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amzingspidermanBANNERIn 2012 we were gifted with yet another Spider-Man movie, a reboot to the Sam Raimi trilogy that ended just 5yrs prior, really not enough time for anyone to even want a reboot. But it came, we all went to see it, mixed reviews, blah blah blah, long story short Figma just released an action figure and its kinda amazing!

Spidey does not need an introduction, if you don’t know who he is… well… you should just leave. Go. Don’t ever come back! Anyways, the newest movie adaptation gave us a hipper Peter Parker, an adorable Emma Watson, a naked Lizard, and a pretty funky Spider-Man! Suit was different than the previous, and really funky is the best word I have for it at the moment. Kinda weird in the movie, takes some getting used to; but translates nicely to action figure form, so lets get to it.

figma-the-amazing-spiderman-non-scale-prepainted-pvc-figure-spid-174982.10 (1)

Figma  is a Japanese action figure line produced by Max Factory and distributed by Good Smile Company.
Really that doesn’t tell you anything, but just know they are an awesome toy company out of Japan that always gives Bandai’s Figuarts line a run for their money.

Now this is my second Figma figure so I didn’t really know what to expect, especially since the other figure I own from them is Link from Zelda fame… which is a totally different story I would say.

Anyways the packaging is pretty dope,mostly in Japanese, says Spider-Man (in English) way at the bottom, but does have a great spider on the window which I am sure we can all appreciate!

Lets open him up then, shall we!




First impression, that doesn’t really show in the pictures is “wow. he is pretty shiny”. I don’t know why they went with such a metallic look because its not really movie accurate, but for the most part it looks good. Second thought; “Hrmmm he looks kinda feminine…” This isn’t a very bulky Spider-Man, which IS accurate, but still a bit off-putting after so many Marvel Legends. So here is what  he comes with: 1 backpack, nice. 3 extra pairs of hands + 1hand for holding the cellphone, total of 4pairs and 1 hand. He comes with 2 weird web things… which seem pretty pointless but after playing with them they are kinda neat. A stand for great posing action, and of course a small baggie that says Figma and has a spot to write the character’s name in. Thanks Figma! Now I won’t lose my little web dealies!


Some more shots of Mr.Parker, again the shininess is not really captured by the camera, but believe me its pretty shiny. The entire body has a nice texture on it, plenty of attention paid to the details, paint is all perfect… except for the visible elbow and knee joints that are just a clean blue plastic, a bit distracting.  Please note his back isn’t as hunched as it looks on the right ^ I crunched him a bit for some reason..


Articulation is pretty great.  Ball-jointed head with a ball-joint at he base of the neck. Decent ab-crunch as well as further crunch at the waist. The knees and elbows are double-jointed but its a whole different style of joint, where your typical Hasbro/Mattel knee/elbow joint kinda looks like an ‘8’ these are like full circles; allowing for better movement but also creaates a bulge at the back of the knee which isn’t so hot. Thigh-cute, nice rocker ankles with toe action, ball-jointed shoulders, really only thing we are missing is a bicep-swivel. My crouching poses leave lots to be desired, but really thats because I’m not a very good poser. Blame the player not the game!


Playing with the stand here, at this point I am really digging this figure, much more than I thought I would. I mean… its Spider-Man! and a nicely sculpted one at that! No its not my favorite version of the beloved web-slinger but as a figure its really pretty nice. Even those web thingies are growing on me!


♫ Spider-Shoes, Spider-Shoes…

Details. Its all about the details, and Figma totally gets this. The first time I saw this costume I wasn’t overly excited about it, and the shoes just looked bizarre to me, but somehow in action figure form they look pretty cool. Look at them! Great detail. Some dope kicks right there.


“Spidey-Sense tingling! Possible liver issues!”

Another detail I kinda like are the eyes… which are yellow, don’t know why, but they are. Jaundice Spidey! I would prefer white or even silver eyes but its kinda neat if you pretend its his Spidey-Sense or something.



So enough gushing about what I like about the figure, surely there are a few things that I do not like!

What I don’t like can be summed up in this picture here >
The hole in the head for the neck peg is much to shallow in my opinion, causing the head to pop off very easily when trying to make him look further up or down.
Similarly I have an issue with the thigh swivels because the pegs are… just sticks. They are headless so to speak, in which case the legs can be pulled off very easily, too easily. The first time it happened I worried I had broken the figure but alas its just an odd design choice.

I think the reason I find the figure to look feminine is the shape of his chest; to allow better arm/shoulder articulation the area around the arm is wider, making his chest look a bit rounder. Not a huge deal, but again I’m just so accustomed to the huge wide chests that ML and DCUC figures have that anything else looks odd.
And as mentioned earlier the blue joints are a bit of an eyesore. Look at that shoulder! Ughh gross! Yes I am nitpicking here, but thats the  point!

Time for comparison pics! Woop woop! How will Figma’s Spidey compare to the other crazies on my shelves? Lets take a look!


“Hi E’erybody!”

We have a Spidey from Hasbro, definitely one of the taller ones, s’all I had though, and a Red Hurricaneger from fellow Japanese toymaker SH Figuarts.
Height-wise I would say he stacks up pretty well beside Figuarts figures, but will definitely be on the small side compared to your average ML or DCUC; I suppose it works if you factor in that he is a teenager. ♫ Not yet a Maaaan! ♪


“Ummm its for you…”

But what happens when we put him beside one of Marvel Select’s great Marvel villains? Well, he’s amazingly small and fragile in comparison… and thats just perfect if you ask me! Spider-Man is not a big guy, hes a slender, young guy with an athletic build… probably something like a gymnast. So its exciting to see what else Figma has in store because it looks like there would be some nice variation in regards to sizes, builds etc…


Overall I am digging this figure. Not only for what it is but because of what it can lead to. By that I mean the announcement made some time ago now about Figma taking on The Avengers (OMG OMG OMG), and of course its only a matter of time before a figure is made based off the redesigned suit used in the Amazing Spidey sequel. Can’t wait for the new version with those big white eyes. So pretty. The new costume design pretty much guarantees he won’t be shiny either so that is a definite plus for me!


If you are wondering what I plan on doing with 2 Figma Spideys down the road… well… I will just call one Ben and one Peter. Which would actually make me very happy. Mwuahaha Spider-Man madness!
Long story short I am quite pleased, and looking forward to more from this company! If that’s not a success I don’t know what is! Unfortunately not a perfect score. The super shiny and head popping off is a pain. So yea, 4/5 is good!


Can’t stop playing with this guy! Fun levels are through the roof!!


“Yes Aunt May, eggs, free-range, organic. Got it. No I wont forget.”

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  1. sean says:

    Thank you for your IN DEPTH review-and honesty.
    I have been lusting after this figure but hesitant about it’s construction. I don’t like it in the end-but that is a good thing.
    I will continue my search for a super poseable 6 inch…THANKS AGAIN !!

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