Costumes and Props: 3 Shops for Your Cosplay Needs

Attention cosplayers, convention-goers, dress-up enthusiasts and wannabe super heroes (and villains).  Searching for a good costume or prop for your next gig? Are you new to cosplay or costuming and need some suggestions for where to purchase costumes and supplies for creating your ideal persona? I’ve reviewed a few online vendors where you can purchase cosplay supplies and outlined my  experience, to give you a sense of what’s out there if you’re interested in pursuing your own.  I’m looking at three main vendors I’ve used and had positive experiences with: Cosplaysky, Anovos and independent vendors on Etsy.



Cosplaysky is an online retailer in China that mass produces an almost infinite collection of costumes and props for a variety of genres, including fantasy, gaming, comics, anime, science-fiction and super heroes.  If you’re looking for an affordable prop or costume for a party or convention and you’re into any genre, you can check Cosplaysky first and the chances are they make it. I highly recommend you check out their extensive catalogue if you’re new to cosplay or costuming, because it’s really a one-stop shop. Typically, if you’re purchasing a costume, you can pick a size based on their measurement guide (S, M, L etc).  However, you can opt to give them custom measurements on some outfits and have the garment custom-made to your own specifications. I have done this with some of the uniforms I have purchased from them. For the most part, I have been pleased with the items they have made. Often I’ve had the items tailored after the fact just because they came back slightly too-large for me.  Overall, however, the uniforms I’ve ordered I’ve been satisfied with.

Pros of Cosplaysky:
Variety of items (almost every genre represented)
Quick service and delivery
Option to have custom-made garments

Cons of Cosplaysky:
Not the highest of quality
May require post-purchase tailoring


Star Trek The Original Series Dress Uniform-Cosplaysky




Anovos produces high-quality, screen-accurate prop and uniform replicas for  Star Wars, Battlestar Gallactica and Star Trek super-nerds.  Their uniforms and props are some of the best you’ll find out there.  However, they come with a hefty price-tag. If you’re seriously into cosplay and an avid convention-attendee, check out Anovos for their stunning BSG, Star Wars and Star Trek gear.  Some of their products are released in limited quantity and some uniforms are custom-made, meaning that you may wait a couple months for your perfect ensemble.  Most fans agree, however, that the wait is worth it.  I’ve ordered one Star Trek uniform, a Next Generation female teal jumpsuit. It’s made of spandex and fits as it should on-screen. I’m thrilled with this uniform and have waited a long time for Anovos to finally re-release this so I could have it made for me! I also have Next Generation pips and a commbadge to match the uniform, and there’s really nothing of a better quality I could find out there. Again, if you’re a die-hard, check out Anovos.

Pros of Anovos:
One of the best vendors you can find
Great customer service
Some items can be custom-made

Cons of Anovos:
High price
Limited release on some items
Long wait-time for some items



Anovos TNG Science Female jumpsuit



Qmx Commbadge and Ranks Pips from Anovos



Did you know that Etsy isn’t just for arts and crafts enthusiasts and old grannies? If you’re running into problems creating that unique prop or costume piece, check out Etsy. There are all kinds of nerds on Etsy!  Chances are, there’s an independent vendor on Etsy who can make the piece you need to complete your ensemble.  I had my Star Trek Mirror Mirror uniform made by an independent vendor on Etsy, and I adore it. The replica dagger for my Mirror Mirror uniform came from another vendor on Etsy. Other costumes and props I’ve found from various shops on Etsy.If you search, you may find what you need.

Pros of Etsy:
Unique pieces
Antique items
Lots of nerds on Etsy!
Custom-made items

May have to search specifically
Check the vendor out to ensure safety and reliability
Price can vary

Here are the links for the shops I’ve used for the Mirror Mirror uniform and the replica dagger:

Uniform: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/MirrorUniverse

Dagger: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Katarra8



Star Trek “Mirror Universe” Uniform- Etsy


Star Trek “Mirror Universe” replica dagger- Etsy shop


There are a multitude of online vendors to suit all of your dress-up needs.  Whatever you require, chances are you can find it somewhere. I’ve only highlighted a few to get you started that I’ve had positive experiences with.  Good luck with your cosplay and I hope you’ll let us know how it all works out. LLAP, fellow nerds!

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