How Star Trek Las Vegas is Different, And Why that Makes it So Awesome


How is the Creation Star Trek Las Vegas convention different than a comic convention, and why does that make it so awesome?

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Be The Batman

 Why did I buy a PS4? I’m certainly not a hardcore gamer. If anything, I’m a casual gamer. Now sure, I’m excited to play Uncharted 4 next year and I’m also looking forward to playing future Grand Theft Auto games. But the real reason for a PS4? Well, there really was only one real reason – to be the Batman.
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A Marvellous Selection


When movie producers discovered that Superhero movies were capable of making ridiculous amounts of money they began to make as many deals as possible, and with the growing popularity of caped cinema came tons of merchandising possibilities. Unfortunately not all characters have gotten equal time in the limelight, unfortunately some characters, despite how badass they are, get pushed into the shadows. Fortunately fans sometimes get lucky and get the chance to add a certain red-headed super spy to their collection.
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Lines have been drawn?


So in case you have not heard, these are the rumored sides that heroes will choose in the upcoming Civil War movie.
What do you guys think? What side are YOU on?
If you need some context before you choose:
Basically an event takes place that leads to the Government enforcing a “Living Weapon of Mass Destruction” registry for all super-powered individuals. Not all heroes agree on this The Superhuman Registration Act, and things get ugly.

Cap is against the Registration Act.
Stark is for it.

We’ll have to wait to see how closely the movie will actually follow the comic book story arc it is named after, especially since the main players in the books are different than the movie cast. In the comics this takes place after House of M, so Scarlet Witch is actually living a “normal” life… and Hawkeye is dealing with the fact that he used to be dead. Comics!

More info on the comic book event, and potential spoilers can be found here.

Carry On Wayward Son – Anime Style!

 This October 2015 will be the premiere of the 11th season of Supernatural. Even though the show has dropped dramatically in quality, we’re all still die-hard fans who will stick with them until the very end. Anyways! This post is actually about the anime series. Yes that’s right, there’s a Supernatural Anime and it is awesome!
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Why the World Doesn’t Need Ant-Man


And how Marvel made the perfect movie for him anyway. *Spoiler-free thoughts*

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The X-Files: A Baby Phile’s First Impressions

I’m a big sci-fi and fantasy fan, and when Fox announced they’d be reviving The X-Files in January, many of my geek friends all but forced me into watching The X-Files in anticipation of the revival. Finally, I relented, determined to make it through the entire series and movies in six months prior to the revival in January 2016.

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It’s a Bug’s life


With the next Marvel movie quickly crawling our way, and thanks to a weird article I read online about science guys finding ways to control cockroaches with their minds, I have bugs on the brain. In an attempt to feel less antsy I have assembled a list of insect-related comicbook characters for your buggy enjoyment. Read the rest »

Prison Pals

Summer: beautiful weather, barbecues, FanExpo and the end of TV season. Luckily for us, Netflix releases new seasons of Orange is the New Black every summer to fill the void. But in all honesty, this heavy hitter could some serious damage anytime of the year. Here’s my spoiler free review.

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Spare NO Expense!


Watching any of the Jurassic Park movies as an adult just isn’t the same as watching it while young and innocent. Suddenly the idea of a Dinosaur-filled theme park is downright ridiculous! It can be very difficult to enjoy a stampede of  Gallimimus when all you see are flaws in the Park’s management. Maybe you think you can do better? Well, now you can! Read the rest »

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