Cosplayer Spotlight 05 : Chris


We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking… But seriously folks; does the mask make the man or does it simply awaken what was already there? Well I don’t wear masks too often so I don’t have any answers, for the answer I turn to the cool cosplayer that goes by Corrupt Cosplay. Perhaps he will enlighten me on life behind the mask, or maybe we’ll just have a nice nerdy chat about dressing up!

There are cosplayers that focus on just one character, really becoming the character, there are some that focus on a few favorites, and then there are the ones that just go all over the place to maximize the funz! That seems to be the case here, the best part of course is how well he manages to execute these random choices! But there is no time to be shy, lets go say hi!

H: I don’t think we have ever officially met, so lets start with an introduction, who are you?
C: Well my name is Christopher Guidotti. I go by Corrupt Cosplay for my Facebook name and Instagram. I’m just an ordinary guy. Haha Got into cosplaying about 5 years ago. Just kind of did it by myself. Now I have made friends with hundreds of people.

H: Going through your FB and IG its easy to see that you have a good mix of characters under your belt, probably more than you have posted pictures of. What are all the charactes you have tackled?
C: Hmmm tough question ummm Well for Halloween one year I did MagnaAngemon from Digimon Haha!
For cosplay though, Link from Zelda was probably the first. Then Red Link, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, Illidan from World of WarCraft (when I look back at it now and I’m like how the hell did I wear this, it is so bad LOL)  Pit from Kid Icarus, Men in Black, Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat, Green Lantern, Giovanni from Pokémon, Wade Wilson, Spawn, a real bad version of Deadpool… Twoface, my newer Deadpool, Vegeta from DBZ, Pirate, 300 Spartan, Krieg from Borderlands, and Flynn Rider from Tangled? I think that’s all of them? Lots more in the works though.


H: I would be lying if I said I even knew all of those! What do you base your cosplaying choices on?
C: That’s a funny question. I rarely pick my own cosplays I usually have people telling me. “Oh you should to this, you should do that.” And I’m like “Let me Google this” and if I think I can pull it off I’m like “OK” LOL pretty simple.

H: Haha that’s definitely one way to do it!
How was your first cosplay experience? Did you ever think it was something you’d get into so much?
C: Anime North and still my favorite con. I had no clue this kind of thing existed. Then people taking picture coming up to you. It’s just an overwhelming and amazing feeling on how this culture comes together.

H: Any character you really like but for whatever reason would not care to cosplay?
C: Umm… Batman? Too many good ones out there. IronMan? If I don’t think I could pull it off  or make it better then someone I know then I usually write it off the list.


Photo credit: Geek Chic Elite

H: Hehe that’s totally understandable. Of all the different characters you have done, who is the favorite thus far?
C: Favorite is probably Green Lantern. It’s such a comfortable costume.

H: Comfort is definitely key! Who is the most fun?
C: Haha Definitely Deadpool. You can just blame everything on the fact you are Deadpool and just laugh… then run away LOL

H: You do a pretty mean Deadpool! Definitely one of the better ones i have seen!
DP is a pretty popular character for cosplayers, what do you think makes/breaks a good Deadpool?
C: Well thank you haha. I do often get that compliment on the fact that people think mine is the best they have seen. I do take pride in the way it looks. The thing that sells it the most though is the mask. It fits perfect with my suit. I had it commissioned from Todd Cook Designs, and its definitely the best part of the costume. Spray on abs don’t hurt at all either LOL.

H: Have any stories to share about your cosplaying adventures?
C: The one story that started it all. LOL Anime North I think was the biggest change of my life 3 years ago. I’ve been before but this one I met my best friend Aaron Beam aka Enigma Cosplay (awww, we will need to harass him soon too!)

In the afternoon last day of the Con I see this guy in all black with a balaclava on and snake bite piercings. Barely recognizing that I’ve seen him around in the same town I live in, we just clicked after that. I didn’t know that there were other cons like FanExpo and ComicCon at the time (I was clueless) and he introduced me to a lot more. Through this friendship him and I have built a huge community of friends in the world that is cosplay. Well over 100 and so many I would do anything for. It’s really changed my life though, this is what I look forward to all the time and I’m happy I’m a part of it.

Also it’s pretty awesome to be apart of a video that hit over a 1 million views on Youtube. Running around down town with Sean Ward is always a blast :P
… Oh and that time I kissed Giancarlo Esposito on his cheek. That was amazing! Muhahaha


Photo credit: JPML Photographie

H: Haha awesome, awesome, but on the other side of the coin… any bad experiences?
C: Very little. Sometimes drama comes up but people that know me know that I don’t tolerate it so much because I’m genuinely a very positive person. All in all it’s been a pretty good ride though.

H: Happy to hear! I’d say staying positive is very important in this crazy cosplay world!
Seeing as you go from spandex to topless I think its fair to say that fitness also comes into play here. Would you say the cosplaying pushes you to hit the gym more or vice versa?
C: Haha I would like to say that. Haha but I find myself slacking quite a bit… maybe a lot haha. I usually go in sessions. Working out a lot then coming off of it then going again and then going off. But also at times I’m just really lazy! LOL

H: Well no one can blame you there! Working out is hard work hah.
Have the characters you cosplayed as taught you anything about yourself?

C: Deadpool has definitely taught me I’m a bigger goof ball when I have a mask on. Haha I think all the Deadpools can attest to that. haha

H: Haha one day I would like to see a someone cosplay a serious Deadpool… if that is at all possible.
Alrighty lets move on to the lightning round! Quick one word questions/answer that really dig deep into the core of a person!

Red or Black?

Coke or Pepsi?

2 or 4?

Favorite Ninja Turtle?

Heads or Tails?

To be or Not to be?
To be

Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?

Zippers or Buttons?

What colour are your socks?

Hrmmm hrmm, good good, thank you for answering but I am afraid all your responses suggest you are insane. The men in white will be at your door any minute now! ;) Thanks for playing! 

I am sure that by now you have liked Corrupt Cosplay on Facebook as well as on Instagram! If you have not you are missing out on some seriously great cosplaying action! Which I am sure is NOT something you would willingly do. Right?!
Anywho thanks for coming out and spending some time getting to know Chris here, do give us a ring if you wanted to take part in the fun or just ask how we are doing! Til next time!

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