Figurin’ out the Captain

As crazy as it sounds the Captain America movie has been out for almost 3weeks now and I have yet to see it. I just have not been able to fit it into my crazy schedule! What I have been able to accommodate is picking up a few movie figures!… and by Movie Figures I mean the figures that came out because of the movie but are fortunately based on the comics.

 Alright so these Cap figures were shown at SDCC 2010, and I was pretty psyched because thus far the Captain America (Classic, Ultimate, and WWII) figures Hasbro had released were pretty okay but small and not very CAP compared to the much more better figures that have come out since. So of course I did the only rational thing and sold off the Cap figures I had in order to make some cash that went to DCUC and some cleared some shelf room for a tougher looking Cap! With thigh cut-swivel!

PS. Thats Cap's missile shooter thing in the foreground. ridiculous.

So no I did not buy all the figures up there with Popeye-Jackson, as a man only needs ONE actual Cap figure, IronMan is another story. Ordered a US Agent and a Bucky Cap from BBTS, as I figured they would be harder to find at retail (mostly right), and swung by my local Toys’Rus to pick up a WinterSoldier and Classic Steve Rogers Cap. Overall pretty pleased with the figures, especially the Bucky Cap…. but first a few comparisons to the original MU designs!

Twins! but more like the movie...

The main reason I was looking forward to these new Cap sculpts is because I wanted something BIGGER, TALLER… and what I got was shorty here, sure his head is bigger but, thats not really what I was going for here. He IS tougher looking though, if only he was a bit bigger! Maybe you cannot see in this pic but articulation has changed in these new figures. Much like many of the new MU figures these guys sport a new hip-joint. Its like a ball joint but hidden with a thigh-cut. Its pretty ok, personally I prefer Mattel’s take on that area but its nicer than ball-joints but less range than the GI Joe style. Apparently in order to gain a point of articulation we have to lose one, in this case we have lost the bicep swivel. which I personally enjoyed. :( Other than that the articulation is the same. OH! The shields are same size, new one is shiny (looks better on Bucky) and it doesn’t have those backpack styled straps, instead it has a peg for the hole in Cap’s back, which is kinda lame but also cool because then you can add some more Joe accessories in the mix!

 Winter Soldier got a complete make-over this time around, which is pretty great as the old one was the same body as the SHIELD guys with a robot arm and headswap. Again the height difference! This is a running theme with pretty much ALL movie figures compared to regular MU. Why they make them shorter I have no idea and if I could punch the “reason” in the face I would. Despite being shorter he is definitely the better sculpted figure, or as the Girlfriend put it “He looks more prepared! and he has nicer boots!”.  Also WS here came with a jetpack, which I failed to include in shot and really isn’t all that exciting.

The special choppin-down-Nazis shield!

Alright so in case you have been tied up in a basement somewhere or have been too busy to know whats goin’ on in comics past whatever years I will sum up. Civil War, Cap “dies”, Bucky who didn’t actually die way back, had grown up and was the mean WinterSoldier but now a goodguy dons the Cap…cowl, with a few design changes. BAM! Shiny Cap! Anyways I love this design and this figure. I don’t have the MU version as it was one of the many to suffer the “Daredevil body” so it wasn’t worth my buck. The paint, the sculpt, the face, all perfect. He is slimmer than Cap, which works for me, but again, could be a bit taller! Oh and lets not forget his whacky shield here. Basically you press the button and it becomes a ninja star to blind your brother with. For now Steve and Bucky here will have to share the ONE nice shield. And yes this has a peg that goes in his back too, but then he looks like some kind of NinjaTutle.

Just f-five minutes moreesszzz zzzz zzzz

Ah, US Agent, the poor man’s Captain America. I really don’t know anything about this cat except that its not Steve, he has a neat costume and he is mean. Now, you may have noticed that my buddy here is… well, he is sleeping. Thats right, he didn’t get any eyes painted on!! This one I got from BBTS which is obvious as I wouldn’t have hand-picked a snoozing Soldier on my own. It sucks but whatever its not a huge deal, I will just have to make a mess painting eyes on him leaving him as is. Aside from being blind he is my 2nd favorite in the mix. He just looks tougher and more awesome-er than Classic Cap while still being just as tall, or short for that matter. Completely different shield action here which is cool, except for the fact that I can’t position it differently on his arm. This figure everyone needs. Not because he is so cool but because he is key to the West Coast Avengers assemblage!

Now here are a bunch more pictures I took.

He may be short but he is mighty!


Cap, looking all smug.

Oh so I did take a shot with jetpack!

I assume this is exactly what the movie looks like.

Feel the wrath of my borrowed shiny!

Justice prevails! and I... zzz zzzz zz

Well there you have it folks! Yea I know I didn’t have any shots with the movie version, well can you blame me? I will pick one up eventually, y’know when the pegs at Wal-Mart and T’Rus are overstocked with them much like previous years with IronMens. Aaaand now here is Fury again!

hurrr hurrr hurrr

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  1. Foot Soldier says:

    Sssooo… Lets go watch this terrible movie then! I saw it twice lol but I’d see it again to hear your fresh opinion for sure! Also, you’re amazing at talking and critiquing action figures man! Like, whoa! You leered me away from everything until I became sad when I saw nothing under the beautiful photo of Nick Fury :(

    I dont own any Captain America figures anymore. I sold my only one from 1992 about a year or two ago :( Now I’m said or I totally would have given him to you! lol And I’m loving the Winter Soldier on the left man! So bad-ass! The boots are so amazing you’re right!

    To this day, I don’t know what I think about all the articulation in action figures. I mean, its amazing to pose them ANY way you’d like, but I find it REALLY takes away from the figure itself and their details. Now, I’m not saying the Old He-Man, Spawn, Thundercats or Ninja Turtle figures are great but I like their basic aspect to them. The simple movements in the arms, legs, head, torso. Now its (for a leg) Thigh, knee, calve, ankle, foot, toes lol Those X-Men figures of mine you saw were even too much for me. Especially when fingers move I think its crazy (in an amazed toys do that way) but unnecessary. I have like forty of the new-ish (2002-2008) Lord of the Rings figures and allot of them cant even stand up because the articulation wore off from me “playing” with them :S

    I have allot of toys I wouldn’t mind talking to you about man! This is a very cool article which we can spend… Im pretty sure our entire life discussing lmao!


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