A Day with Darkseid

Life in Apokolips isn’t all death and pain; some days are boring and mundane. Some days you just want to sit back by the fireplace and not worry about Superman or the New Jerks in New Genesis. So whats a non-exciting day in the life of the Great Darkseid look like? Let me show you.

 There is much more to Darkseid than meets the eye, he is more than a warlord bent on diminishing all life and free-will in the Universe. He is actually a pretty nice guy when he wants to be. For example here he is bringing some breakfast in bed to his dear Grandpa Nicholas, and of course a book to help him pass the time before he is sent to the fire-pits for spilling wine on Darkseid’s white linen couch.

Pie as your last meal? Sure why not.

Of course Darkseid has to eat as well! Hmmm what is on the menu today I wonder?

Is your fridge running? NO. Nothing escapes Darkseid!

Eat hearty Darkseid you never know when you will need your energy.

Will someone pass me the butter?!

Time for an afternoon nap! Beauty sleep is much needed.

Someone close the damn curtains!

Darkseid is never too busy for the little people of Apokolips, why here he is helping little Cindy with her homework. Cindy better study hard and get good grades, because of Granny Goodness fails her… well, then its off to the fire pits!

Quadratic equations are not tough! Anti-life equations on the other hand...

Oh that Darkseid is such a hoarder! How does he ever expect find anything on his dresser if he insists on keeping it so cluttered! Though I do enjoy his choice of decor.

Where are those damn keys?!

Of course sharing a house with friends can also be complicated  (yes he has roomies). Hoho surely someone will be making a trip to the fire pits.

Dammit guys not in MY room!

Well… everyone pees. Just because you don’t see it in the funny pages or movies doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Not having to pee is not one of his powers. It is one of mine though. :)

Gotta get that prostate checked...

Oh Darkseid if only Orion knew how much you miss him. Sure you try to kill each other all the time but thats only because you get so gosh-darned frustrated!

This was his favorite duck... to the firepits with you!

All work and no play make Darkseid a dull boy. Do not worry folks she only LOOKS young, Darkseid isn’t a complete monster. Of course if she ever begins to question if this relationship will lead to anything more… well… then it would be off to the firepits with her. Hoho oh that Darkseid, what a card.

No, I think we should stay in tonight.

You may be wondering how it is that I know and have seen all this that occurs within the privacy of Darkseid’s walls. Well, lets just say its what I do.

But seriously folks. The girlfriend and I were housesitting for a friend and they happened to have this crazy amazing dollhouse! So of course the only logical course of action is to squeal like an 8yr old girl and bring a figure that would work with the scale and then take pictures of him in the house. Everyone does it! Unfortunately I am still getting the hang of shooting small things which is why I do not have more pictures. Also I applesauce for the blurryness of this shot but you get the idea. So much stuff! Too bad she has to keep it under covers as the cat likes to move in whenever he can. Can you blame him?


  1. Matt says:

    I was wondering why you had such an extensive dollhouse? But now it all makes sense. You sure know how to seize opportunities that come your way.

  2. Darren says:

    Hugo –
    Fantastic! Great use of K’s dollhouse. I think my fave is the bathroom one, mostly because you had the foresight to turn his head back to look at the camera – brilliant! :)

  3. K's Mum says:

    I love it! Every dollhouse has adult stories and monster stories, not just being a kid’s toy. This is good stuff! Hope you make a sequel. We laughed our asses off. Thank you.

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