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Much as I enjoy a Snickers bar on my break at work I do sometimes feel like being reckless and punch in the numbers for a KitKat instead, usually resulting in crunchy satisfaction. Nothing like breaking routine to add some spice to your life. Same can be said with action figures! Sometimes you have to be a little adventurous!

Wandering through the ComicCon crowds last month I was a bit disappointed to find my messenger bag void of plastic. A combination of my attempt at thriftiness and an overall lack of anything particularly exciting had left me without any nerdy additions. Just as things were looking bleak I came across these portable Adventure Kartel figures from 3A!

So here is a quick back story to these figures for those of you that haven’t gone down this path just yet…

3A is a toy, publishing and entertainment company founded in 2008 by Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood and has become known around the world for its incredibly detailed 1/6th and 1/12th Scale Collectible Figures from Ashley Wood’s Popbot, Tomorrow Kings, World War Robot, Adventure Kartel and Isbobelle Pascha properties.

Although I have never really followed Ashley Wood’s work his style is easily recognizable. Though he has worked on various titles and properties worldwide its definitely his personal work that really shines. The technique combined with a crazy world of robots, zombies, and long-legged ladies is just so damn good.


So anyways, these figures… they are “portable” in that they are in the 1/12scale opposed to most of the 3A stuff which is 1/6 and totally outside of my budget.
As much as I wanted to buy all the figures this one seller had I am not made of money so I only picked up 2. These 2.
Johnson! Ankou and Red Hand Tommy.


I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, yes it does have some great art but its hard to keep and collect. With that said, I do appreciate the nostalgic aspect of it. I do plan on keeping the backs though!
There are 14 figures in this series, and they are all pure awesomness. Oh to think I passed up on P.A.F Fighting JC and Little Shadow! Curse this need for groceries and electricity!


On to the review! I have decided to review “Tommy Red”, which is apparently a variant version of Tommy Mission.
I have no knowledge whatsoever about this character other than he seems to be a pretty dominant charcater in Ashley Wood’s world.
Heres what I got off the interwebs from the threeA Wiki page… after reading it you will know all that I know on this guy.
Conclusion: hes pretty rad.

Thomas “Tommy” Mission, Emo of Adventure is the leader of the Adventure Kartel (team). Lead protagonist in the Adventure Kartel Universe, Tommy Mission was recruited to the Adventure Kartel by Fighting JC when his father Bleak Mission went missing. The Tommy Mission figure comes with a messenger bag and Hand of Fate accessories, and several possible t-shirt variations.
Ash has suggested that Tommy learned how to fight from his “on and off again” girlfriend Little Shadow and that he doesn’t have a soul. Two of Tommy’s notable companions are Fighting JC and Shadow Zombot.
Text from the 3A Newsletter

Tommy Mission, self styled Emo of Adventure, founding member of the Adventure Kartel and son of the much revered Bleak Mission!
With no choice but to adventure ( as it was his family’s tradition to prove that every episode of In Search Of was infact factually correct and everything in those episodes was indeed real! ). Tommy with his trusty Hand of Fate and on and off BGF Little Shadow, scour the world in search of mystery and adventure.
oh yea, he hates Zomb’s…
When not hanging at cool underground, indy, alternative, vinyl only, record stores, he can be seen at Bambaland, where for 80 bucks he will come home with you for some adventure!
Oh yea, due to AK adventurer rules, Tommy has to wear a regulation tracksuit while hanging with Adventure Kartel, it’s dark and dirty, so its still pretty EMO…Right?

Tommy Red is one of the unique figures released in the Adventure Kartel Retailer Assortment series. This figure features a completely new Tommy Mission head sculpt, and a red right hand and red shoes. This figure will include all standard Tommy Mission accessories.

So… Emo dude that was recruited by JC, has a cool gf and there are robots involved? Sold!
End of the day his story matters little as I will just do whatever I want with him, long as there is Adventure!

So here is the lovely figure ripped out of his plastic and cardboard prison!


Tommy is sporting a nice black hoodie with a white stripe, blue skinny jeans, and red Converse hightops. Under his sweater he is wearing a black tee of sorts, no socks or undies on figures of this scale hah, and of course he has a red hand as the figure’s name implies. His hands, like his face are very Ashley Wood, the body is pretty normal.
The attention to detail on this figure is just nuts! I dont really have any Hot Toys or Mezco figures to compare it to as far as clothed figures go but even if I did I am sure I would still find it impressive. Its not just the tiny clothing but the weathering that brings Tommy boy here to a whole ‘nutha level… but thats threeA in general really.


