Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?

I know that Michael, Angel, and Saul weren’t ready but they still had to think on their feet and act fast if they didn’t want to be some zombies’ breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Who am I talking about? I’m referring to the protagonists from the ongoing story, We’re Alive. Before I dive into why, We’re Alive is so awesome and start my sales pitch, let’s take a brief look at zombies in today’s society.


Zombies have always been around, but over the past few years, their popularity in mainstream society has been slowly rising from the ground (har har har!). They’re certainly prevalent in video games: the Resident Evil series…excluding 4 and 5, those people weren’t zombies, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, House of the Dead, and the upcoming Dead Island. So it’s quite clear that the younger audiences have an interest in zombie video games, otherwise, companies wouldn’t make so many of them.

We’ve also had quite a few zombie movies: 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, House of the Dead, I Am Legend, Resident Evil series, and the Evil Dead series. Zombies obviously matter to people, otherwise they wouldn’t have their own film genre. I suppose you could categorize zombie movies under horror, but let’s face it, I Am Legend isn’t the same as I Know What You Did Last Summer. Whenever I bring up zombie films to people, they automatically imagine brain-dead films where a zombie outbreak occurs, the main characters slowly die one by one until one survives and either finds a cure for the world or realizes the world is doomed. The End. Mindless entertainment. I can see why people would assume this for most zombie-related media, but things have certainly changed over the past few years. That’s right, zombie-related media isn’t just mindless entertainment anymore, oh no, there was a big game changer that has shown the true potential for this genre.

You’ve guessed it, I’m talking about the Walking Dead! If you haven’t watched or even heard of the Walking Dead, I’m afraid you are missing out on television at its finest. Although there are zombies in the show, I wouldn’t actually label it as a zombie show, I’d just say it’s damn good TV! The Walking Dead explores the tough gray areas that would occur if humanity was at the brink of extinction. For example, would you share your limited guns and ammunition with strangers you’ve just bumped into? Or would you keep these resources to defend yourself from the thousands of zombies that are trying to eat you and your family? There’s no real right or wrong answer to that question but the Walking Dead explores incredibly thought-provoking questions and themes and that’s what makes the Walking Dead a great show…alongside the great acting, suspense, and zombie-head-exploding action.

What else is just as good as the Walking Dead? We’re Alive! My friends call it a podcast but it’s more of an on-going audiobook. There are several characters in the story but Michael, Angel, and Saul are the protagonists. I don’t want to spoil anything about the story, thus, I can’t really say that much. All I can really say is that if you like the Walking Dead, We’re Alive should definitely fill your appetite with great-story telling. It also explores the gray areas that people would face during a zombie apocalypse and has great voice-actors with cool sound effects. If you drive, walk, run, or take public transit to school/work, you should definitely download We’re Alive and listen to it. And the best part is, it’s free! No need to sign up, post comments, or pay a cent. You can download the chapters directly and enjoy one of the best zombie stories you’ll ever experience.


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