Game of Thrones: A Tale of Tragedy

Telltale Games’ latest release is Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this game is an absolute must! It is one thing to watch the show/read the books, but it is a completely different experience when you take control of the characters and ultimately, the story itself.

There will be mild spoilers about the game and HUGE spoilers about the TV series/books. You’ve been warned.

Like all other Telltale video games, Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice is a dialogue-based game where you simply choose what characters should say, solve a few puzzles and engage in some action through quick time events. Thus, it is a game for people who don’t play video games.

The story-line focuses on a very obscure family, the Forresters. Now I know that they’ve been mentioned in the books somewhere, but that’s about it. In terms of timeline, it starts somewhere around The Red Wedding. After this wonderful event, the characters are thrown into disarray and have their own little adventures all over Westeros. As you’ve probably guessed, the Forresters not only bump into everyone’s favourite characters from the actual series, they actually play a huge part in the Forresters’ stories! You get to build relationships with these fan-favourite characters, or as what you would expect, lie, betray, manipulate and use them.

Yup. Even this jerk shows up in the game. And he's just as despicable and annoying as you would imagine.

Yup. Even this jerk shows up in the game. And he’s just as despicable and annoying as you would imagine.

This game really makes you feel like you’re in Westeros and a part of this massive world. One thing that separates this game from the other Telltale series is that you control multiple characters instead of one. At first, this is a bit weird and clunky but after a short period of time not only will you get used to it, you’ll embrace it. Just like the TV series, the story never focuses on one character, but several. But at the end of the day, these multiple story-lines are always part of a enormous and grand picture.

You also get to be in your favourite places like, King’s Landing, Volantis, The Wall, etc. Out of all the places, King’s Landing is by far the most stressful, although the other settings have much more action (quick time events). King’s Landing is the most stressful because it is pretty much impossible to make everyone like and trust you, without pissing someone else off.

Oh King's Landing. It smells like liquor and...

Oh King’s Landing. It smells like liquor and…

So at the end of the day, this game is a dream come true for Game of Thrones fans. You get to take control of fascinating characters and take control of their destinies (to an extent). Every chapter of the game even starts off with a huge action scene then cuts right into the theme song (yes, you get to see the same intro as the TV series). What else could you want? Well unfortunately, there is one flaw to this nerd-serving game. It’s TOO much like Game of Thrones. And what I mean by that is, if you know Game of Thrones, then you know that bad things happen to good people. Like, all the time. And every time you think things can’t get worse, they do! The game replicates this experience but is far more painful because it feels like YOU are getting screwed over and not just fictional characters on television. So at the end of the game, no matter how hard you try to do everything right, bad things happen to YOU.

Everyone's favourite wedding

Everyone’s favourite wedding

The game also doesn’t wrap things up neatly in a bow at the end, thus, explicitly implying there will be a season 2 for the game. I would’ve personally preferred that the game wraps up with resolutions for all the characters, and season 2 focuses on brand new characters. It’s not like it’s impossible considering just how large the Game of Thrones world is. The possibilities are endless! But, I digress.

Game of Thrones fans – you definitely have to play this game whether you’re a gamer or not. It’s only $25 or $30. Just prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die, or get screwed over badly.

Until next time, nerd out.

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