to an end. It’s not quite as good as season 1, however, it’s still a spectacular game that’s definitely worth your time and money. I can’t wait to see what they do with Game of Thrones. Check out my video review for an in-depth analysis of the game.

Now with more Internet!

We have decided to take our relationship to a new level and as such are now on the Facebook. Please come over and say hello, click a few likes, maybe partake in serious discussions about which super-team would make the best 70s cover band! The possibilities are endless!

1st Time at Fan Expo – Sunday Edition

I did it. I finally did it. I went to Fan Expo for the first time! 5 years ago, I never would’ve gone. I used to think, “If it ain’t San Diego Comic-Con, then what’s the point?” So what if I don’t get to see the world’s 1st look at Batman V Superman? I still had an awesome time! Check out my Fan Expo Sunday experience.
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Strike a pose -Saturday at Fan Expo

Early Saturday morning, a friend posted something like “So excited for our big day! Can’t wait to see everybody!” on her Facebook page. First thought that crossed my mind? “She’s coming to Fan Expo???!!!” Um….no….she was getting married. Oops, guess Fan Expo was the only ‘big day’ on my mind (big 4 days, really). Frankly, I think it was kinda bigger than her ‘big day’…I mean, my costume was definitely cooler than hers. A billion people have cosplayed as a bride before, it’s so over-done. I was Maleficent! And I only saw 3 other Maleficents at Fan Expo, and my costume was the best IMHO (except the guy, his horns were epic!).  Plus, I had at least 100,000 people to see me in MY costume, and I doubt she’d invited that many people…that’s a lot of Chicken Fromage!

To get to the point, Saturday at Fan Expo was definitely THE BIG DAY.

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The Fantastic Friday: Dr. Doom and the Power of the VIP pass

fan expo friday

After finally meeting up with Hugo on Thursday and having somewhat of a chat (after playing text tag all day), I was really stoked for the adventures of Friday. Not just because I still had 3 more days of nerdgasmic awesome times ahead of me, I had something a select few had (actually I had 2 things not too many people had… besides the point). This year was my big year, the year to top all years! This year, I was running with something I dreamed of having in the past 2 years (cue music from 2001: A Space Oddessy), a VIP pass for the 4 day event!

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