Arrow Has Failed its Fans?

Passion is cool. The nerds here at NEN are obviously super passionate about various nerdy topics. I mean, we spend our free time creating photos, videos, and reviews on our favourite nerdy stuff. However, as we all know, passion can go from one extreme to another. From devoted and intense love all the way to nerd-filled rage and hatred. Looks like that’s what happened with John Campea and his love & hatred for the TV show, Arrow.

For this post, there’s no way around it. There will definitely be spoilers for Arrow season 3 up to episode 11. You’ve been warned.

John Campea is the Editor-In-Chief of AMC Movie News. In his spare time he was the lead host for the Arrow After Show, which you can find on YouTube and TheStream.TV. Key word here – was. So what happened?

For the past three years, John has been the biggest Arrow supporter I have ever known. He’s obviously a busy man with his full time job, however, he took the time to do The Arrow After Show with his wife and her friend not only because they love the show so much, but more importantly, because he genuinely felt that Arrow was just an awesome television show, but was overlooked by most people due to its association with the CW and possibly Smallville. He made it his mission to spread the word that Arrow shouldn’t be stereotyped or prejudged simply because it’s on the CW with good looking actors, but that people should give it a chance because it’s a damn good show.

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

The original creators of the Arrow After Show

I watch a lot of TV and the Arrow After Show is the only after show that I watch regularly. I’ve tried watching other after shows for The Flash and Gotham, but they’ve never kept me interested. The Arrow After Show on the other hand, was something I’d look forward to every week. I like how the Arrow After Show is organized into three parts, they make a solid effort to include and interact with their viewers and fans, and most of their opinions (positive and negative) were reasonable and easy to relate to. Finally, they even have special guests like…Stephen Amell!

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

Amell is definitely a class act. Promoting Movember AND spending time with his fans

So again, what happened? John made a very good point which I totally agree with. He argued that great head writers have an overall plan for the series, but are brave enough to be flexible and are willing to make adjustments and changes along to way to suit the needs of the characters and story. To be more specific, anyone who’s hopped onto Wikipedia or is a comic nerd, knows that Laurel Lance is the Black Canary in the DC comics. However, on Arrow season 2, Sara Lance, Laurel’s sister, was the Canary. John argued that the writers did a great job developing Sara’s character and it makes more sense that she’s the Canary since she trained with the League of Assassins. Furthermore, John argued that it makes more sense that Sara should be Oliver’s long-term love interest since they share something deep and meaningful – their experience on the island. When you look at this way, John makes a valid point – Sara does seem more compatible with Oliver and she’s got the training and experience to be a hero. Laurel on the other hand has been mishandled by the writers since season 2 with her irrational behaviour and her minimal or no combat training. Does it still make sense to make Laurel the Canary? John argues no. The head writers obviously went the other direction by killing Sara and Laurel becoming the Canary in season 3.

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

Laurel’s gonna have to do some salmon ladders to earn my respect!

John presents a solid argument, but at the same time, I can’t blame the writers for still moving forward with Laurel becoming the Canary. I mean, there are a lot of hardcore Green Arrow and Black Canary fans who would be outraged if they made such drastic changes to the cannon. I’m not 100% happy with Laurel becoming the Canary, but I do enjoy how the writers have handled her arc these past few episodes. She’s been beaten badly many times and even got a hostage killed due to her lack of training, so at least it’s realistic and believable in that sense. I personally think, it’ll be fun to watch how Laurel develops as the character throughout the rest of the show. Alas, it seems like there is no simple right or wrong answer for this issue.

Anyways, getting back on topic, John promised that he would stop watching Arrow if Laurel ever did become the Canary, stating that the show would be too farfetched or unrealistic and would impede his enjoyment. Well as you guessed it, Laurel is the Canary and John announced on his Twitter account that he will no longer watch Arrow or lead the Arrow After Show.

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

On his last Arrow After Show episode, John refrained himself from ripping apart the Laurel character…mainly because he’s done it so many times in the past. On that episode, he brought up another major issue with Arrow – Oliver surviving 2 stab wounds to the mid-section and at least, a 100 foot drop onto rocks. John, I’m 100% with you on this one! John and I (and I’m sure many other viewers) all predicted that Oliver would be brought back to life, via Lazarus Pit. We were all appalled that some bandages, penicillin tea, and mysterious herbs healed Oliver’s wounds. You’re telling me that Oliver survived those stab wounds AND that fall? Come on! Like John said, that’s just insulting our intelligence.

For John, he said enough was enough and he can no longer watch Arrow as the writing for the show has dropped in quality with poor character development (Laurel) and unrealistic story events. I’m sure if you asked John if he would still recommend Arrow, he would reply and recommend people to watch seasons 1 & 2, but it stops there for him.

I always assumed there was a pretty clear line in terms of what makes something completely unrealistic and ridiculous, and something that is unlikely but still possible. As much as I agree with John’s arguments, I’m still going to watch Arrow because at the end of the day, I still enjoy the show. However, I certainly do not enjoy it as much as I used to and I definitely don’t respect or admire the show as much as I did in the previous years. I got my fingers crossed that Maseo and his wife lied to Oliver and they really did use the Lazarus Pit and just withheld this information, so Oliver doesn’t worry about the consequences and repercussions of using the pit. If this revelation doesn’t occur by the end of season 3, I sincerely hope that the writers of Arrow don’t make any more missteps with insultingly impossible events because in April 2015, there’s a new heavy contender called, Daredevil on Netflix that might take the title from Arrow as the best superhero TV show.

