Meet your Nemesis

bannerNemesis There’s nothing more satisfying in gaming than feeling like you have direct control over a game’s narrative or that your playthrough is completely unique. Monolith Productions used that thinking to make Shadows of Mordor the biggest surprise in the gaming this past year, thanks in large part to their Nemesis system. Read the rest »

A Beast named Goldmane


Who doesn’t love a good Lion/Tiger Warrior man with golden armor and braids? Even if you are not one for fantasy you have to agree that cat-monster warriors are pretty awesome! Fortunately thanks to Funko I am adding such a character to my shelves!
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Lets go on a Dark Quest!

DarkBannerYesterday, Steam released a game entitled, “Dark Quest” by Brain Seal Entertainment. For obvious reasons, I had to check it out.

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It was the Blurst of Times 2014

2014bnnerffWelcome to the world of tomorrow! Oh how bummed out I am by the lack of hoverboards and flying cars! This is the worst future ever, OK maybe not LOL. But before we all start coming up with excuses for sucking at our New Year’s resolutions lets look back at 2014 and rejoice in its nerdy goodness!

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Zombie fatigue, no more!

Even after all these years, zombies are still popular. The Walking Dead season 5 premiere had 17 million viewers. But are you like me and getting zombie fatigue? Do you feel like you’ve read, heard, played, and seen every single aspect of zombies and the apocalypse? Then you should watch BBC’s In the Flesh. This zombie TV series is brilliant, refreshing, but still familiar at the same time.
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December is more than just Christmas


The moment November ends everything becomes about Christmas. Holiday music and decor is crammed into our eyeballs before we even have the chance to flip the page on our calendars. Immediately the countdown to ugly sweaters and eggnog begins!
But now there is also a mini one-day convention in the city! It has been around for a while but a first for me, lets take a look!

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The Fire Keeps Burning


I must admit I was a bit hesitant going into the Hunger Games franchise, initially I had thought it was going to be another Twilight but with archery. After racing through the first few pages in the first book it became pretty obvious that that wasn’t the case… and that I had to go buy the second book ASAP. Yes the books were great but how does the last movie compare?

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Maybe one day if I try really hard…

i want to be Chris Pratt

Have you seen The Guardians of the Galaxy? If you have I am sure you would agree that Starlord AKA Peter Quill AKA Chris Pratt is pretty gosh-darn awesome. Now Pratt is back in the next installment of the Jurassic Park franchise; Jurassic World. I have no clue who is character is but damn he looks so friggin cool!
Chris Pratt is my new hero. He is basically getting all the roles I play in my dreams, and I am OK with that.

If you have yet to see the trailer for Jurassic World you should CLICK HERE.

A Monopoly on Madness!


About a week ago McDonald’s Monopoly ended, and with it my hopes of being a McMillionaire. I am left with a handful of half-finished game boards and a gut full of McCrap… along with a desire to look up what other forms this evil game has taken over the years. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that there are about a bajillion different versions, so, like any good nerd; I assembled a list.

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Interstellar is a Masterpiece

Interstellar is an astonishing spectacle that has redefined what it means to be a remarkable film. This movie is incredibly emotional, visually-stunning, thought-provoking, and something that I have never felt about any other film – inspirational. Watch Interstellar in IMAX and your life will never be the same.

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