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Normally action figures drop just before the Movie in order to get fans hyped up and sell tickets, but sometimes toy makers take their sweet time and release figures months after the movie buzz has died down, for whatever reason. This is the case for Marvel Select’s offerings from the Captain America : Civil War movie. At least they got it in before the DVD came out right? At least the toys are awesome? Well, lets take a look at the new Iron Man and Cap before the DVD becomes old news!

Its funny to see new figures be released so late in the game, fortunately for Diamond Select Toys these characters are never far from our hearts, there is always a demand for more!
Some of you, however, are not as happy as I am to be getting yet another Stark and Rogers (and Bucky) for the collection, as there are definitely other characters from the movie that would have been better received. Personally I would have loved a new MCU Black Panther, but was also in need of a good Cap and IM to add to the team. So, no huge complaints here!

In January DST showed off 3 silhouettes of the figures they were going to make based off the yet to be released CW movie, at Toy Fair the next month they unveiled their masterpieces. Based off the silhouettes I had expected someone other than Bucky, but I guess it makes sense considering the movie’s love triangle.
So this is the first time we get a look at the sweeeet connecting bases the figures will come with! So awesome! >_<


IMG_20160813_011430Wednesday August 03, super long after the reveal, the new Iron Man figure hits comicbook shops, the next week Cap and Bucky join the party!
Money doesn’t grow on trees so I stopped myself at grabbing IM and Cap… for now.
I got these two for the sake of getting that much closer to completing my MCU Avengers team, Bucky isn’t really a character I care for but will probably get him just to finish the base. Oddly enough the base comes in 4 chunks, almost as if the original plan had 4 figures… we will never know for sure… OMG was it a Black Panther?!?

OK enough chit-chat, lets move on to the figures!

Since Mr. Tony Stark was the first one to be released in this series it only makes sense that he is the first one we look at.
DST seems to really love making Iron Man figures, this is probably the 6th one they have made so far, yet its the first one I have bought.


“Heeeeeres Tony!”

Civil War introduces us to Tony’s newest suit, the Mark 46, in my opinion the Iron Man suits have just been getting better and better ever since he blew them all up and started again with Mark 43.


First Impression: SHINY
The paint apps on this guy are sooo nice! Hes got such a nice shiny, glossy finish that you can’t help but notice. Yes there are a few paint errors but nothing major. Overall I am really impressed with the paint applications, except for the fact that the paint in the elbow hinge is already starting to flake from the joint.


The sculpting on the figure is also quite fantastic. I really like the proportions and the great attention to detail. Tons of great little lines sculpted into the suit, and a nice mean looking helmet. If anything my only complaint is that it can be bulkier, its hard to imagine there is a man inside a suit of armor here. But hey lets use our imaginations.


Now, the upper body articulation leaves much to be desired. The head is on a hinged ball-joint which is pretty good except when it comes to looking upwards. Ball-jointed shoulders are decent, a bit tight. I really like how the shoulder slides into the body when moved outwards, I do worry that this can lead to paint issues down the road. Single-jointed elbows with a swivel – not quite capable of a right angle. Hinge/swivel wrists are decent, careful to not pop the hands out every time as he does come with extra hands. Diaphragm joint isn’t so great, it turns all the way around but has very little ab crunch movement, very slight side to side. No waist swivel. Overall not too excited about the upper body mobility. Thats the issue with having a nice sculpt I suppose.
What is funny is how much more agile his lower half is!


“A little help here please!”

He can do the splits!! How unexpected is that!? And how unnecessary!
His hip joints are pretty neat, they look like ball joints but have a nice hinge in them, which make these splits possible. Unfortunately its already starting to feel loose… so he will probably not be posing like this often.


He is able to kick out a fair amount, but not quite a right angle. He can sort of sit but… terrible posture. He has double-jointed knees and nice ankle joints. He has a swivel right under the hip ball joint but a boot cut swivel would have been nice… but again that would break the sculpt up pretty bad. Personally I feel like they could have done with a single knee joint in exchange for making his elbows double jointed, but whatever.


