Prison Pals

Summer: beautiful weather, barbecues, FanExpo and the end of TV season. Luckily for us, Netflix releases new seasons of Orange is the New Black every summer to fill the void. But in all honesty, this heavy hitter could some serious damage anytime of the year. Here’s my spoiler free review.

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Spare NO Expense!


Watching any of the Jurassic Park movies as an adult just isn’t the same as watching it while young and innocent. Suddenly the idea of a Dinosaur-filled theme park is downright ridiculous! It can be very difficult to enjoy a stampede of  Gallimimus when all you see are flaws in the Park’s management. Maybe you think you can do better? Well, now you can! Read the rest »

The Childhood Dream as a Nightmare


Jurassic World is a genetic hybrid between Jurassic Park and Alien. *Spoiler-free thoughts*

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Welcome to the Valley

Do you like TV shows about nerds? Were you a fan of The Big Bang Theory when it was all about the nerds until it became a knock off of Friends? If so, you should definitely check out Silicon Valley – a show about geeks, nerd culture, and what it takes to make it big in Silicon Valley.

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Going Up?


Being in an elvator is an uncomfortable experience in the best of situations. Being forced into a tiny space with strangers always leads to awkward silence. Which really just means its a great chance for magical moments to take place! Here’s a list of my top elevator movie moments!

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Her Name…is Kara Zor-El

Surprise surprise, the Supergirl pilot leaked! I’m starting to think that DC TV might be deliberately releasing these “leaked” pilots to generate hype before the show actually starts (same thing happened to Flash last year). In any case, I got to watch the Supergirl pilot and although it’s far from perfect, it was still fun.
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Number Forty-Three


Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked a hole in the world’s metaphorical speaker it would have been unclear as to who the most popular Marvel Superhero was; but after the movies its become painfully obvious that Mr.Stark has risen to the top of the shiniest of shiny heroes! With the new Avengers movie comes a handful of new IM armors, which of course means a busload of new toys!

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May the 4th be with you!


May the 4th be with you! It’s Star Wars Day and also my anniversary, so I took the day off work.
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Avengers: Age of Aquarius


Marvel’s biggest summer yet, Avengers: Age of Ultron, focuses on letting every single character shine through their darkest conflict. *Spoiler-free thoughts*  Read the rest »

Courting Death


The tougher the team of heroes, the bigger and badder the villain has to be. Remember the scene after the credits in the Avengers movie? “The humans are stronger than we thought. To attack them is to court death.” says the evil Chitauri guy to the mystery character who smiles at the camera, who turns out to be the Mad Titan himself. Anyways he just got a new toy and its pretty cool.

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