Nerds <3 Cake. v1

Nerds love cake. This is a fact. Well maybe not ALL nerds, because lets face it… some people are different. But most people love cake, and since nerds are a kind of people then most nerds love cake. Its just simple mathemagics people! As such I decided to dig around the internets and find some nerdy cakes. Sure these cakes were made mostly for children and as such maybe its not fair to call them nerd cakes, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that there are tons of grown men and women out there that would love some comicbook inspired sweetness!

Alright, so there are actually a bajillion examples of superhero-nerd cakes out there. So obviously there had to be some special selecting in order to make this small list. Cakes were selected for both the skill and love that went into it. Incredible skill and technique is obviously something to applaud but nothing compares to the magic of a birthday cake that Mom whips up in the kitchen the day of.  Alright so here we go. In no particular order. Please keep in mind that I (obviously) did not make these cakes, as such I will include a link to the creator’s site where possible.

Spidy Cake. Aside from the spelling this cake is pretty awesome! You get a nicely molded crawling Spidey, simple black cake and nicely shaped spider, who wouldn’t want to shove a candle into Spidy’s spine and make a wish?! Good stuff. By MAXMORGAN on CakeCentral.

Marvel Zombies cake. This is just all kinds of awesome. I’m assuming this was NOT made for a 5yr old. Awesome for a birthday, or Halloween! By SWEET FLAIR.

LEGO Batman Cake. Ok this one… takes the cake. Its just ridiculously awesome and detailed. Also entirely edible! Man! I wish I could make this out of cardboard!! This craziness is by CONFETTI CAKES. Click HERE for the page on CakeWrecks where I found it.

Zombie Deadpool Cake. Of course the Merc with the Mouth gets a cake! This one playing off on how gross Wade actually is. Gummy worms + Deadpool + cake = amazing. Brought to you by Jussmiley on CakeCentral.

Superhero Cake. Superhero indeed! This thing looks like a parade float! Hulk, Bats, Spidey and the S Man! What more could any kid ask for? It even comes with a POW! and a BONK! I don’t know if they’re beating each other up or if the building has come to life, but it sure is a fun piece o’ cake! By RAYCHEL.

Superman Cake. This one is one of my favorites. Why? Because it was mine! This delicious birthday cake was constructed by my girlfriend for yours truly on my… 24th birthday. Aside from the army of cupcakes and flowing cape one of the things that really made this for me was the Superman figure on top. Toys + Cake = win win! By JESSICA.

Batman Cake. So what I really dig about this cake is the style. It has a certain Batman meets The Little Prince fun going on. I can only hope they Made the kid a costume just like this one here to match. By INDULGE.

IronMan, Spider-Man, Hulk Cake. This one is hilarious. I love it. We have Hulk punching the walls and IronMan body surfing on the roof. So crazy. By EMILIA.

Wolverine v Sabretooth Cake. What more can be said? We have an edible Wolverine clawing at an edible Sabretooth on an X cake. This is totally a cake to make the birthday kid’s eyes pop. Great action scene. Such a happy Wolverine. By CAKERIFIC.

Spider-Man, Batman, Super J Cake. Now this is a whimsical take on superheroics. We have Spidey and Bats climbing a tower of some kind… in the ocean? Maybe the world is flooding? or its a prison? Ravencroft? Arkham? Nonetheless the figures are nicely sculpted and it just has a very dream like feel to the whole thing. I assume the super-guy at the top is the lucky birthday kid. He turned 5. By CAKES BEYOND BELIEF.

SuperHero Squad Cake. Have you ever seen this SuperHero Squad show? Its actually pretty great. This cake, also great! You got baddies, Squaddies, Spider-Man with some serious webbing and 2 IronMen. A playset you can eat. I would definitely want to keep the cake and eat it too. By THE SWEET SPOT.

X-Men Cake. A cake combining a bunch o’ X-powers with nice flow and still looking like a coolio birthday cake? You betcha. Too bad there is no Colossus, I love that guy! By KATIE.

Hulk ATVCake. Alright so its not like you can just throw an action figure on a cake and make it work. No no. This cake is an awesome example of that. Had the baker just dropped the toy on top of the cake and called it a night I would have ignored it. But no they went the extra mile and got some tread action on the cake and some “mud” up in the wheels making it a very solid “Hulk just drove all over your cake” Cake. I really hope this kid just grabbed Hulk and drove him all over the house leaving frosting as he went. By MARGIE.

IronMan Cake. I will be the first to say that this is not the most impressive IronMan cake out there. Theres no fancy pants molding fondant action jackson… but thats what makes it so great. Its simple, its fun, its for twin IronMan fans. Also note how muscle-y he is! By BUTTERCREAM DREAMS.

3 Heroes and Ben10 Cake. Last but not least is this delightful cake featuring 2 JLAers, Spidey and Ben10. Just the fact that Ben is in there makes it super. I love how they are just sitting all chill on the cake. It almost looks like their on time-out or they aren’t on speaking terms. Nonetheless I love how they were molded and the design. Too bad I can’t see Ben’s face. Wonder which one was Harry’s favorite. By LISA.

So there you have it.  A bunch of awesome cakes that surely put a smile on many faces, whether lover of cake or cape. Surely you had noticed that this is titled Vol 1. Meaning you should keep an eye out for more cake action to follow. Be it vanilla-filled  DeathStar or chocolate fudged PacMan; if its delicious and Nerdy it will find a place here.

– In an unrelated note my birthday is coming up, we’ll see what comes out of the oven for that super special occasion (shameless plug 1). Also I am working on a webcomic will hoperully materialize into something you can read sometime soon called Cakes & Capes (shameless plug 2). Just sayin’.

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