Fight for the Cowl


When it was announced that Batman would join Superman in the sequel to Man of Steel I just about lost my mind. The Superman/Batman books are probably my all-time favorite books to come out of DC; which of course means the idea of being fleshed out on the big screen worried me greatly… and then came the day they announced the new Batman.

Unless you lived under a rock that was in a cave covered by another rock you have already heard the news. Ben Affleck will be the new Batman. Within seconds of the announcement being made the internet exploded in an uproar of fanboy rage. Amidst the sea of cuss words and cries of disbelief and disappoint there were a few, very few individuals shrugging it off and saying “Give Ben a chance”. As surprising as it is; I am one of those people.


I don’t like Ben Affleck. I don’t. I can’t think of any movies where that I enjoyed (should probably actually watch Argo and The Town), I don’t know why I don’t like him because its not like I’m particularly well-versed in what he does; I just don’t like his face.

When I found out that WB/DC chose Ben over so many awesome candidates (Scott Adkins!) I thought WB was trying to pull a fast one on us. Its a joke right? Right? After a few minutes and hundreds of angry posts on FB it became apparent that it was indeed true, and that the next man to wear the cowl was the jackass that brought us Gigli.


Not that I actually saw Gigli… I did however watch Daredevil. Not the best superhero movie around. DD is serving as a pretty solid foundation in the argument why Ben was a bad choice. Which is to say that Ben is the reason Daredevil bombed? Thats ridiculous, I would argue that the movie would have been just as “bad” if the main character was played by… some…. good actor. Really I don’ t think Daredevil is really that bad to begin with… but anyways…

Lets give Ben a chance.


Remember when that pretty boy from A Knights Tale and 10 Things I Hate About You was cast as the maniacal Joker? Do you remember Hugh Jackman at all before Wolverine? Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk? Whaaat??! The list of actors that were cast as iconic comic book characters to the outrage of nerds goes on and on. Many of them hushed naysayers almost instantly… so why not Ben?


There has been so much commotion over this casting decision that some big names in the superhero movie world have spoken up; and really if Joss Whedon thinks it will pan out, it totally will. Or at least has the potential to. Maybe the movie will rock everyone’s socks, maybe it will be the worst movie ever and go straight to bargain bins; only time will tell. In the meantime many will bitch and complain, boycott a movie that hasn’t even had its first day of production and of course make awesome internet memes. At least we will get some good laughs. I mean come on… its only a movie.

ben memes

The funniest thing about all this to me is that although I don’t like Ben’s face… I have to admit it looks damn good in that mask. But will the suit have nipples?

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