Bringing Spidey home!

We finally got our first official trailer for the much anticipated Spider-Man movie! Will the third time be the charm or is the franchise doomed to fail shortly after launch? Just thought I would take a minute to share my initial thoughts and reactions!… after watching it 10 times.

Alright so, between 2002 and 2007 Tobey Maguire was our Spider-Man, and fans were overall pretty happy with things. The first movie was like nothing we have seen before it and it was the greatest ever! Unfortunately the love/quality of the movies really started  to drop as the 2nd and 3rd (shudder) installments hit the screens.


Although Tobey was way too old for the role and had something of a weird face you can’t really blame him for the way his time in the suit ended, I’m sure many fans would still argue he was the best Peter… I for one strongly disagree.
Moving on.
Next we got 2 movies between 2012 and 2014 with Andrew Garfield under the mask. A much hipper Peter Parker for sure, but maybe too hip for his own good?


Personally I liked this guy as Spider-Man. He was a better Spider-Man but not as good a Peter Parker as Tobey was (ignoring his weird face). Also the movies had Emma Stone! Which although a perfect fit for MJ, she was a wonderful Gwen Stacy!
Unfortunately the second movie was a huge disappointment and I guess Sony pulled out before things got really bad. Smart Sony.

And then the impossible happened! Sony made some sort of crazy deal with Marvel and Spidey jointed the MCU!


I never thought this was going to happen. I figured we had a a better chance of seeing Batman on screen with the Avengers before seeing the Web-Slinger alongside Cap and friends. Needless to say it was the best news in the world.

Fast-forward a bit and Sony is rebooting the Spider-Man movies with the help of Marvel and the MCU. Smart Sony.
After much hype Jimmy Kimmel drops the first trailer! And its good. So good.

I doubt that was the first time you have seen that trailer.
And if it was… you’re welcome. What did you think?

Our new Peter Parker is played by the young (youngest so far) actor Tom Holland. His IMDB page isn’t super long but you can’t ignore that he played Billy in “Billy Elliot: The Musical” musical by Elton John. Hes a dancer! Thats just so appropriate! Well… I think so.

Its maybe too soon to decide how he ranks among the other Parkers but he definitely has my vote!
He’s got that meek, nerdy Parker thing down. He’s not one of the COOL kids, he doesn’t have all his shit figured out. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with his amazing powers but also has High School to deal with.


Alongside the newest Peter we get the fantastic Michael Keaton as The Vulture and RDJ doing what he does best! How can this movie not be the greatest?!

Okay so what does the trailer tell us? How does it make THIS particular nerd feel?

So, the movie takes place AFTER the events of Civil War. Parker has the suit that Stark made him and they keep in touch!! That was enough for me right here. Like, I cant even! RDJ, I mean, Tony Stark is helping Peter Parker become a proper hero. You just know there are going to be some great scenes coming out of this!


So, Parker is still doing whatever he can to help out around the city, while staying within whatever perimeters Stark has laid out for him, such as beating up bank robbers! Look its the Avengers!!! But not… but more than we have seen in previous Spider-Man movies!! The fact that they can now do this is so amazinggggg!!


The overall feel of the trailer was great. Its youthful and fun. Yes of course there will be dark scenes and some good battles but its not a dreary dark. Its like the rest of the MCU. Its fun and entertainment at its best. The music playing? Time to Pretend by MGMT. A perfect fit! No whiny Dashboard Confessional or Chad Kroeger this time around!.. well, far as I know.



It looks like we won’t get a third Origin story here, which is great, but we are getting a noob Spider-Man that is looking to prove himself to the world and his snarky mentor. Yes he’s the new kid on the block but that doesn’t mean hes not ready for real challenges! I love this! I love a good coming of age story! I think this one will leave fans smiling as they leave the theaters, eager for more!


On to the (main?) Villain. The Vulture. Played by the great Michael Keaton. I can’t picture this not being a villain to love. Its Michael Keaton! Not to say he can’t  do no wrong but he definitely has the chops to make this villain memorable. The outfit is pretty far from the classic green spandex and bird wings but there’s enough of an influence to make it recognizable. The Vulture was never overly threatening to begin with but this new take on him is a definite game changer. We don’t really get a good look at the costume but we DO have a shot of the new Vulture action figure from Hasbro! And its phenomenal!


Looks like he will be sporting some serious wingspan! Digging that! The fur around the collar is also a great reference to the original design while staying modern! So psyched to see what they do with future villains! As long as they don’t give them flying surfboards I think we will be in good shape. Speaking of flying surfboards – If we can get through the first movie without any Osbourne I will be pleased as punch! I may be alone on that one but I am just tired of that story arc. There is so much more to Spidey’s rogue gallery than Goblins!!

In conclusion the trailer looks like the Spider-Man we all know and love without  the many mistakes made in the past 2 incarnations. In other words it looks like Spider-Man done right. Yes its more of the same old same old when you boil it down, but if its not broke, don’t fix it!


Aghhh!! So much potential for awesomeness!!!

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