I like to draw people in tights

We would very much like to have an ART entry on this here site every now and again, and so here is the first one! At this point I think it will be taken on one artist/illustrator at a time. And so I decided to start with… myself! :D

Alright so my name is hugo. I have been drawing superheroes since forever. Parents have much background in medicine so they always had Anatomy books kicking around, and at an early age when I began to show interest in how to draw a proper bicep these books were handy. Long story short I’m not the worst but I’m not the best and more often than not I rather take a cartoony approach to things. So here is a series I did. They are about 5×7″ pen on mylar, painted from behind with acrylic inks.


spreading love and joy.

never say never.

yes, it is possible.

no comment.

pleased to meet you.

just tell the truth.

crossing lines.

feeling lucky? punk.

oh, its all natural.

I should still have a couple of these kicking around. Message me if ya want one. Also check out my for real website www.blamethesky.com because really what good is a site/blog if not to promote yourself.


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  1. Matt says:

    Awesome stuff.

    Don’t ever expect me to post stuff like this….art + Matt = disaster

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