As far as accessories go Iron Man does not have much to offer. He has a second pair of hands that are sort of fists, but not really.
He also of course comes with his part of the Avengers back drop wall, which I will get to after, and a baggie of things to put the wall together. Yes these MS figures come with IKEA parts :p

The lack of accessories really blows. I get that we are getting a pretty nifty base but would it have killed them to add some blast effects? Some little rubbery effects to pop onto his hands or his feet would be so great, especially since they are quickly becoming the norm.
An alternative head would have also been really nice, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see some sort of battle-damaged Disney exclusive thing happen later on… that would totally annoy me though.

Comparison shots! My favorite part of any review! Answering the question of how will the figure stack up against other figures you already own. Unfortunately I do not have the Marvel Legends Mark 46, as that wave has yet to hit Canada, frustrating stuff. So here he is with the Mark 43 and an Agent Coulson (typical ML suited body).


Of course he is big compared to the Marvel Legends, he is in a different scale altogether. I was just wondering if it would work alongside Legends on account of it being a man in a suit of hi-tech armor, but no, too big. Too bad I do not have the Hasbro version as I understand it has some nice heft to it.


On that note here is a comparison between Hasbro, Marvel Select, and SH Figuarts. Not the best picture of the MS figure, doesn’t carry across the great paint job. Its interesting to see how different they are… hrmmm.
And of course the most important comparison shot which will segue into the next figure…


He is shorter than Cap you guys!!! How was this allowed to happen?!?! I can’t get over how much this ruins the figure for me. For all the great qualities this figure possesses I just don’t understand why they would make him smaller than Cap. I guess its somewhat to scale considering Robert Downey Jr is 5’9″ and Chris Evans is 6′. Geez does this mean that Bucky is taller too?
Clearly DST is #TeamCap. Geez man.


“Take that shorty!!”

On to the second figure in this ranting review! The Super Soldier, Steve Rogers!
DST has made a couple Captain Americas, not as many as IronMan but a handful. This is definitely the best representation of the MCU version though, before this one we had the Winter Soldier outfit which had no red, so it wasn’t the Cap we know and love, and the First Avenger version… which wasn’t so hot. Cap has actually had a few costume changes in the past years, its crazy to see how far we have come from the goofy suit he had on in the first Avengers movie, which we actually liked? Man he is SO much more badass now!


“Bro do you even lift?”

Without a doubt this is my favorite look for Cap so far. Its been changed a wee bit since Age of Ultron but the minor changes were all improvements! Hopefully they don’t mess it up in future movies.


First Impression: RUGGED
Again its the paint apps that really make the figure work! Hes got these great deep blues and reds with nice dark washes giving the figure a very real life look to it. The material looks heavy and worn, it looks tough! A needed change from the spandex/polyester blend he wore fighting Loki for the first time. Nice attention to detail on the straps and seams. I am really liking the colours used here.


Aside from being nicely painted the figure is very well sculpted. Although it does not have any special texture like the Hasbro version it does have many folds and wrinkles to suggest it is fabric and padding over a strong body. Lots of  great seam details everywhere, really true to the movie design. My only issue is that he is too narrow, his hips are too wide for his upper body, but the issue is the upper body, not the hips. I’m not asking for Rob Liefeld styled chest but it can use more power. You can get away with it depending on the angle, but looking at the figure straight on it looks a bit odd.


The upper body articulation is still the usual Marvel Select design but after the Iron Man I am happy with what we get here. The ball-jointed head has a lot of range in all directions, except for side pivots, no complaints here. Ball-jointed shoulders offer everything you need them to. Elbows are still lacking, having just the one hinge with swivel, they DO however bend just over the 90 degree mark, so that is fantastic. and swivel/hinged wrists. The diaphragm joint here is way better than what IM had to offer, it doesn’t crunch forwards too much but its there. It bends back and to the sides surprisingly far, revealing more sculpted details, and of course it turns all the way around. We also get a waist swivel which is great!


