DC Movies: Good at being Bad?


A team made up of bad guys and crazies under the control of the Government? Yea thats something I would watch. Why not? Oh wait its part of the DC Universe? Yea I’ll still watch it, but with lowered expectations. Not eager to let DC hurt me again, but hey, maybe  its actually good?

The fact that there even is a Suicide Squad movie boggles my mind. Did the fans actually ask for this? Though I prefer the MCU to what DC has been putting out lately I don’t doubt that DC has the better characters. That said, with such a vast selection of stories to choose from, why go this route? Man of Steel and BvS got a lot of slack for their portrayal of our beloved heroes; too dark, Supes and Bats were hardly the heroes we wanted them to be. So I guess it makes sense to do a story where everyone is a villain to begin with. Nowhere to go but up!


Its not that crazy an idea, its like working backwards, make the bad guys likable and you will be on the right track to being numbah one again! Really what is Batman without his pals over at Arkham? Not to mention the fact that it gives you a chance at leading up to other heroes through their villains. Its a Win-Win when you think about it! As long as they can actually pull it off of course.

The movie is just over 2hrs and takes little time to get started. It quickly establishes its place in the DC Extended Universe, taking place right after the events of BvS.
Mean Government lady Amanada Waller is assembling a team of metahumans, assasins, thieves, whoever she seems useful in preparing for the day another Superman comes around and decides to turn on the people. A Superman contingency plan.

We are then quickly introduced to the crew via Waller’s Top Secret files. Through a fun series of montages we are given the basics on most of the task force members. Just enough to provide us with names, power sets, a taste of their attitudes. All with nice funky graphics similar to what was heavily used in the marketing. Good times for sure. Some nice shiny cameos too! I went into this not expecting much but was already singing a different tune this far in.

So this is our team! I wish I could say I knew who they all were before this movie but thats a lie. Oh the Joker isn’t actually IN the team, no need to worry about that, it wouldn’t have made any sense. So that’s good.

But yes the team, overall they were all awesome!
Boomerang – Loved him. Added much needed humor. Really want to see more of him and other Rogues!
Deadshot – Was worried that Will Smith was going to Will Smith everything up, fortunately not the case. He had his moments yea but for the most part was very likable in this role.
Diablo – Loved him.
Enchantress – Nice and creepy, not my favorite but OK.
Harley Quinn – The film’s poster child! She was very central to the whole show but not to the point of overkill. Margot Robbie created a nice blend of previous HQ incarnations with a little bit of new crazy.
Joker – Ah the Joker, the most controversial casting and design choice of the year! Without getting into it too much – I didn’t hate him. Of course its hard to accept a new Joker into our hearts, especially one so radically different, but it works. Hes a new Joker for a new world. There are many different kinds of crazy to be used when building a Joker, this one touches on a variety of them. There’s a future here for sure.
Katana – Very cool. Would have loved to see more.
Killer Croc – Love the character, not so much the execution. Well, only complaint was his size. I feel like he had an average build and an enormous head. Add another 2ft and maybe 80lbs and we are talking!
Rick Flag – The only dude doing time on the team without having done the crime. I can take him or leave him. He does his job.
Slipknot – An untapped potential. Would have liked more.


Anywho… the team is assembled and are shot out on their first mission. A mission too big for this group if you ask me, more of a Justice League level threat but they managed eventually. Is that a spoiler? No, not really. Although the members are a bit unconventional the results are no different than your typical underdogs team movie. New friends are made, perspectives change, and they all live happily ever after. In this sense its really not all that different than Marvel’s GOTG or the first Avengers movie for that matter. There’s a reason the formula works, and fortunately DC didn’t tamper too much with it.

So was it good? Yea for the most part. Not perfect.clkx3ypukaah6m9
First problem to stick out for me was the pacing, the movie flies by at breakneck speed, and not in a good way. It feels rushed. Yes there is lots of material to get to but maybe they could have done away with a few things for the sake of better overall product. Maybe rethinking the many one-liners tossed in for a larf? I like to think that a Special Edition DVD with deleted scenes will be released later and rectify this problem… but either way its not the worst problems to have.

Other than the bajillion trailers, leaked videos and fancy posters you probably saw a lot of the movie footage via music videos. Remember music videos? Apparently they are still a thing. Unlike previous DCEU flicks this one relies heavily on big names to create its audio landscape. And by big names I mean big names in current musics… which I know very little about but still enjoyed. The problem however is that it felt like it was relying too much on these commercially accepted beats, forcing them into any scene where they somewhat fit, not overly gracious or natural.

