I’ll see your Hip-Hop and raise you some Anime


Anyone who  knows me knows that I have massive place in my heart for both video games and hip-hop. Sadly the amount of artists making decent music in the genre is slim to none. Inevitably every nerdcore artist becomes a novelty. I wouldn’t be caught dead admitting that I listen to nerdcore. Not because I think people would make fun me, but because I think it kinda sucks. Read the rest »

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

On Friday February 27 2015 , Susan Bay Nimoy confirmed that Star Trek legend, Leonard Nimoy, succumbed to his lengthy battled with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. His death has saddened the nerd community, Trekkies casual and die-hard alike connecting in their communal grief over the shared loss of the renowned actor most famous for his role as one of the most recognized and beloved characters in science-fiction, Spock. Nimoy, known to Gene Roddenberry as the “Conscious of Star Trek”, died at 83. Read the rest »

Costumes and Props: 3 Shops for Your Cosplay Needs

Attention cosplayers, convention-goers, dress-up enthusiasts and wannabe super heroes (and villains).  Searching for a good costume or prop for your next gig? Are you new to cosplay or costuming and need some suggestions for where to purchase costumes and supplies for creating your ideal persona? Read the rest »

Kingsman: A film where Iggy Azalea is good and the Queen is evil


This weekend a friend and I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service in theatres, mostly because my friend is obsessed with Colin Firth. I have to say, this movie did not disappoint! This movie is full of gadgets, dirty jokes, violence and most importantly -puppies! Spoiler alert -I may accidentally give some things away here.

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Save Constantine!

Comicbook TV shows definitely aren’t slowing down anytime soon. In the past few years,  it was just Arrow and Agents of Shield. This year, we were introduced to Gotham, The Flash, Agent Carter, Daredevil (coming very soon) and one of my favourites, Constantine. How good is it? Well, it’s a hellblazer!

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Those 3 Little Words


One of my favorite days of the year is almost upon us! The day I get to buy discounted Valentine’s Day chocolates for myself! Nothing like feasting on cheap choco-hearts to make February feel warm and toasty. But maybe you are a mushy nerd person that enjoys the ‘holiday’ and enjoys giving out cards and stuff, well we got you covered!

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Shiny and flimsy, but not a complete flop. 


Jupiter Ascending launches enough big ideas to make it the next Matrix trilogy. You just have to make it through the first half of the movie. *Spoiler-free thoughts*
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Arrow Has Failed its Fans?

Passion is cool. The nerds here at NEN are obviously super passionate about various nerdy topics. I mean, we spend our free time creating photos, videos, and reviews on our favourite nerdy stuff. However, as we all know, passion can go from one extreme to another. From devoted and intense love all the way to nerd-filled rage and hatred. Looks like that’s what happened with John Campea and his love & hatred for the TV show, Arrow.

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Hulkbustin’ on a whole new scale

HB-bannerIf one of your teammates is an insanely strong monster with a bad temper, it only makes sense that you have a contingency plan. Some sort of plan to BUST him up should he go to the dark side. Thanks to the over-revealing Avengers2 trailer we know this plan will come into action soon enough, so of course there are toys so kiddies can reenact the fun! Read the rest »

Meet your Nemesis

bannerNemesis There’s nothing more satisfying in gaming than feeling like you have direct control over a game’s narrative or that your playthrough is completely unique. Monolith Productions used that thinking to make Shadows of Mordor the biggest surprise in the gaming this past year, thanks in large part to their Nemesis system. Read the rest »

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