Angry Video Game Nerd, The Review


He’s gonna take you back to the past to play the s****y games that suck a**! If you’ve heard this before, you know the Angry Video Game Nerd and his new feature film that was officially released online on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014! The film is directed by Kevin Finn who also wrote the screenplay with James Rolfe, the Nerd! I’ve seen it almost ten times now and I was lucky enough to view the premiere screening of the film here in Toronto at the Royal Cinema where the director, Kevin Finn was present for Q&A after the movie….

This film holds a strong place in my heart. I’ve been a huge fan of the AVGN for as long as he’s been around and I check his website on a daily basis for updates and new content. I’m a proud supporter of his work and that is the reason why I donated so many of my well earned rupees to him so he can make this film. For those that don’t know the AVGN, he’s a character portrayed by James Rolfe who reviews video games of the past… horrible and despicable games so wretched that you’d probably rather eat the shit off a dog’s dry a** fur. He owns nearly the entire NES catalog of games as well as most consoles ever released in the history of video games! He’s a genuine collector and incorporates his passion for games with none other than his passion for film making. In the beginning of the AVGN, he just made videos of himself reviewing games such as Castlevania Simon’s Quest, Doctor Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Top Gun and so many more pieces of s***. He filmed them by himself in his basement. Ten years later, he’s come a long way and now incorporates a narrative to his work along with professional production gear. He sometimes gets help from others but he mostly does creates the videos on his own.


James Rolfe is an inspiration to film makers, video game journalists and everyone that has a dream. Lets talk about that dream that is his feature film, The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.

*********spoiler alert*********

The film begins with a brief explanation of the legend behind the horrific E.T game for the Atari 2600. The Nerd finds out of its upcoming sequel and all his fans demand he review the Atari game but he hates it so much, he promised never to review it. (He in fact has been told by many fans Including myself to review it) Eventually, he makes a deal with Cockburn Inc to review the sequel and head out to the landfill where Atari supposedly disposed of all their games. The E.T game was such a commercial failure, it bankrupted Atari. However, on his journey to find the truth behind this legend, he encounters more than he bargained for.

I’m not going to explain what happens. No description of this film will ever do it justice. It’s something that simply needs to be seen. The nerd is all about classic games, classic films, outdated technology (like internet dial-up) and anything that has to do with our past and the “good ol’ days”. (“our” as in adults 28 years and older who grew up with all this terrible stuff). Its a tribute to the past and it visually present throughout the film, with it’s “B” film style.

This movie also pays homage to classic monster films, James Rolfe’s favorite genre. We see people in monster suits destroying a city like in Godzilla, we see a monster climb the Empire State like King Kong, a green rubber alien with a terrible voice-over makes an appearance, cheesy sci-fi robots try to kill the nerd, zombies try to eat the nerd, the military of Area 51 try and blow up the nerd, there’s tanks, guns, explosions, everything you’d ever want in a film is in this film. There isn’t as much martial arts as I’d like but that isn’t what the nerd is as interested in and so I respect it’s absence.

This movie is full of great video game references and Easter eggs. There’s a funny TMNT III reference from his TMNT III movie review so its great to see that anger and emotion come back to haunt not only him, but viewers as well. The most notable is the Top Gun reference when the Nerd flies a plane and recites the instructions on how to land a plane in the NES Top Gun game. “Speed up. Speed down”. There are several cameos in this film such as Lloyd Kaufman, Pat the NES Punk, Doug Walker the Nostalgia Critic, Mike Matei, Kyle Justin, and last but not least Howard Scott Warshaw the creator of the hideous E.T and so many classic and amazing Atari games.

The film itself is great. James Rolfe and Kevin Finn really spent a long time on every frame. Every shot has a reason and beautiful lighting. They demonstrate a mastery of classical horror film cinematography and suspense using audio as well as visual! The soundtrack is top notch and the film makes you jump once or twice! Its not horrifying but rather suspenseful and that’s why I love this film. It respects the classic Alien and Halloween films with the build up and then the scare!

The story and dialogue is brilliant. Its very much scripted like a standard AVGN video. The Nerd says some of his classic one liners that we just can’t get enough of! There’s a cute girl in the film that pretends to be a nerd and has every guy nerd dropping to their knees and lets not forget the hysterical Power Pad scene where is sounds like she and the Nerd are having… You know, when in fact its them just playing the Power Pad. Definitely a favorite scene of mine! There’s a villain lead that has no legs but rather a mini tank on treads. Its random, he’s an a**hole and constantly blows his body parts off and nothing phases him. He actually says after he gets his arms blown off, “it’s just a flesh wound” paying homage to the great Monty Python and the Holy Grail, another favorite film of mine.

In the end, the Nerd does in fact review the E.T game as the credits roll. This film is simply a long AVGN episode with many mini episodes within it and it’s awesome! James Rolfe has mentioned he would like to make a sequel but for now he wants to get back on routine and make more Nerd episodes and spend more time with his wife and recently new born daughter .

The Nerd has spent so much of his time entertaining the world and his fans take that to heart and thank him for it everyday, at least I do! This is my favorite film of 2014 and probably will be for a long time. It ‘hits home’ and that’s what counts. I can relate to the Nerd and so can all of us!

Give The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie a watch. You won’t regret it!

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