Batman V Superman: What Dreams Are Made Of


Batman V Superman turned dreams into reality. A great story with meaningful character development, jaw-dropping action and iconic comic book moments that’ll bring great joy to your inner nerd. What’s with all the hate? This movie was a dream come true.

No spoilers.

This movie really brought great depth to Superman and Batman. You really feel sympathy for Clark while you still understand and respect Bruce’s point of view.

Superman tries his best to save people, but of course, there’s collateral damage when superheroes and villains collide (can you name another superhero movie that even acknowledges these things?). However, the world blames him for all the financial, political and personal consequences when he was just trying to do the right thing. Let me bring things into perspective. Did you ever wake up ridiculously early to make breakfast for your parents when you were a kid? You just wanted to do something nice, but you made a huge mess in the kitchen and instead of making your parents happy, they got super upset with the mess you made. Do you remember that feeling you had? Because that’s what Superman felt in this movie but it wasn’t just two people, it was probably 2/3rds of the entire world! And the tragic part was the fact that Superman didn’t get mad or petty, he was just upset and heart broken and Henry Cavill did a phenomenal job at portraying this sad and defeated Superman.


But what about our new Batman? Well don’t worry because Ben Affleck also brought new depth to the Caped Crusader. Yes he’s brooding, huge and violent. But the best part of Affleck’s portrayal was his Bruce Wayne. Truly haunted not just by the death of his parents,  but he (and Zack Snyder of course) did a great job at showing the psychological toll that 20 years of crime fighting takes on a person. I mean, if you were a teacher for 20 years, you’d probably find children super annoying. Well what do you think your mental state would be like after facing robbers, rapists and psychopaths for two decades? You’d be mentally unstable and that’s what Affleck brought to the table with his jarring and haunting hallucinations. So really, you can’t blame him for going after Superman with the possibility of this god turning against humanity, especially with Bruce’s lack of patience and bitter outlook on the world.


Now as for Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Lex Luthor. Well it was a modern take but still very familiar. An eccentric and stereotypical Silicon Valley billionaire with a narcissistic complex; jealous of gods and men using muscle to get what they want. Clearly he was envious of Superman’s and even Batman’s abilities and just wanted to prove that he too, was important in the world. I absolutely loved how he brilliantly manipulated everyone in this movie with his shocking and devious schemes.


Now there’s a lot of characters in this movie, but this was good thing. You get to see how Batman and Superman’s actions have very personal impacts on everyday people. But the brilliant writing used all these mini arcs to build to the climax of the movie, making the Batman and Superman battle that much more gratifying. And of course the battle of The Trinity vs. Doomsday was a visual feast that’ll satisfy your eyes. Gal Gadot was bad ass as Wonder Woman; she totally stole the spotlight from the World’s Finest during the final battle.


I too was worried that inclusion of The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg would take away from the story’s main plot but it didn’t. Snyder gives you a teeny tiny taste; just enough so that you’re excited to see these Justice League members in future DC movies.

And finally, now onto the best parts of the movie that got me emotional – the iconic comic book moments. I wasn’t emotional because these scenes were necessarily sad. I was emotional because I couldn’t believe I was seeing memorable comic book moments from my childhood on the big screen. It’s one thing when you know these moments are coming in a movie, like in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman (2002)  – you knew that you’d see Uncle Ben die. Great moment and totally unforgettable but it’s just more magical when a super special comic book moment comes on the screen unexpectedly and that’s what Batman V Superman offers.


This movie is by no means a brilliant cinematic masterpiece. I mean, it’s a superhero movie! But a damn good one. Batman V Superman really was a dream come true so thank you Zack Snyder. I honestly had serious doubts after Man of Steel (I thought it was meh) but I’m glad I was wrong about Batman V Superman.

Until next time, nerd ou….WAIT!

You should definitely check out Hugo’s review on this movie. He left the theatres with very valid but different feelings from me. So what should you really take from this post at the end of the day, considering two nerds from this awesome website have two very different opinions for this movie? It’s simple: make up your own mind. Don’t let social pressures stop you from watching this movie just because it’s cool to jump on the hater band-wagon. If you were interested in this movie, go check it out! If you’re not a fan of Superman or Batman, go watch  Kung Fu Panda 3 (I heard it’s really good!). Everyone has their own opinion so go ahead and make your own.

Until next time, nerd out.

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