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Being in an elvator is an uncomfortable experience in the best of situations. Being forced into a tiny space with strangers always leads to awkward silence. Which really just means its a great chance for magical moments to take place! Here’s a list of my top elevator movie moments!

Why is this list even a thing?
Well, I was really bored and the internet is all about lists. Also cats! Also I was just watching a movie with a great elevator scene and it got the ol’ gears turning! Got me thinking of memorable scenes as well as short moments that just remind me of how much I dislike elevators. This led to me compiling a list, which I must now share. In no particular order here are some excellent elevator events that capture the wonders of travelling vertically in a small box!
Also keep an eye out for a future list of cats!


devil-movieThis movie came out in 2010, another one of M. Night Shyamalan’s attempts at being cool again. I have not seen this movie. I am including it in my list because the entire movie practically takes place in an elevator. A group of strangers are trapped, and the Devil is in there with them or something. A perfect example of why you should take the stairs.

The Shining


Speaking of taking the stairs, if there is one thing worse than riding an elevator with a bunch of weirdos its waiting for the elevator and having a sea of blood come flying out. I mean really. Such an inconvenience. This is of course from Stanley Kubrick’s film about a man trying to take a nice vacation with his family only to conclude that such a task is impossible.

Liar Liar


Lets lighten things up with some Jim Carrey! Ah yes the 1997 comedy where he can’t tell a lie for 24hrs, boy he sure got himself into trouble! Personally if I find myself in an elevator with an especially attractive woman I just stare at my shoes until the door opens.


Big gifs? Yea I remember that a bit differently. Oh well, its online. Its legit.



Oh and we can’t forget the times that you run into an elevator and mash the CLOSE button repeatedly because some dude you don’t care to make small talk with is heading your way yet he still manages to make it just in time!! Fortunately we are civilized people and don’t carry shotguns around so we just giggle and say “Oh sorry, didn’t see you there.”
Totally awkward.



You know that guy that gets on at the 1st floor only to get off at the 2nd floor? I hate that guy! Unless you are physically handicapped I feel you should only take the lift if you are going past the 4th floor, and even then!
On the plus side it sure is nice when all the lights are on at once.

Spider-Man 2


Ah the awkward silences that are often followed by forced small talk.
This is probably Tobey Maguire’s best scene as Spider-Man. Its always great to see Superheroes doing mundane human things like riding the elevator. Fortunately we have more such moments in the list! And less Tobey! Yes I dislike Tobey Maguire. No, I am not sorry.

The Hunger Games


There should be rules about what one should not do when in such close quarters. Elevator etiquette if you will. Sure I’m mostly referring to loud conversations, shaving, spraying perfume and eating but the world is full of other examples. This scene with Johanna Mason and the District12 crew is just classic cheekiness.
I would be very upset in this situation. Just as Peeta is.


X-Men Origins : Wolverine


Speaking of cheekiness, Wade Wilson’s crack about being stuck in an elevator with 5 guys on a high protein diet is just too good to forget. Yet another example of an elevator scene that is actually one of the better moments in the whole movie.
For some reason I feel that Deadpool is a character that actually rides a lot of elevators. He’s fun like that.



Sometimes being the only person in an elevator is like being in the shower, since there is no one around to see or hear you you are free to just let loose! Of course once you really start getting into your groove and start debating on whether you should try out for America’s Got Talent… the doors open.
This scene is SO Turtles! Nothing makes giant reptiles more relatable than an impromptu jamming session.

Captain America 2 : The Winter Soldier


My favourite elevator scene ever! EVER! Captain America VS a dozen or so goons in an elevator is the stuff that nerd daydreams are made of. Even in a videogame this would be intense but to actually have it in a live-action movie?! We live in wonderful times my friend.
Ever since this movie I can’t help but ball my hands into fists when I am in a crowded elevator! Y’know because I’m totally a badass and stuff.


That is my list fellas!

I know I missed at least 32 good ones, and of course we will be getting more in the future since elevator scenes are obviously on the rise! (hilarious)
Looking at the Ant-Man trailer and one of the first images we got of the suit I think its fair to assume that the Ant-Man movie will be composed of at least 30% elevators. Also note the end of Age of Ultron, there was plenty of elevator talk. Coincidence? I think not!!


Before I let you go I leave you with this GIF from one of those horrible elevator pranks online. Crazy Sub-Zero dude is pretty heart-attack-inducing but its nothing compared to the creepy ghost ones.
I hope they never pull that stuff on me because I will probably just die. OR my mad fighting skills will kick in and I’ll go all Steve Rogers on her!
Either way I will be traumatized for life.

Til next time! Peace out nerd peeps!


But seriously, some strange stuff happens in elevators…


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