Number Forty-Three


Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked a hole in the world’s metaphorical speaker it would have been unclear as to who the most popular Marvel Superhero was; but after the movies its become painfully obvious that Mr.Stark has risen to the top of the shiniest of shiny heroes! With the new Avengers movie comes a handful of new IM armors, which of course means a busload of new toys!

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May the 4th be with you!


May the 4th be with you! It’s Star Wars Day and also my anniversary, so I took the day off work.
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Avengers: Age of Aquarius


Marvel’s biggest summer yet, Avengers: Age of Ultron, focuses on letting every single character shine through their darkest conflict. *Spoiler-free thoughts*  Read the rest »

Courting Death


The tougher the team of heroes, the bigger and badder the villain has to be. Remember the scene after the credits in the Avengers movie? “The humans are stronger than we thought. To attack them is to court death.” says the evil Chitauri guy to the mystery character who smiles at the camera, who turns out to be the Mad Titan himself. Anyways he just got a new toy and its pretty cool.

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The Inhuman Race


While the world’s eyes are set on Age of Ultron, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is wasting no time setting up the Inhumans movie.

Help Me Kickstart A Book Of Nerds!


For the past month I have been putting together an art book that points the spotlight at some of my favourite cosplayers. And by putting together I mean digital painting, designing, and writing. That’s a lot of work, but I love gaming, reading comics, watching movies and most of all I love creating my own art.

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Got myself a Tommy


Much as I enjoy a Snickers bar on my break at work I do sometimes feel like being reckless and punch in the numbers for a KitKat instead, usually resulting in crunchy satisfaction. Nothing like breaking routine to add some spice to your life. Same can be said with action figures! Sometimes you have to be a little adventurous!

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Some other things


With all this Daredevil, Avengers, and JL hype its easy to forget that there are other superhero movies trying to get back in the spotlight. Recently images popped up online of the new Ben Grimm from the weirdy F4 reboot and a look at the new Archangel for the Age of Apocalypse movie.
I want to be excited but I don’t care! Archangel has always been a favorite but I don’t even care to follow the new movies and hes not even blue!! While The Thing looks pretty boss I’m not into the idea of a Dr.Doom hacker guy! Oh what a world!! Why can’t all these Universes be under Marvel Studios so that they can make them right? Make them not suck!  >_<  There’s edgy and modern and then there is whatever these are. I’m an angry fan! They are so close yet so far! Why?!

Well thats just my input. Either way its pretty rad. I guess. If you’re a nerd anyways.
Personally I’m just gonna have to stick to cartoons!!!

Seeing is Believing


My alarm goes off for the 3rd time, I roll over, reach, turn it off. I see that Matt had sent me a message, I decide to check it, maybe it will help me actually get up. Its about Daredevil, its amazing. Wait, what?! Already?! Read the rest »

Rap, Video Games and Mike Tyson

far out

I had the pleasure of sitting down over beers with my friend and fellow nerd, Tray $tarks, and Hydeff, a man I just met. We talked about rap, video games, Mike Tyson and their upcoming debut Hip-hop release as the duo Far Out. I’ll warn you ahead of time that the language in this interview was not PG.

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