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

That teaser trailer was DAMN good!

If you’re an Arrow fan, what are your thoughts? Was John too extreme with his departure from the Arrow After Show? Are John and I nitpicking with the Laurel/Canary story arc and Oliver’s miraculous recovery? Is Arrow just as good? Better? Worse? Whatever you think, COMMENT! Until next time, nerd out.

You can find the Arrow After Show at TheStream.TV or their YouTube Channel.

You can also check out John Campea’s last episode on The Arrow After Show:


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  1. Katy says:

    I just think the show needs to stop giving a damn what fans think then it will stop messing up. If from Season 1, creatively they continued working on Laurel’s character rather than sidelining her for Felicity (who I love and I ship Olicity) it would have been better.

    The show runners especially Marc G who is the biggest fangirl butt kisser I have seen in my life! Should have focused more on the plots and character development.

    Season 3 has been one misstep after the other, as a devout Olicity even I shake my head at the pandering, it doesn’t make it aunthentic or real. Just because you got tumblr and Twitter fans going gaa gaa over Olicity doesn’t mean you sacrifice the quality of the show.

    Stephen Amell is beyond fantastic and truly is the heart of the show, his character, does have questionable irrational moments wrapped in self righteousness but that’s again sloppy writing. David Ramsey, another facet the show could not live without kills every single scene, line and episode.

    John C quitting was drastic especially if it was over Laurel Lance, Katie Cassidy is the best actress on the show and has adapted well to the strange development of her character.

  2. Matt says:

    John Campea quitting his own after show and giving up on Arrow is extreme, but to each’s own. I definitely see where he’s coming from and as season 3 continues, it’s like he said and you said – the missteps just continue one after another.

    It’s really sad because season 1 was great and season 2 was just phenomenal. It’s unfortunate to watch a great show deteriorate in quality as time passes. I can only assume that the quality of ALL their shows will only get worse as the head writers have more things to juggle in the up coming year: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Untitled Superhero Team Up spinoff show.

  3. Ryan says:

    I just think we all need to remember that this character is based on a comic book. I am not bashing comics in any way, I was really into comic books in the late 80’s through the mid 90’s and I will still occasionally pick up a graphic novel every once in a while because I am a geek and that will never change. Regardless of how closely they borrow or follow the comics Arrow is still a pretty damn good show based on a comic book . How many things happened on those pages that are just rediculous and completely unbelievable!? Have the writers lost focus? Yes. Are fans nit picking the Laurel issue, yes. Nobody has a problem with Roy or Thea learning to fight and becoming badasses but Laurel that’s where they draw the line?! Get real. I didn’t completely believe the Sarah storyline either, and thought her getting killed was for the best, to be completely honest. I’d like to see the show runners bring in a new crop of writers next season, I think that is where the major problem lies. I will continue to follow this show and just pray that it doesn’t become the garbage that Smallville became. I don’t know how I made it through 10 seasons of that show…it was difficult those last 3 or 4 seasons, I get shivers just thinking about it.

    Arrow needs to seriously get back to the basics, I mean I didn’t even realize that Oliver Queen was still a character on the show, where has he been? Skiing?! Where does he live? Basically Arrow has become his complete persona now.

    There are more problems with this show than just Laurel. Slim the team down to Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and Roy. Officer Lance is cool as a limited character, and get Colin Salmon back on the show please, he was one of my favorites. There is just too much shit going on that it is obvious the writers can’t keep up.

  4. Matt says:

    I am definitely not a comic book expert. I’ve got a few graphic novels on my bookshelves and that’s about it. And you’re right, I mean, comic books and obviously superheroes are all about the impossible and the rules of reality are bent for the sake of excitement.

    I think what’s upsetting me is the fact that Arrow seasons 1 & 2 were NOT ridiculously unrealistic. The writers established the standards for their show and they made genuine attempts to make things believable and somewhat realistic.

    Whereas season 3 was like a complete 180 where they’re making minimal effort to make things realistic and believable.

    I personally like Laurel’s character. I enjoy watching her progress and learn new things. And I totally agree, Laurel isn’t the show’s biggest problem, it’s everything else!

    The CW-DC-TV writers should watch Netflix’s Daredevil and take some notes! Because they’re doing things right!

  5. Paul says:

    Arrow is great,but the Olicity trend damaged the show.I love all the characters but this Olicity thing is going to be a big regret when all is done.
    It should of remained as a could be relationship,Oliver and Felicity to me and so many was cool with the team only thing,now its seems dead now that season 3 is done.One thing thou,oliver falling of the cliff without good explaination damaged the show somewhat,Felicity saving him in the Atom suit was also a very bad move from the writers.The 2 for me showed clueless writing,no logic behind them.
    Yes Arrow writters should become aware that Daredevil is a masterpice of superhero writting,that show gives most what to expect from an adaption from the comics.
    It stuck to its core,and did not waver for fan sevice,its going to become the best in superhero shows,overtake arrow because of the flaws i mentioned.Which is a very great shame.Arrow is the only show that has whinny characters,not good at writting women as strong images.I see a lot o peple complaining about how the women are presented in the show as a whole.Too much rocky emotional acts from the women,when action and growth were needed also damaged season 3 somewhat.
    Am looking for what comes in season 4,i hope it trends more towards true Green Arrow comics than Batman related stuff.The way it looks now is abit off course.

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