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From Son to Titan

Remember that sweet Teen Titans show from a couple years back? Well the Titans are sort of back and are ready to kick some butt! Some Justice League butt!  I’m not a huge fan of  Versus storylines but this one was pretty dope. Check out my thoughts and ranting review!


Super Mega No Thanks!

We all know that cranky old man character that complains about change, how things were different, how things were better when he was a boy. I am usually all for change, always excited and interested to see where the future will take us. But some things don’t need changing, sometimes the original, the classic approach, …

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Nerds from Around the World : 02 Luis

Here is the second installment in what will surely be an ongoing series of interviews getting to know our nerd amigos from around the world! Today we are travelling South to the largest country in South America; where you will not only find amazing rainforests, beaches and football enthusiasts, but also my new Otaku buddy …

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It’s Time for Buster!

More and more I find myself drawn into the Japanese world of Tokusatsu; namely Super Sentai, on the menu for the next couple of days is GO-Busters, the 36th team in the series. So far its pretty alright, bit different than what I’m used to, definitely liking the toys though!