“I heard a rip…”

He CANNOT do the splits! Though he has those lovely hinged DCUC styled hips that I love he cannot do the splits! Maybe its possible if you force it… but I rather not. Its not a deal breaker but its a bit disappointing after seeing Stark’s mad skills in the JCVD stunts department.


As luck would have it this figure starts to let me down when it comes to the lower body articulation. For whatever reason he can not kick forwards or back very far at all, which is a major let down for a Captain America, he loves kicking people! He does have a thigh swivel which is nice, double-jointed knees, no boot cut, nice rocker ankles. Really I’m just annoyed he can’t kick forwards, I guess its weak sidekicks or nothing… so no sitting for Cap! I guess he will need to stand on his high horse when judging you.


We get a little bit more in the accessory department here. On top of the chunk of backdrop and the Avengers ‘A’, we get an additional 2 sets of hands(total of 3), his iconic shield and those backdrop building pieces. I have a problem with the shield though…


So… look at the picture with the 2 shields ^^^
The one on the left is the new one, the one on the right is from the Marvel Legends Cap, so yea, its too small!! A shield meant for a 7″ figure should not be the same size as a shield designed for a 6″ figure. Other than the paint I think the ML shield is actually better!
Speaking of comparisons…


Coulson: “You’re taller than I expected!”

No surprise he is taller than Marvel Legends, he makes Coulson look like a weird child haha, extra fanboy action!


For the sake of an actual comparison that counts, here is a shot of Cap and Stark with the Marvel Select Avengers : Age of Ultron figures!
Iron Man’s shortiness is really hurting me right now, other than that I am happy with how Cap stacks up against Thor and the others.


And here is another shot of the team including MS Ant-Man! Can’t wait to get the upcoming Dr.Strange!

If only Marvel Select would give us more figures per year :( at this rate it will take me decades to get a Wanda, Vision, Black Panther, and an updated Hawkeye. Oh and a Quicksilver would be nice… but that will never happen.


The Base!! The base is pretty sweet so far, I can’t wait to complete it with the Bucky pieces and have a nice Avengers display going! It does not come with any instructions but its not rocket science… unless Bucky has the instructions, but either way. My only problem with the base is that it doesn’t have any way of adding pegs for the peg holes that the figures all have, would be nice to get some support in that department.
Currently I am debating if I will use it for MS figures as intended or for the slightly smaller ML scale, which in contrast will make the base look that much more impressive.


IM46boxFinal thoughts: Satisfied but could be better.

IronMan Mark 46
•Great paint apps and sculpt.
•Awesome Avengers base
•Extra hands
•Minimal/awkward articulation
•No actual accessories
•Too short for scale
Not a bad figure but due to relatively minor problems it falls short (literally) of being a great figure. All DST had to do was increase his size by the tiniest percentage and he would be a perfect Iron Man for any MCU Marvel Select collector. I can look past the articulation issues since I do not need Iron Man to do much more than a decent flying and blasting pose but I just can’t ignore how odd he looks beside his fellow Avengers due to his size. Sometimes size does matters.
Final score
Due to the size thing that I can’t get over and lack of fun accessories I will have to give this guy a 3.5/5. I am content to have him on my shelf but won’t think twice about replacing him.


Captain America
•Great paint apps and sculpt.
•Awesome Avengers base
•Decent upper body articulation
•Extra hands
•Can’t kick forwards or backwards for shit!
•Narrow upper body
•Shield is too small
I was really looking forward to this figure as Captain America is a favorite of mine and I really liked this costume design, so I’m bummed out by his lack of kicking skills, maybe more than I should be. The articulation is there if you don’t mind scuffing up the figure with every movement. Great figure if you don’t care to pose it in exciting ways and actually play with it.
Final score
I have no regrets getting this guy, I’m really glad that DST made this version of Cap to add to my collection. His lame articulation just means that he won’t be getting any fun photoshoots anytime soon, and that is a shame. That said, I give him a 4/5.

Thanks for sticking around for this long review guys! Hopefully next time I will have nothing but good things to say!
Catch ya next time!


“I love kicking!!!”


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