Cosplayer Spotlight 06 : Adam


Cosplaying is so much more than nerds throwing on spandex and foam in order to become their favorite hero or villain, sometimes its a means of becoming more of who you were all along. Sometimes it takes a suit of armor and a crapload of guns to unleash the nerd within.

Don’t let the machine guns fool you, under the dark crunchy exterior of every badass cosplayer is a somewhat less crunchy badass nerd. The cool cat we are meeting today goes by Toronto WarMachine, lets go say hello.

N1: Hello my good Dude, lets pretend for a minute that we don’t know each other, and for the sake of our 5 readers that are just meeting you, please introduce yourself.
A: Hey, Im Adam. I’m more nerdy than what most others might think, probably because I hid the fact I was a nerd in high school. Except in art class, I loved to create, I’ve always had a passion to make and build things and my nerdiness came out in my creations… Seeing how people were at Cons made me let out my inner nerd like I really wanted to years ago seeing that I wasn’t alone in my love for comics and action figures and such.

N1: Such a beautiful story Adam! It’s like finding your true home planet after floating around the Universe… or something. So over all these years what characters have you dressed up as?
A: Halloween has always been my favorite holiday so I’ve always made my own costumes I think my first one was Darth Vader or Bane from Batman, I cant remember but what I do remember is every year the costumes got better and more complicated. I never wanted to buy a cheap looking Halloween costume from some Halloween store cause I was never happy with what you got for an over priced amount, it just looked cheap if its gonna look cheap i might as well do it myself… So i did. And I guess thats how I found the world of cosplay.
Some of the characters I’ve done are Jack Skellington, Jack Sparrow, Bumble Bee (Tranformers), Freddy Krueger, War Machine, The Punisher, Deadpool, Walking Dead zombies just to list a few recent ones anyway.


N1: What would you say is your favourite creation thus far? Any reasons why?
A: My favourite so far from that list are definitely The Punisher, War Machine and Jack sparrow. Umm can’t tell you why they’re my favorite really except for Jack Sparrow! He’s super fun to do cause he’s a drunk pirate and who doesn’t love that?!?! and War Machine and Punisher are just sooo badass to me I love suiting up in those.

N1: Most challenging to date?
A: Most challenging to date is definitely War Machine. That suit took me almost 3 months to build from paper templates to foam and sheet aluminum metal then the paint and lighting, it’s constantly under repair hahahaha.


Photo credit: Santiago Ortega

N1: So I know you do a mean Punisher and War Machine… guns everywhere!  Haha what draws you to these characters? 
A: I guess what draws me to the War Machine and Punisher characters is the fight for whats right attitude that they both have. mind you Punisher is way more violent and vengeful but his reasoning for justice was to avenge the murder of his family. And War Machine is just that all around justice fight for what is good type attitude although they both have their differences in how they battle evil I love them either way.

adam punisher

N1: Oh man such a good WM and Punisher! Any exciting future plans? Or is it top secret? 
A: My future plans are to continue with the business I started with the War machine character and finish my up and coming Iron Patriot costume.
N1: Very awesome, we’ll be looking forward to it! If you had unlimited $$$ and time to your disposal what cosplay project would you love to undertake? 
A: If I had the money and time?? Hhmmm I’d probably wanna build a 12 foot tall fully functional, fully electronic BumbleBee Transformer that looked movie real!


N1: That would be nuts! I guess some money would go to find somewhere to put such a crazy thing!
So any advice for nerds out there wanting to suit up but maybe too scared?
A: My advice for anyone wanting to try building or cosplaying… Never be scared to test your limits and try something new, start with a small project and work your way up to something more that will test your skills. Anyone can do this as long as you see the finished idea in your head you can bring it to life with enough passion and drive.


N1: So I understand you are a man of many talents, one of which being the ability to rock! You have a band yes?
A: Yep, it’s a parody band called Velvet Thunder!
We’re planning on doing way more parodies in the future, all different genres.

N1: Damn thats’ so cray! And that hair! LOL I really hope you plan on doing something with other nerds in costumes someday! Maybe assemble a Thunderbolts team?! Give me a few years to workout and I can be Red Hulk!
Well, that’s all the time we have! Short and sweet since I know you have better things to do, I shall leave you to them!

But not before the speed round! The most important part of any interview!

Coke or Pepsi?

Marvel or DC?
Marvel obviously

StarWars or StarTrek?
Star Wars!!!

Favourite animal?
Can I say dinosaurs?? If not I love leopard gekos.

Colour of your socks?
Ummm black and red Deadpool socks

Lasers or proximity mines?

Best superhero movie?
That’s a hard one… can I say Ninja turtles? If not I guess Avengers cause theres like 5 heroes in one movie!

Favourite band?
Favourite band…. hmmm right now I’d say Volbeat or Slipknot

All excellent answers! Not sure how I feel about the Ninja Turtles answer… but mentioning Slipknot more than makes up for it. Thanks plenty for taking the time out of your busy gun shooting to answer our totally awesome and invasive questions! Be seeing you around!

adam deadpool

So just a friendly reminder that you need to follow Adam AKA Toronto WarMachine on Facebook as well as on Instagram immediately! Wait he also does a Deadpool? He didn’t even mention that LOL what a guy.
Be sure to keep an eye out for Adam at future conventions, not that you know his life’s story you are all practically his BFFs! Tell him the nerds say hi! ;) Peace out!

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