Clone in a Red Cape


For the most part I prefer villains to their hero counterparts, mainly due to the fact that the villains have more exciting and complex stories. Sure their motives are pretty predictable but their background stories are usually pretty crazy. Case in point; the mutant clone from the future known as Stryfe.

This review is about the new Marvel Legends Stryfe figure, Stryfe, the shiny-armored mutant clone from the future. With that introduction I think its only fair to spend a bit of time getting to know this cool chromey character.

Stryfe created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld, and first appears in The New Mutants #87 (March 1990) its a wonder he doesn’t have any pouches am I right?! hurr hurr… fortunately this was one design that didn’t suffer from his particular design choices of pouches, straps and scars, only to be improved when when Jim Lee took him on. oh those were the days. nothing will ever compete w the 90s X-Men! nothing!


Its funny looking at Liefeld’s work now and noticing the unique properties in almost all his panels. But in all honesty I was a huge fan growing up so there will be no hating here, I mean he did make some great contributions to the comicbook world. Aside from his particular style rob did come up with some cool characters. like Deadpool and Cable. Cable being the son of Cyclops and Jean that was sent into the future.. yea crazy.. well Stryfe is his clone.


Unlike Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly (totally clones) they can’t seem to get past their differences and become  bestest friends,or acquaintances for that matter.


Speaking of clones, comics sure love their clones… Moving on!


Stryfe’s story is a rather complicated tale of betrayal and tragedy, and so I am just going to copy n’ paste the Wikipedia entry below. Feel free to skip it, I won’t take it personally ;) – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A woman introducing herself as Askani appears to Cyclops and Jean Grey from the distant future after their infant son, Nathan Summers, is infected with a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse and tells them that she can save the child. Nathan then arrives in the future and Askani clones the baby, hoping to salvage something if he dies. Askani succeeds in halting the spread of the techno-organic virus in Nathan’s body, thereby saving his life. However, Apocalypse and his forces attack the Askani’s hiding place and steal the cloned infant. Apocalypse takes the child as his own, raising him himself and naming him “Stryfe”, intending to use him as his next host body. As Apocalypse is about to transfer his essence into Stryfe, he discovers that Stryfe is in fact a clone, thus unfit to house his essence. A teenage Nathan and the time-traveling Cyclops and Jean confront Apocalypse, leaving him unable to transfer into any host body, thus causing his essence to discorporate. Apocalypse’s second in command raises Stryfe afterwards.

Stryfe grows up to be an insane madman, wanting vengeance on both what he thought were his real parents (Cyclops and Jean) and his spiritual parent Apocalypse. He becomes an anarchist and terrorist rebel in the Nor-Am Pact region c. 3783-3806. in his alternate future. He raises an army and became a fierce opponent of both Cable (Nathan Summers) and his Clan Chosen, and the New Canaanites, a despotic regime that replaced Apocalypse’s. During these wars he kills Jenskot (Cable’s wife) as well as kidnapping and brainwashing their son Tyler Dayspring.

Stryfe was a clone of the mutant Cable and, as a result, possessed Cable’s natural mutant abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. However, these abilities are far more powerful than the ones Cable has generally displayed in the main continuity, sufficient to block the use of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s superhuman powers. This is because Stryfe was never infected with Apocalypse’s techno-organic virus like Cable was. Therefore, he does not have to constantly expend his abilities to keep the virus from consuming his body, which apparently was a huge drain on Cable’s capabilities. He also possessed other abilities through genetic manipulation similar to those that Cable achieved through cybernetic augmentation, including superhuman strength and durability. – – – – – – – – – –

Needless to say Cable and Stryfe are not best buds, really our reflective pal here does not seem to have too many friends, ah the life of a crazy villain. That should be enough of a history lesson, lets move on to the figure!


On the left we have the spiffy new Stryfe figure Hasbro released this Summer of 2014, packaged as X-Men legends; somewhat coinciding with X-Men DOFP. For whatever marketing reason the BAF is Jubilee, which apparently everyone now needs. To the right of said figure we have the figure released by Toybiz in 1992, he really has not changed much, personally I prefer the crazy mallet to the tiny sword.


