They call her Jessica Jones


Yesterday, November the 20th, the Marvel Cinematic Universe got a little bit bigger with the addition of Jessica Jones via Marvel’s new partnership with Netflix. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this show, and expectations are running high thanks to its butt-kicking predecessor. Personally I am expecting nothing but pure Marvel magic to be streamed directly into my brain, hopefully I will not disappointed…. Read the rest »

New “Star Trek” TV Series to Air January 2017



Today Trekkies rejoiced over the long-anticipated news that CBS is ordering a new Star Trek series. The new series, with new characters and timelines, will air January 2017 on CBS. The series is the first of its kind to be ordered on a first-run basis for CBS All-Access.

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Shit to Watch 02



Hello! It’s time for me to let you know about the shit that’s hit our screens this October and why you should watch it. That being said, if I mentioned it in last months TIFF post there will be no repost regardless of release date. Now let’s get to  show-business. I’ll see myself out. Read the rest »

Mars Needs Matt Damon

When was the last time Ridley Scott directed a good movie? Let’s face it, Exodus, Prometheus, Body of Lies, Robin Hood…basically ALL his movies since Gladiator and Black Hawk Down have only been…okay. That’s about 14-15 years of directing “okay” movies. Has Ridley Scott redeemed himself with The Martian? All the hype would suggest…yes?
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Make Your Appointment With The Doctor


Doctor Who series 9 is back on BBC, and this season is already shaping up to be full of intrigue, mystery and epic plots.  Beware of spoiler alerts!

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Shit to Watch 01


Shit to watch is a monthly article in which I talk about all the great/maybe great movies and TV shows that will be coming to the big and small screens in the upcoming month. I’ll include trailers and give my thoughts. September just happens to be when the Toronto International Film Festival is being held. So this month’s article will be TIFF focused.

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To the Moon!


When it comes to building toys I will either take an incredibly long time to follow the included instructions or I will forego the instructions completely and make some weird mess. For this reason I usually skip anything that requires actual assembling, unless of course there are awesome astronaut minifigures involved!

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How Star Trek Las Vegas is Different, And Why that Makes it So Awesome


How is the Creation Star Trek Las Vegas convention different than a comic convention, and why does that make it so awesome?

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Be The Batman

 Why did I buy a PS4? I’m certainly not a hardcore gamer. If anything, I’m a casual gamer. Now sure, I’m excited to play Uncharted 4 next year and I’m also looking forward to playing future Grand Theft Auto games. But the real reason for a PS4? Well, there really was only one real reason – to be the Batman.
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A Marvellous Selection


When movie producers discovered that Superhero movies were capable of making ridiculous amounts of money they began to make as many deals as possible, and with the growing popularity of caped cinema came tons of merchandising possibilities. Unfortunately not all characters have gotten equal time in the limelight, unfortunately some characters, despite how badass they are, get pushed into the shadows. Fortunately fans sometimes get lucky and get the chance to add a certain red-headed super spy to their collection.
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