Not Enough Nerds: The Podast – Communities and Conventions

On this week’s episode our heroes discuss online communities and fan conventions.



Not Enough Nerds: The Podcast – Nintendo Forever

On todays episode our heroes ramble on about MGS2, Ghost In the Shell, Roadhouse and one hell of a Nintendo Direct.



I love/hate Hasbro!

We are 3 months into 2018 and Toy giant Hasbro has already dropped 3 new waves of Marvel Legends – the Deadpool Wave with a Sasquatch BAF, a Spider-Man wave with a huge Lizard BAF, and an Avengers Infinity War wave with a sleeveless Thanos! On top of these waves they also released a Ghost Rider and Black Widow with bikes! And a Vision + Scarlet Witch MCU 2pack! With so many more releases on the way!!  It’s almost too much to handle! I’m gonna be broke forever!

I’m gonna probably pick up a few here and there… hopefully more reviews to come! Really just wanted to share this GIF I made 🤣🤣🤣

Not Enough Nerd: The Podcast – Episode 1

In the first ever episode of Not Enough Nerds: The Podcast, our heroes introduce themselves to the world and get down to business discussing Monster Hunter World and the Black Panther movie.


The Heart behind the Plastic

I’m not a huge fan of documentaries since they usually leave me feeling guilty and cynical about the future. But every now and then a show comes around that not only educates but somehow makes you feel better about the hobby you are already passionate about!
The Toys That Made Us a Netflix original doc about the toys and people that shaped our childhoods! Its so damn good!

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The New Jumanji Movie Showed Me How I Should Have Gotten Through My Youth

No teen should ever feel like quitting. *Spoiler-free thoughts*

We all go through it. Some of us have regrets. But youth, and specifically high school, can be seen as an adventure. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle expresses how trust, openness and friendship can be the biggest weapon against social anxieties. It’s the characters’ teamwork in the movie that highlights how youth need support from their peers, not just from adults or the internet.

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I Used The Force on Rian Johnson

It affirmed my reaction to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. *Spoiler-free thoughts*

To be clear, these thoughts aren’t based on an interview. Just personal insight and humour. So, trust me.

You learn a lot when you’re in someone’s head. Enough to have a deep understanding of a Writer/Director’s choices on a big, new, highly anticipated movie that’s part of one of the most beloved franchises in history. You also sleep better at night. And don’t spend too much time arguing with fans online.

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Justice League – All Fun

Justice League is finally here! While all the new DC movies have made a lot of money at the box office, they were incredibly divisive with critics and fans (with the exception of Wonder Woman – which everyone loved). People either really enjoyed Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, or they really hated them! What about Justice League? I can assure you that you should definitely check out this movie at the theatres because you’ll have a lot of fun. It’s an action-packed, funny, and traditional superhero team-up movie that’ll satisfy all your nerdy needs.

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Does Anyone Care About Creativity and Innovation Anymore?

Are you getting sick of the same old movies that just focus on building franchises, cinematic universes and spinoffs? Are you sick of video games bombarding you with micro-transactions, DLCs, and multi-player options? If so, you know who to blame right? Us! The Fast and Furious, Transformers, and even our beloved comicbook movies generate billions of dollars at the box office and Triple A games like Call of Duty and Destiny generate millions and millions of dollars in sales. Hollywood and the video game industry keep making the same stuff over and over again because it’s all about the moneySigh. Is this the end of creativity and art in movies and games?

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Horror Films Are Taking Over!

It’s been a while since a horror film ruled the box office. For the past few years, horror films like The Conjuring, Insidious, and Don’t Breath were all critically acclaimed movies that ended up delivering huge profits to movie studios. However, this was mainly due to the fact that these movies had teeny tiny budgets. Well things have certainly changed as Andrés Muschietti’s 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, It, pulled in $123 million on it’s opening weekend. To put things into perspective, Deadpool made $132 million opening weekend….I think it’s safe to say that the horror genre has just made a huge comeback.

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