Batman v Superman : Action Figure roundup!


With less than a week to go before Batman V Superman explodes on to the big screen to either great applause or intense face palms its easy to see who the real winners are… the collectors.

Whether the movie shines or flops there are tons of awesome figures being released that are sure to make any DC fan smile, and of course reenact the film to their liking! ;) Personally I find that my “budget” increases with how much I enjoy the movie/comic/show/whatever said figures are based off of. So in a sense my toy shelves become pretty good representations of how high a movie scored for me.
Fortunately BvS got picked up by a surprising amount of toy companies so there will be plenty to choose from! Quite the range of quality and price too, something for everyone!! Unless you hate the movie and wish to forget it exists…

Alright, alright, alright! Lets take a look at the many toy offerings this movie has spawned!



MATTELBvSStarting with Mattel as they are the cheapest in the 6″ Action Figure category and will be the most abundant.
Nothing too exciting here, basically the same as previous Movie Masters but now they are called something else as the waves have some comicbook based figures mixed in. If you collect them all you build a Grappling hook! Kinda cool. Other than the expected trio we are getting an Armored Bats, a trenchocat Bats, an Aquaman, and a Lex Luthor! Of course Mattel is also releasing slightly smaller and more “basic” figures but I chose to only focus on these….
Articulation wise – nothing too exciting. Superman is basically a repaint from the MOS movie… Overall they are pretty alright. I just want the WonderWoman.
Price range: $20-$30


Something new from Mattel this year… Barbies!
Who doesn’t want a Batflek Barbie?! These are actually pretty cool and I want one, well all 3. Its great to see so WW get so much attention after Hasbro failing BlackWidow fans all these years.
So these look pretty decent, articulation looks to be whatever your standard Barbie doll articulation is nowadays.
Price range: $45+

DC Collectibles

DCCBvSDC Collectibles, previously known as DC Direct is jumping into the fray with their first shot at Movie-based Action figures!
Though the articulation is plentiful it does look a bit odd, and the proportions are questionable… at least based off these images. The faces and details on the other hand are pretty awesome, which they damn well should be considering DCC is using 3D facial captures of the actors to get their likeness. They aren’t 100% IMO but pretty impressive nonetheless. Yes we will also be getting a regular Batflek, as well as figures based off Man of Steel, and Suicide Squad!
These guys will have swappable hands, fabric capes, stand at around 6.75″ and have about 36 points of articulation. Not too shabby.
Price range: $40-$50

Oh and here is a neat chart they released to give you an idea on scale for compatibility.


Medicom Toy Inc


Medicom Toy’s Miracle Action Figure EX line (MAFEX) is probably my favorite in this list. Its just something about imports…
MAFEX has been getting better and better with every release, and these are without a doubt some good looking figures. They appear to have really nice sculpts and articulation, a few extra accessories, and lovely fabric capes. Height-wise these have WW at 6″ and Superman at 6.3″ which sounds pretty good to me.
Price range: $45+



Just when you thought you’ve seen it all Mezco pops up with these super cool 1:12 figures with full fabric suits!
On top of looking great right out of the box these guys will be coming with alternate hands, heads, and accessories! I am not sure where I stand on these, I am worried that fabric suits in this scale are only good in theory but will pose problems downs the road… no idea though. A bit too rich for me either way.
Price range: $75+



Moving out of the 6″ range with these beautiful 10″ figures from Square Enix’ Play Arts Kai line!
Being larger in size of course allows for more details and articulation possibilities! Normally I have an issue with how PAK figures get stylized but these are really really pretty. They will come with extra hand, accessories, and a stand. Very tempting indeed.
Price Range: $120+



NECA has been hitting many home runs lately with their huge 1/4 scale figures, and are adding BvS to the collection! Now, I don’t think there has been any news on re-releasing a Superman in this scale or remaking one… this is the Man of Steel in the pic, but they are making a badass looking Batfleck figure! Whether we will see an Armored Batman or Wonder Woman down the line is anyone’s guess.
The thing with these guys is that they are huge! Around 18″ tall. So while they would look great in your collection… they require more space than most of us have. But when you look into cost vs how much plastic and detail you get these guys are a phenomenal value! If only NECA got the rights to make these in the 6″ realm!
Price Range: $100+


HOTOYSBvSI think its a pretty solid fact at this point that Hot Toys are at the top of the food chain when it comes to quality figures. The quality of their 1:6 scale figures is just out of this world, but with higher quality comes a higher price. I can only assume that Armored Bats and  Wonder Woman are not far behind, if they have not already been hinted at on the internets. Personally I really like the Superman, but feel like the material used for Batman’s outfit just isn’t working… hopefully its just this photo. Figures stand around 12″ and feature a bunch of extra stuff to really capture the magic. Hot Toys are as close as you get to owning mini versions of real people. Totally out of my price range, but hey if you can afford it, go for it.
Price Range: $200+

Funko POP!



No on to the Fun stuff! And you can’t spell Fun without Funko! Its absolutely no surprise that we will be getting some cool new POP! toys based off this movie. I have been able to fight off the POP! fever all these years but feel like these guys are going to finally turn me. Other than the basic trio we will be getting an Aquaman, a jacketed Bats, some of those Superman soldier looking guys… and maybe an Armored Bats? I know he was supposedly EXCLUSIVE to the subscription box but I am still hoping >_< Though there will be various variants made that will become super rare and worth bajillions of dollars the basic assortment of these shouldn’t be too hard to find/collect. Yay!
Price Range: $10+



These guys are pretty new and super adorable! They stand around 4″ tall, just a bit taller than your standard POP! but are surprisingly heavy! They are nicely stylized and are either entirely die-cast or have a bunch of die-cast parts… I am not sure, either way they are heavy and you should probably not put them anywhere too high haha. There is apparently an Aquaman and coat wearing Batman as well. I don’t know how far JADA plans on going with these Metal figures, would be cool to see them take on some of DC’s TV characters!
Price Range: $15+

Hot Toys – Artist Mix


Almost forgot to include these! Apparently Hot Toys feels like they are not making enough money off us poor nerds that they decided to create a line of 5.1″ bobble head figures featuring Japanese toy designer TOUMA’s distinctive art style. HT has also released such figures featuring the Age of Ultron peeps, and AntMan. Maybe a wee bit too expensive for what they are but they are very neat nonetheless.
Price Range: $40+


Did I include ALL the BvS figures out there? No of course not! There is so much merch being produced you’d think people were actually excited about this film! :p
I have a long list of expectations and concerns for this movie, but even in the worst case scenario where its complete rubbish and makes me cry from nerd rage… I plan on collecting a good amount of toys! And for that I am totes excited!
I hope this list has helped you plan out your future DC Cinematic Universe figures collection, or has at least entertained you to some extent. Please feel free to comment on what you are most psyched about, what you plan on getting, what you couldn’t care less about, etc, etc

Be seeing you guys soon enough with a BvS – Dawn of Justice review! Hopefully it will be mostly good!


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