Got myself a Tommy


Much as I enjoy a Snickers bar on my break at work I do sometimes feel like being reckless and punch in the numbers for a KitKat instead, usually resulting in crunchy satisfaction. Nothing like breaking routine to add some spice to your life. Same can be said with action figures! Sometimes you have to be a little adventurous!

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Some other things


With all this Daredevil, Avengers, and JL hype its easy to forget that there are other superhero movies trying to get back in the spotlight. Recently images popped up online of the new Ben Grimm from the weirdy F4 reboot and a look at the new Archangel for the Age of Apocalypse movie.
I want to be excited but I don’t care! Archangel has always been a favorite but I don’t even care to follow the new movies and hes not even blue!! While The Thing looks pretty boss I’m not into the idea of a Dr.Doom hacker guy! Oh what a world!! Why can’t all these Universes be under Marvel Studios so that they can make them right? Make them not suck!  >_<  There’s edgy and modern and then there is whatever these are. I’m an angry fan! They are so close yet so far! Why?!

Well thats just my input. Either way its pretty rad. I guess. If you’re a nerd anyways.
Personally I’m just gonna have to stick to cartoons!!!

Seeing is Believing


My alarm goes off for the 3rd time, I roll over, reach, turn it off. I see that Matt had sent me a message, I decide to check it, maybe it will help me actually get up. Its about Daredevil, its amazing. Wait, what?! Already?! Read the rest »

Rap, Video Games and Mike Tyson

far out

I had the pleasure of sitting down over beers with my friend and fellow nerd, Tray $tarks, and Hydeff, a man I just met. We talked about rap, video games, Mike Tyson and their upcoming debut Hip-hop release as the duo Far Out. I’ll warn you ahead of time that the language in this interview was not PG.

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It’s All Good Man!

Has there been something missing in your life since 2013? A void that you’ve tried to fill but for some reason just doesn’t feel right? All the TV shows that you’re watching make you feel, “Yeah…that was fun…I guess?” It sounds like you have a very serious condition called: Breaking-Bad-Withdrawal Syndrome. What’s the cure? Blue methamphetamine, duh! Or better yet who? I think, you Better Call Saul.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2: Intense, Action-Packed, and Absurd!

The Resident Evil franchise has been limping on life support with its recent mediocre games: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6. Can Resident Evil Revelations 2 revive this dying franchise? Or will this be the final straw?

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Con Survival Guide


Toronto Comicon kicked off convention season, and with that comes Not Enough Nerd’s Con Survival Guide. Never attended a comic or fan  convention before? Interested in checking out such an event out but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve been to one or two before but couldn’t get the most out of the experience. No fear, nerds, we’ve got you covered.

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Cosplayers in March


Ah March, the weather starts to lose suckiness, snow starts to melt away for good, and the ComicCon hits the T-Dot!
We of course took a day or two off work to ch-ch-check it out! Nothing like spending your life savings and meeting some awesome cosplayers to liven up a month with no exciting holidays.

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Cosplayer Spotlight 06 : Adam


Cosplaying is so much more than nerds throwing on spandex and foam in order to become their favorite hero or villain, sometimes its a means of becoming more of who you were all along. Sometimes it takes a suit of armor and a crapload of guns to unleash the nerd within.

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Bigger on the Inside


The nerd universe is such a magical place, always expanding, evolving; there is always more nerd than any nerd can ever nerd! Instead of pacing back and forth waiting for the new Marvel and DC movies, and since a man can only take so much PowerRangers, I decided to give that Doctor Who show a try. Its nothing new but new to me!

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