First impressions on this figure, seeing him online and then in store was YES, I NEEDZ, needless to say I scooped him up asap and was very happy with myself. Can’t have enough villains in your collection and this guy is a great addition to any shelf, especially if you are/were a fan of the 90s X-Men!


Accessory wise we do not get much, he comes with this lame golden sword, maybe some paint would make it something worth keeping but it just doesn’t suit the character in my opinion. He also comes with the severed head of Ms.Jubilee and her power blasts that unfortunately look nothing like fireworks.


Here is Stryfe from different angles, you can see he is no powderpuff, definitely one of the bigger figures we have seen in a while, it would have made more sense to have him as the BAF but I guess Hasbro didn’t feel he would be as sought after? Who knows. Paint wise he is very clean, 2 different shades of silver/grey are used in the body, aside from the face, crotch piece and gauntlets every piece is its own colour, little bit of marbling in the darker colour.
Most exciting thing here is that cape! Look at it! Such nice sculpting and size!


No complaints on the articulation! If not for the huge cape he would be ready for all kinds of poses!
Hinge/Ball-jointed head, ball-joint shoulders, bicep swivel, double-jointed elbows and hinge/swivel wrists. Solid Ab-crunch, waist swivel, T/Ball-joint hips, thigh swivel, double-jointed knees and hinge/swivel ankles! Unfortunately the cape is a real pain in the butt when it comes to standing him upright and even moreso doing anything else as its pretty hard plastic.


I think they added too much starch!

Another example of a figure being screwed over by an oversized/heavy cape is the Mattel’s Batman from the Arkham Origins game, you know its bad when they can basically stand on their capes, or for that matter can’t stand because of said cape.


Sculpt wise I would say he is entirely new, if he does borrow pieces from past figures it would probably be the Sentry sculpt from the Hit-Monkey series. Many of the added bits are “removable”, such as the gauntlets and crotch piece. The cape/chest armor looks like a completely different piece but it would take some effort to pry it off, by doing so you will probably be ruining the figure too. Looking back at pics now I really should have made sure the crotch protector was straightened before taking pictures heh…
I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Cable figure down the line taking some bits from here.


Blue Ranger: “Quick! Summon the Megazord!”

He is a pretty big fellow, I would say he is TOO big actually, but maybe I have been spending too much time with Japanese figures. He stands at about 7″ tall, making him almost MarvelSelect scale. I’m not too heartbroken over it though because the size just makes him that much more menacing and that works for me.


“Hulk can see Hulk in shiny man’s head!”

He is at least smaller than the Hulk, so there is that. Do keep in mind though that the movie Hulk from the Avengers line is probably the smallest Hulk around.


“That manicure did wonders on my ghastly cuticles! Thank you Zola!”

One of my favorite elements of the character is his left clawing hand! Nothing says evil madman like a clawing hand! In some ocassions all you need is a claw hand really!



“Hello brother, would you like to know what I have done to your drum set?”

But is this figure FUN? I mean really thats what it comes down to right?! Yes, totally fun, sure he can’t pose with the best of them, but hes a great character! Look at him! So evil and maniacal looking! Really wish I had a proper Cable figure… so I don’t have to use this lil Eaglemoss figurine heh.


Stryfe definitely fills a hole in my collection that I didn’t even know I had! Can’t maximize the Deadpool and Cable shenanigans without having the evil clone in armor around! Would be great if we had gotten him ages ago, but whateverz, now I am just waiting for a new Cable! ^_^


End of the day I am very pleased with this guy, only issues are size and cape, and really thats just me being extra picky for the sake of finding something to be critical about. With that said I give him a very mean 3/5 weird looking Stryfe guys! I guess its a bit harsh, but make your own decision!


Catch you guys next time! For now we go back to the lab for some evil madness!



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