A Monopoly on Madness!


About a week ago McDonald’s Monopoly ended, and with it my hopes of being a McMillionaire. I am left with a handful of half-finished game boards and a gut full of McCrap… along with a desire to look up what other forms this evil game has taken over the years. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that there are about a bajillion different versions, so, like any good nerd; I assembled a list.

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Interstellar is a Masterpiece

Interstellar is an astonishing spectacle that has redefined what it means to be a remarkable film. This movie is incredibly emotional, visually-stunning, thought-provoking, and something that I have never felt about any other film – inspirational. Watch Interstellar in IMAX and your life will never be the same.

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A Party Where Everyone is Popular


When the Silver Snail comic book store in Toronto hosts an annual night of costumed pop-cultural bliss, you should be there.

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Cosplayer Spotlight 05 : Chris


We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking… But seriously folks; does the mask make the man or does it simply awaken what was already there? Well I don’t wear masks too often so I don’t have any answers, for the answer I turn to the cool cosplayer that goes by Corrupt Cosplay. Perhaps he will enlighten me on life behind the mask, or maybe we’ll just have a nice nerdy chat about dressing up!

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Cosplayer Spotlight 04 : Sean


Spider-Man is an icon that everyone can relate to. He’s so popular that a lot of the cosplayers that choose Spider-Man nowadays have to deal with the pressure of all the movie costumes overshadowing their interpretations. Sean fights back by sticking to a more dramatic style of cosplay that feels like it’s leaping right off a double-page spread. This is what happens when a writer named Adam (A) asks a cosplayer named Sean (S) a couple of moderately hard hitting questions.

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Gotham vs Flash? Flash quickly races up the list of my favourite shows this season

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I am going to make an unpopular statement. I don’t really like Batman. Yeah, yeah, I know, grab the pitchforks and chase me out of the nerd club. Sorry, but Batman always seemed like a silly idea to me. I mean, bats aren’t intimidating or scary –they’re cute! And don’t get me started on the pointy ear things on his costume. Add to that the fact that Batman doesn’t have any super powers, unless you count being lucky enough to be born rich, and I lose interest pretty quickly. Read the rest »

Back and Almost Better Than Ever!

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Before he spoke like a chain-smoker, before the suit had nipples, there was a hero that truly understood the darkness, and had a very recognizable mouth. Do you know who am I referring to? Well he has a new toy now, and its pretty cool, even after all these years. Read the rest »

Pooping on Popular Culture


Birdman is a crafty film, using the massive success of super hero movies to shed light on a more complex and less flashy theme like mental illness. *Spoiler-free thoughts*

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Cosplayer Spotlight 03 : Jeff


Moving along with this October Cosplayer interview-palooza we have a fellow toy-collector that enriches the mind’s of youngsters through the week and growls “Bub” on the weekends…or so thats how I picture it. Oh how I love the variety of cosplayers out there, just goes to show you that you can never judge a book by its cover. Read the rest »

You wished upon a Star


You all wished for a trailer for the much anticipated Avengers sequel, and your wish has come true! Yesterday the Avengers 2 trailer blew up online in a big way! What initially began as a leak (damn Hydra) led to Marvel releasing the nice crispy HD version which you can watch here!

Its pretty damn exciting. Just don’t make the same mistake I did and watch it on your phone with no sound! No, no, it has to be done right! The trailer is full of easter eggs that raise many eyebrows, heart rates and of course, expectations! Boy do I love the soundtrack though, I sure hope we get at least one sing-a-long in the movie! Hrmmm so if Ultron is Pinnochio is Ant-Man Gepetto?

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