Civil War II – Here we go again


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if an old idea turns out to be somewhat successful, just dress it up and call it new! This seems to be the approach that the big comicbook houses have when it comes to creating new story arcs. They are pretty committed to this Recycle, Reuse and Reduce mentality. At least Captain Planet would be happy! Well, actually I’m pretty happy about it this time around. Here’s a quick first impression on Marvel’s Civil War II, because the only way to top a big superhero war is to do it all over again. spoiler-free

Flashback to 2006 when Marvel hit us with its first big Civil War, a story arc that reached across the entire Marvel Universe after which nothing was ever the same again, as is usually the case with these things. It was a pretty good story. A group of young, foolish heroes start a $#@! storm that leads to the Registration act, and not everyone is a fan. A bit more complex than that, but you get the idea. Nothing like the Civil War movie which although good fun, had very little in common with the book, except for the fact that it involves signing documents.

While the first Civil War had Iron Man and Captain America at the center of it this time we have Stark facing off against a different blonde Captain, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

Tony Stark vs a Captain in a war that divides the Marvel Universe is where the similarities between CW and CWII end. Instead of a fight for Freedom, Justice and all that good stuff, we are now caught up in a fight for something a bit more abstract, the Future.

Enter Ulysses Cain, a young Inhuman (apparently Marvel loves Inhumans now) with the ability to see the future, but not in an overly useful way, he has random visions blasting into his head… visions that bring forward the question if it is better to Protect the Future or to Change the Future. Yet another example of Power v Responsibility haha.

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So on one hand we have Tony Stark, genius futurist – he doesn’t trust the kid’s visions, and denounces the logic of stopping crimes before they occur. Argues that it can do more harm than good and that they need to better understand these visions first.
Carol disagrees – thanks to Ulysses’ vision the good guys win a huge battle against a Celestial, saving untold lives. Leading her to conclude that this power can really change the world, makes sense right?

Well, in true comicbook fashion things go to hell. Leading Stark to really lose it after a mission goes horribly wrong.
Now its personal. Very very personal. Can’t tell you how personal without spoiling things ;)


Thus far I am really digging this story, especially considering how much the landscape of the MU has changed since the last CW story arc. What I am really not a fan of is the fact that they went on to name it CivilWar II, I feel like they shot themselves in the foot with that decision. I could be wrong but I feel that the title will do more harm than good as readers will see it as a repeat of the previous story aka not new.

choosesidesOverall I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out, especially since I am not entirely sure on who’s side I am on!
This time around its so far from black and white that its hard to tell what its leading up to. The trick is not to get to hung up on any changes or DEATHS that we may encounter along the way, because if comics have taught us anything its that nothing is permanent.

And as I mentioned before, its a whole new playing ground, whole new players. The X-Men have sort of been replaced by the Inhumans, and unlike the Muties these guys are much more active in the battle. Thor is a woman, we have more than one Spidey, a new Ms.Marvel, its a different dynamic! Hopefully they will use this new dynamic to explore new possibilities. Before this the last Marvel stuff I dipped into was the Secret Wars arc, which was OK, heres hoping they play their cards right and really WOW us.
Lets face it, outside of the movies there isn’t much to really get excited about in the Marvel world.


“Dammnit Tony just be cool!”

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