E3 2017: Who Won?

Isn’t the summer just great? Patio weather, new seasons of Orange is the New Black, blockbuster franchises at the movie theatres, Comic Con, and of course there’s E3: The Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3 is an annual event where all the big video game companies come out to show the world why we should buy their products. While there was nothing earth-shattering this year, there were still a few great surprises and unfortunately, some disappointments. So who won E3 2017? Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo?

E3 Highlights

PS4 Exclusive: Spiderman

The Batman Arkham games have shown us that it’s possible to have great superhero video games. However, outside of Batman, we really haven’t had any exceptional superhero games but it looks like 2018’s Spiderman game which is exclusive to PS4 might change all that. Predictably, there’s a lot of over-the-top action cut-scenes but the gameplay looks like you get to do a lot of cool Spiderman stuff and really, that’s the point of superhero games, to feel like you ARE the superhero.

A Way Out

Multiplayer and co-op games are almost standard for all video games now. It “encourages” players to pay for annual memberships in order to play online. However, I personally enjoy co-op narrative games like Resident Evil 6 or Dead Space 3 and EA’s A Way Out looks like a lot of fun. You partner up with a buddy online or in person and the two of you have to break out of prison. What makes this experience unique is the fact that the game is apparently always in split-screen, so you not only see what you’re doing, but you always get to see things from your partner’s perspective. This is a huge sign that seeing and understanding what your partner does is an integral part of gameplay.


Who doesn’t like a comeback story? I honestly thought Nintendo was finished after the Wii U but the Switch and the upcoming games have demonstrated that Nintendo is still a big player in the home console market. Nintendo came out with some heavy hitters this year at E3. First and foremost they announced that Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Switch and I could not be happier. The Metroid franchise is an absolute powerhouse for Nintendo and a fantastic first-person space shooter.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was another delightful surprise from Nintendo. Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbid games have always been incredibly quirky, clever, and fun and combining the Rabbids with Mario for an RPG is a brilliant idea.

Finally, we got a detailed trailer and release date for Mario Odyssey  which comes out October 17, 2017. We all knew that Nintendo would show us a new trailer for Mario’s next solo game, but again, it was nice surprise to not only get a concrete release date, it’s pretty shocking that it’s coming out so soon!

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange came out in 2015 and it’s a great game where the gameplay is all about making choices and solving puzzles. The game is all about the story, the characters, and their relationships. Unfortunately, it’s similar to Telltale Games where the “choices” you make don’t have a huge impact on the main story. Despite this flaw, Life is Strange is still a triumph over Telltales’ most recent games because they got players emotionally invested in the story and the characters. But more importantly, the few decisions that actually do matter in the game, were very difficult to make. Good luck with the final choice at the very end!

While we always knew that there’d be another Life is Strange video game, it was nice to have a teaser trailer and release date for the first episode which is August 31, 2017.

E3 Disappointments

Xbox One X: $600?!

I just listened to an IGN podcast where someone who used to work for Xbox retold the story of E3 where Sony unveiled to world their newest console, the PS3 with the hefty price tag of $600. The biggest thing he remembered from this E3 was the fact that when he actually heard this price, he thought to himself, “Okay…we actually have a good chance.” And he was right, because of Sony’s ridiculous price tag, the Xbox 360 finally gained a huge share of the console market. So I can’t understand why Microsoft would price their new 4K console at such an unreasonable price when they already saw what this price did to Sony. Xbox One already had a rough start with their lack of good exclusive games and this price tag isn’t going to attract anyone, even if it is the most powerful console on the market.

No Last of Us 2 or Resident Evil 2 Remake

While we got some fun surprises this year, I was really hoping for another teaser for The Last of Us 2 and I really wanted an update on the Resident Evil 2 Remake…if it’s even still happening. I know that Naughty Dog wanted the world to focus on their new Uncharted game but let’s be serious, only a handful of people actually care about that Uncharted game, but everyone wants The Last of Us 2. Couldn’t they figure out a way to promote both titles?

Finally, Resident Evil 2: Remake was announced what feels like a life time ago and I can’t help but wonder if this game is even going to happen anymore. Without a teaser or even an update like Metroid Prime 4’s teaser, I can only assume that Capcom is focusing on Resident Evil 7 DLCs, Resident Evil 8, and leaving behind a huge moneymaker like a Resident Evil 2 Remake.

And the Winner Is…

Nintendo! Microsoft screwed up again at E3 with a ridiculous price for their console and Sony showed us some really promising games, but they weren’t huge surprises. However, Nintendo managed to keep the hype momentum going for their new console, the Switch, by surprising people with their upcoming projects.

What were you favourite E3 moments this year? Most disappointing ones? Either way, let us know and until next time, nerd out.

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