Help Me Kickstart A Book Of Nerds!


For the past month I have been putting together an art book that points the spotlight at some of my favourite cosplayers. And by putting together I mean digital painting, designing, and writing. That’s a lot of work, but I love gaming, reading comics, watching movies and most of all I love creating my own art.

Over the past couple years I started going to cons. Immediately I was drawn in by the passion and inclusiveness that was shown by everyone attending. Cosplayers were a family, always reaching out to introduce themselves, share their common interests and help each other out when they needed tweaks or fixes to their costume. I got to thinking about putting together an art book compiling concept art style portraits of cosplayers with individual profiles. I did some research and discovered that not only did such a book not exist but there was actually quite a bit of interest in it. I reached out to a couple friends in the community and got an overwhelming response of people who wanted to be featured in the book. Have I mentioned yet how gracious and awesome these people are? The project features 25 local cosplayers, their stories, how they crafted their costumes along with the paintings.

The hope is to be able to sell the books at Toronto Fan Expo in early September as well as online and see where that takes me. The money I raise is to cover the cost of renting the booth and printing the books and posters as well as shipping. Below I’ve included a few of the snazzy paintings that will be included in the book.

Please check out the Kickstarter for my project and donate. If you like what you see please promote to people you know!
Its the only way this thing gets off the ground. How nerve racking!


Below are 3 pages included in the book to give you a little something to wet you appetite. Thank you to the wonderful cosplayers and photographers for allowing me to source their photos.

mary jane and spidey_fp

Elise and Brandon as Mary Jane and Naked Spidey




Caleb as Batman.




Rina as Jade


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