Carry On Wayward Son – Anime Style!

 This October 2015 will be the premiere of the 11th season of Supernatural. Even though the show has dropped dramatically in quality, we’re all still die-hard fans who will stick with them until the very end. Anyways! This post is actually about the anime series. Yes that’s right, there’s a Supernatural Anime and it is awesome!

This post will have spoilers for the original series, but won’t spoil the anime series.

Supernatural The Anime is one season, with 22 episodes. These 22 episodes are a re-imagination of the original TV series’ seasons 1 & 2. At first, this seems like an odd format. After all, why stop at season 2 of the original series? Actually it makes a lot of sense. Seasons 1 & 2 of the original series can be told as one story because they both focus on the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Thus, the anime series is basically a one-shot story that mainly focuses on this antagonist. And let’s face it, the Yellow-Eyed Demon is by far the most memorable and formidable enemy the Winchesters have ever faced.

We all miss you Azazel

We all miss you Azazel

Yeah...Crowley, Abaddon, and especially Metatron? Not really intimidating?

Yeah…Crowley, Abaddon, and especially Metatron? Not really intimidating

The anime series doesn’t just show the original series as a cartoon animation. It’s actually a familiar but still very different experience because 1) the anime episodes are only 22 minutes long instead of 42 minutes so the stories are condensed dramatically and 2) the anime series makes sometimes minor and other times big changes to the stories. Don’t worry, they know which stories absolutely have to remain the same (e.g., Jessica and mommy Winchester get torched against the ceiling) while others can get a refreshing new take (e.g., poverty god to give bad luck instead of losing a rabbit’s foot).

Supernatural works beautifully as an anime because of the of the visuals. The original series’ CG and practical effects definitely meet TV standards. However, seeing the monsters, blood, and action sequences as an anime is far more exciting, violent, and an overall feast for your eyes.

Finally, Supernatural The Anime has a beautiful soundtrack that they use repetitively in every single episode. Why is this a good thing? Because the action soundtrack sounds like it comes from an NES video game and the outro song is Carry On Wayward Son. That’s right, every single episode fades out that classic masterpiece.

Whether or not you watch anime, as long as you’re a fan of Supernatural, then Supernatural The Anime is definitely worth watching. You get to experience the story in a refreshing and new (but still familiar) way. You’ll also get extra insight into the demon Meg and even John Winchester too! Who doesn’t want more time with John Winchester?

Until next time, nerd out.

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