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Number Forty-Three

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked a hole in the world’s metaphorical speaker it would have been unclear as to who the most popular Marvel Superhero was; but after the movies its become painfully obvious that Mr.Stark has risen to the top of the shiniest of shiny heroes! With the new Avengers movie comes a …

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Courting Death

The tougher the team of heroes, the bigger and badder the villain has to be. Remember the scene after the credits in the Avengers movie? “The humans are stronger than we thought. To attack them is to court death.” says the evil Chitauri guy to the mystery character who smiles at the camera, who turns …

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Got myself a Tommy

Much as I enjoy a Snickers bar on my break at work I do sometimes feel like being reckless and punch in the numbers for a KitKat instead, usually resulting in crunchy satisfaction. Nothing like breaking routine to add some spice to your life. Same can be said with action figures! Sometimes you have to …

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Bigger on the Inside

The nerd universe is such a magical place, always expanding, evolving; there is always more nerd than any nerd can ever nerd! Instead of pacing back and forth waiting for the new Marvel and DC movies, and since a man can only take so much PowerRangers, I decided to give that Doctor Who show a …

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Hulkbustin’ on a whole new scale

If one of your teammates is an insanely strong monster with a bad temper, it only makes sense that you have a contingency plan. Some sort of plan to BUST him up should he go to the dark side. Thanks to the over-revealing Avengers2 trailer we know this plan will come into action soon enough, …

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A Beast named Goldmane

Who doesn’t love a good Lion/Tiger Warrior man with golden armor and braids? Even if you are not one for fantasy you have to agree that cat-monster warriors are pretty awesome! Fortunately thanks to Funko I am adding such a character to my shelves!


It was the Blurst of Times 2014

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Oh how bummed out I am by the lack of hoverboards and flying cars! This is the worst future ever, OK maybe not LOL. But before we all start coming up with excuses for sucking at our New Year’s resolutions lets look back at 2014 and rejoice in its nerdy …

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Back and Almost Better Than Ever!

Before he spoke like a chain-smoker, before the suit had nipples, there was a hero that truly understood the darkness, and had a very recognizable mouth. Do you know who am I referring to? Well he has a new toy now, and its pretty cool, even after all these years.


A New Recruit, A Familiar Face

At some point in the past years someone at Marvel wondered, “What If Spider-Man’s greatest enemy was combined with Peter Parker’s school bully?” Fortunately the idea to place the resulting character on the side of the angels also came around and so instead of a terrible Spidey-Pete hating villain we got a complicated hero, a …

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Battle of the Bricks

Growing up I distinctly remember my younger brother spending what felt like hours sifting through our toy bins, separating the LEGO bricks from the MegaBloks bricks,an act I never really cared for or understood. I mean sure I realized they were different but it didn’t actually affect myself so it didn’t matter; whereas he hated …

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