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Mechanical Organism Designed Only for Collecting!

In literature, and most story-telling outlets, villains are depicted as being pretty ugly, if not completely monstrous. Opposed to the chiseled-jaw beauty of the heroic protagonist. Though the idea behind such decisions may be that the evil is inside is simply being reflected on the outside, its still pretty mean and unfair. But lets face …

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Hey Man! remember He-Man?!

Much like every other kid in the 80s I had a He-Man figure; stout, muscley, big sword, green tiger. It was pretty awesome, even though looking back all I can remember is the toys, not the show at all. So, the other day I picked up Vol.2, Season 1 of He-Man for $5. Not because …

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An Emerald night to remember

While many of you are spending this weekend waiting in sweaty green lines stinking of popcorn and summer, waiting to take in the magic of a bajillion dollars of green CGI and Ryan Reynolds I will be at work… which is why I decided to pop in the GREEN LANTERN : EMERALD KNIGHTS DVD in …

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