A Party Where Everyone is Popular


When the Silver Snail comic book store in Toronto hosts an annual night of costumed pop-cultural bliss, you should be there.

The space is filled with geeky creativity, with no shortage of obscure references either. Everyone attending has an intention to represent their favourite characters and stories, and maybe even find others that choose to share in that excitement.

Back in 2012, the party was populated with Doctor Whos that converged on-stage for a group costume contest. In 2013, various X-Men characters like Wolverine and Deadpool were peppered throughout the crowd. This year, the overwhelming popularity of The Guardians of the Galaxy movie inspired some Peter Quills to show up — who? Star Lord, man. And it wasn’t exlusive to just guys. The great thing about character-based costume choices is that either gender can pull off their own versions. If everyone’s a fan then everyone wants to show off how much of a fan they are.

That’s where the costume contest comes in.

It’s expected for a Halloween party to offer prizes for the best costumes, but not everyone spends weeks sweating away to create something from scratch. Last minute costumes are almost the standard at any party. The hosts understand that. Those that aren’t at the comic book convention level of immaculate cosplay quality are still welcome at the Silver Snail party, (duh) because it’s just about having fun. It’s Halloween. Those that don’t make it onto the stage have a chance at table prizes throughout the night. It’s all about embracing the enthusiasm fans have for their favourite pop culture characters — from movies, TV shows, video games, Anime, internet memes and, of course, comic books.

Another “of course” is that the amount of open-arms encouragement from the hosts is a huge confidence builder for anyone creating a geeky costume for the first time. Whether it’s a Marvel superhero or 80’s TV icon, there is virtually no shame at the party; especially on the dance floor. It’s a baby step for some and a gateway drug for others, naturally as a good amount of the cosplay convention community attends the Silver Snail party, too.

It’s more about inspiration than intimation though.

Spotting the people that dedicate their lives to fully becoming characters allows others to see the potential in their own costume abilities. Being surrounded by costume talent will do that to you. It’s such a simple, but big, thing. There’s also a lot of value in creating a costume for the Silver Snail party. The experience could inspire another costume idea for next Halloween, or maybe even Fan Expo/Comic Con with enough momentum.

The party, as fun as it is, becomes an invitation to something more — more comic book references, classic movie characters, current obsessive TV shows. Because going to the Silver Snail Halloween party once means you’ve only made one of one million possible costume choices. It’s clear when standing in the coat check line with Macho Man Randy Savage and the aliens from the Simpsons Halloween Special. With the current rate of geeky culture hitting it big, Silver Snail offers people a one-night trial of costuming, so you can either love and leave it until next Halloween, or love it and live it out again at the next convention.

Halloween is all about fun; dressing up as someone that you’re not. That fantasy is something a comic book store knows very, very well because they stock shelves and cabinets full of fantasy. They’re a destination for the stuff that people love. That’s why the Silver Snail Halloween party is the best reminder that the fun of Halloween doesn’t have to last one night. People can dress up whenever they want.

The whole party was one big invitation—into a community of people that love costumes the most. Of all the Halloween parties out there, this one is definitely the most inviting. No matter what you like, your costume will get at least one high-five. But not just any high-five. That high-five might be from Captain America, Batman or even the girl from Bob’s Burgers. No matter what, your costume will be liked. Because people that go to the Silver Snail party like costumes. High-five to that.

Had enough of words? Check out the event photos in all their glory:

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