The last bone I have to pick with the movie here stems from its star attraction, Harley Quinn, or rather her relationship with the Joker. He’s not that bad, not as bad as we all expected, but hes also not around as much as the trailers may have led us to believe. He’s… acceptable, so thats good.
What I did not care for was the Joker ♥ Harley story arc, which serves more as a sub-plot than anything else. What Harley has with the Joker is not something couples should strive for, its not something to be tagged #relationshipgoals by young girls. Joker is a manipulative psychopath that has warped Dr.Quinzel into the Stockholm Syndrome suffering lunatic we all know and love. Its a complex relationship that wasn’t told the right way, but again maybe thats just something that will be dug into later. Aside from the sugarcoated abuse I didn’t mind having the Joker around, although serving primarily as a cash grab.


Like I said, its not a perfect film, if such a thing exists. The issues I have with it aren’t major enough to ruin it for me. I will happily rewatch it and even spend a few dabloons on a nice Special Edition Blu-Ray! End of the day whats really killing the movie is the reviews, which is funny since the majority of people I have spoken to have liked the movie. Everyone has been pleasantly surprised!
So why is it bombing in the online reviews? One theory is that its all due to the ever-growing army of Marvel Fanboys bent on watching the DCEU burn to the ground. Another being that DC has dug themselves a hole that will take a bit of time to get out of. This is definitely a step in the right direction though, maybe it will even convert a few Marvelites.


If you can get past the rushed storytelling, the overuse of  music with lyrics that tell you how to feel about the scene, the unoriginal nature of the plot, and the new Joker… yea its actually lots of fun.

Fun! Yes there’s that word that was missing from the previous DCEU flicks! I’m not saying its a goofy chucklefest but its definitely a good time. There is just enough humor in the mix to keep things from getting too dark, and now that I think about it, its surprisingly NOT dark and gritty for a story about a bunch of criminals. Its actually surprisingly lighthearted for a tale full of tragedy and bad decisions. Yes they are the bad guys but once the masks are pulled back they are also very human, you begin to understand them, you begin to cheer for them.
In many ways this movie succeeds where BvS (sorry for bringing it up so much) failed, this is a good sign for what the future of the DCEU holds.

Like any decent team assembling movie it leaves you wanting more from each character, it creates interest and leaves questions unanswered, this is a good thing. Whether we will see a Suicide  Squad sequel remains to be seen, but we now have an assortment of players that can be plugged into future movies in the same universe, or be added in as a sub-plot here and there. Building and expanding the DCEU via the villains is an awesome idea that has crazy potential. Heres hoping they don’t drop the ball.

walkingTo conclude… I liked it.
Maybe it helped that I went in with low expectations, maybe it helped that I’m a fan of movies where they need to assemble a team of riff raff and rise to the challenge, whatever the case, I enjoyed the movie enough to watch it more than once!
I can look past its flaws and give it a nice 4/5. I am confident it will only lead to bigger and better things for the DCEU!


TOY talk!

Yea I’m not done yet. This movie is of course generating a good amount of merch and great toys! Its only right that I take a moment to look over the offerings with you! Hopefully you enjoy the movie as much as I did and would actually want to add some SuicideSquad plastic to your shelves! If you do, well, you are in luck! There are plenty different lines to choose from!

No surprise that Funko is joining the party with their line of big headed vinyls! Tons of store-specific exclusives too to hunt down!


Coming to us in the DC Comics Multiverse line Mattel is making Suicide Squad goodness in different scales, the 6″ ones being the only ones I am actually interested in. They look alright, some are better than others, but you will need to get them all to build the snazzy CnC Killer Croc! The only drawback is the many Joker and Harley variants. Guess its better than 6 different Batmans?


DCCdcsuicideDC Collectibles
Formerly known as DC Direct, DCC is set to produce some really good looking 7″ movie figures. The images released so far really make me question the articulation, I guess we will need to wait and see though. El Diablo looks really sharp here!

The movie has gotten plenty of attention from toymakers outside of North America, and fans couldn’t be happier! Yes they cost more but the attention to detail is really something else.

figuartsssssSH Figuarts
Not one to be outdone Bandai is also joining the party! The best looking Harley in my opinion, but its still unknown how far they will go into the rest of the cast. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Personally I am leaning towards Mattel this time around. Not the greatest figures but good enough for the price, also the chance to gather the whole team in a consistent scale is gold!

Alright I’m out for real now. Go watch the movie. Or if you have already seen it, drop a comment below! Laters!


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