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Name: Isaac S
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  1. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen — April 4, 2016
  2. The Fantastic Friday: Dr. Doom and the Power of the VIP pass — September 1, 2014
  3. Kind of “Amazing” isn’t it? — June 25, 2014

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The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

It sure is a great time to be a nerd isn’t it? We seem to be running the show when it comes to movies, TV, the interwebs… pretty much everything. The new cool thing seems to be this platform that seems to defy time and space, many have been all consumed by it that new …

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The Fantastic Friday: Dr. Doom and the Power of the VIP pass

After finally meeting up with Hugo on Thursday and having somewhat of a chat (after playing text tag all day), I was really stoked for the adventures of Friday. Not just because I still had 3 more days of nerdgasmic awesome times ahead of me, I had something a select few had (actually I had …

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Kind of “Amazing” isn’t it?

I don’t know about you but, I remember when I finished reading Amazing Spider-Man #700, my exact thoughts were “WTF!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! HOW DID HE???!!!??? WHAT??!!??? …ahh, OK, I’ll give Superior Spider-Man a go… could be interesting seeing Doc Ock as Spider-Man…” But, 33 issues of “Superior Spider-Man” later (…as a super huge Spider-fan, I didn’t …

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