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Rap, Video Games and Mike Tyson

I had the pleasure of sitting down over beers with my friend and fellow nerd, Tray $tarks, and Hydeff, a man I just met. We talked about rap, video games, Mike Tyson and their upcoming debut Hip-hop release as the duo Far Out. I’ll warn you ahead of time that the language in this interview …

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I’ll see your Hip-Hop and raise you some Anime

Anyone who  knows me knows that I have massive place in my heart for both video games and hip-hop. Sadly the amount of artists making decent music in the genre is slim to none. Inevitably every nerdcore artist becomes a novelty. I wouldn’t be caught dead admitting that I listen to nerdcore. Not because I think people would …

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Meet your Nemesis

 There’s nothing more satisfying in gaming than feeling like you have direct control over a game’s narrative or that your playthrough is completely unique. Monolith Productions used that thinking to make Shadows of Mordor the biggest surprise in the gaming this past year, thanks in large part to their Nemesis system.

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