This figure is so great! This is my first experience really photographing a figure with clothes, and its so cool! They are like tiny people! And check out his shoes! Is it weird that his shoes are my favorite part? I need to go get myself a matching pair!


As far as accessories go he has his nifty man purse and a glow in the dark hand.. which doesn’t seem to attach to him… so I have no clue what its all about. Wait thats not true, after re-reading his bio from above its the Hand of Fate! No idea what that actually is though, I assume it has some sort of powers. Dude here doesn’t have any weapons which bums me out a bit, apparently he doesn’t use guns?


Judging the articulation is a bit tricky here because it is hindered a bit by the clothing. In all fairness skinny jeans would hurt anyone’s range of movement. Sure I can just strip him down to his birthday suit to really showcase his mad skills but that’s a bit of a hassle and its not like anyone is going to keep these figures nudey.

Without his sweater he can definitely move more, also you get a peek into the underlying armature. He’s a bit on the thin side haha a nice contrast to the insanely pumped Supermen and Hulks on the shelves.


So from what I can tell he has ball-jointed shoulders with some front/back pec-fly movement, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, and ball-jointed wrists. No finger articulation like his larger counterpart, which is too bad. He also does seem to have some ab and waist swivel movement, nothing too dramatic.


For some reason I really wanted to get this guy in some break-dancing poses but there is a reason why B-Boys don’t wear skinny jeans! Nonetheless he does have some nice articulation in his lower body. Feels like he has double jointed knees, a thigh swivel, no ankles due to shoes, and some sort of ball jointed hips with decent range.
He does however suck at standing on his own, not to say its impossible but it takes time and practice.

on chair

I sure hope this job interview works out…


Due to his scale the clothes hinder more than they should, the fabric can only be so thin I suppose. The jeans make it harder for him to kick all the way forwards but he can still get some decent sitting positions in… with bad posture mind you.


As far as I am concerned the figure has all the required points of articulation. Less than perfect only due to the clothing which isn’t too bad considering skinny jeans make victims of us all! And of course there is the fact that his head/neck is one piece which definitely irks me.


Buying Tommy I wasnt sure how well he would fit in with the rest of the action figure population since 1/12 is usually a pretty vague size. All in all he fits in pretty well, definitely on the smaller side compared to some of the larger Marvel Legends but decent compared to avg-smaller ones like Spidey. Compared to SH Figuarts hes actually a bit taller… so in conclusion, alls good!


Tommy and Johnnson! aren’t the only ThreeA I own actually, although I totally made it sound that way. One day I got caught up in the hype and bought this GHG Amber figure from the Bambaland store. She is wicked tall and doesn’t fit in with anyone else I own until now! Maybe her and Tommy can be friends? Maybe more?

Speaking of friends, I don’t know for certain if Tommy and Johnson! are actually pals or enemies but in MY books they are an inseparable pair always in search for Adventure! Alphanumeric!!

Tommy and Johnny!

Strike a pose!

Tommy and Johnny piggyback!

To Adventure and Beyond!


Oh I’ll put the Hammer down!

T and J on Bike

Come on Dude the Pizza store is closing!!


*cue Hip-Hop music*

I think it goes without saying that I am having some serious fun with these figures!
Maybe if I had some actual photography skills I would be having more fun… but until then lets snap away like a tourist!


Catching a few Zs


Searching for Pokemon?


Cool dude.

Overall this is a great figure that proves spending a few more bucks does go a long way. Excellent articulation, details, sculpt, style, its all here. My only regret is that I don’t know more about the character to really immerse myself in the Adventure Kartel mythology…but I am sure there’s a way to remedy that.
Best believe I will be all set to get my gnarly hands on more of these should the opportunity present itself. Still wanting that Fighting JC figure! Who wouldn’t want a tattooed JC figure!? And have you seen their Titanfall figure?! I need more monies!!

Giving Tommy boy a tough 4.5/5 primary due to his neck haha, I need to pick on SOMETHING!


Til next time nerds and toyheads!
Kick, push, kick, push….


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