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They call her Jessica Jones

Yesterday, November the 20th, the Marvel Cinematic Universe got a little bit bigger with the addition of Jessica Jones via Marvel’s new partnership with Netflix. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this show, and expectations are running high thanks to its butt-kicking predecessor. Personally I am expecting nothing but pure Marvel magic to …

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Lines have been drawn?

So in case you have not heard, these are the rumored sides that heroes will choose in the upcoming Civil War movie. What do you guys think? What side are YOU on? If you need some context before you choose: Basically an event takes place that leads to the Government enforcing a “Living Weapon of …

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Why the World Doesn’t Need Ant-Man

And how Marvel made the perfect movie for him anyway. *Spoiler-free thoughts*


It’s a Bug’s life

With the next Marvel movie quickly crawling our way, and thanks to a weird article I read online about science guys finding ways to control cockroaches with their minds, I have bugs on the brain. In an attempt to feel less antsy I have assembled a list of insect-related comicbook characters for your buggy enjoyment.


Help Me Kickstart A Book Of Nerds!

For the past month I have been putting together an art book that points the spotlight at some of my favourite cosplayers. And by putting together I mean digital painting, designing, and writing. That’s a lot of work, but I love gaming, reading comics, watching movies and most of all I love creating my own art.


December is more than just Christmas

The moment November ends everything becomes about Christmas. Holiday music and decor is crammed into our eyeballs before we even have the chance to flip the page on our calendars. Immediately the countdown to ugly sweaters and eggnog begins! But now there is also a mini one-day convention in the city! It has been around …

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You wished upon a Star

You all wished for a trailer for the much anticipated Avengers sequel, and your wish has come true! Yesterday the Avengers 2 trailer blew up online in a big way! What initially began as a leak (damn Hydra) led to Marvel releasing the nice crispy HD version which you can watch here! Its pretty damn …

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Strike a pose -Saturday at Fan Expo

Early Saturday morning, a friend posted something like “So excited for our big day! Can’t wait to see everybody!” on her Facebook page. First thought that crossed my mind? “She’s coming to Fan Expo???!!!” Um….no….she was getting married. Oops, guess Fan Expo was the only ‘big day’ on my mind (big 4 days, really). Frankly, …

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The Fantastic Friday: Dr. Doom and the Power of the VIP pass

After finally meeting up with Hugo on Thursday and having somewhat of a chat (after playing text tag all day), I was really stoked for the adventures of Friday. Not just because I still had 3 more days of nerdgasmic awesome times ahead of me, I had something a select few had (actually I had …

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Fast, Furious and Inhuman!

Some time ago Vin Diesel dropped a possible hint on his FB at future involvements with Marvel, or maybe we are all just reading too much into it because we WANT it to be real. Vin and Marvel… you all made it happen! I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman… Haha. There …

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