Her name is Elizabeth.

elizabthbannnerThere are many reasons why certain figures are purchased over others; some characters are needed because they are favorites, or are needed to complete a team, or sometimes its just a really snazzy looking character we know nothing about but comes with a cool chair. Let me introduce you to Elizabeth, I am sure we are going to be good friends.


As usual before we get to the figure I would like to go over who this character is, in this case some research was required as I have absolutely no idea who this lady is.

After flipping through some pages on Google, and reading the actual box I have learned that Elizabeth is a character from Persona3, an RPG released in 2006 and also Persona4 Arena; a fighting game released in 2012. A Game(s) I have ne’er played but now have a reason to… because I need reasons to do such things.

So according to Wikipedia:
Elizabeth (エリザベス Erizabesu?) is Igor’s female assistant. She maintains the Persona Compendium, from which the player may retrieve previously owned Personas for a price, and gives the player special requests in exchange for special rewards

Really that doesn’t mean anything to me, except that she is some kind of helper character that performs tasks that help the protagonist along the way. Well, thats her role in Persona3, in a follow-up game that came out in 2012 Persona4 Arena she is one of the characters available to battle/use, where she is known as The Lethal Elevator Attendant. Amazing.

So that is all I know about this character. Here are some screenshots so you can get an idea of what she looks like in-game. Really she doesn’t sound too exciting to me, but she must be exciting to fans of the game because shes an action figure now! Also lots of cosplayers! o_O


Thanks Liz! Can I call you Liz?…


And that is all I know about the character known only a Elizabeth. I think there is a last name somewhere in there but I must have missed it. Alrighty on to the figure! First off we have the package! Typical Bandai D-ARTS package. On the bottom right corner we have P4U which I imagine


Alrighty on to the figure! First off we have the package! Typical Bandai D-ARTS package. On the bottom right corner we have P4U The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena! Which is the Japanese name for the game I totally mentioned earlier. Other than stating what version of the game the figure is based on all we get from it is that she likes books and the colour blue. Personally was a bit disappointed at this point, expected more. Well, we can’t judge a book by its cover so lets open her up.


Sliding the tray out we are presented with Ms.Elizabeth along with a fair amount of accessories. We get 2 additional faces, 2 additional pairs of hands, an alternative skirt piece to make sitting possible, 2 books; one open, one closed, a card thing, and a lovely chair. Yes I admit the chair was a big part of the figure’s appeal for me, and yes I was bummed out by how small it is. Chair size aside, very nice amount of stuffs.


Aside from feeling a bit on the small and petite side the figure itself isn’t so bad. The character design is clean and simple enough to allow good apps except for the smallest circles down her dress, seem a bit off. The skirt itself is made out of a soft rubber so it does have some flex in it, not enough to sit of course but there is that added piece to make that possible.
Articulation wise she is pretty basic. Single-joint knees and elbows, ball-joints for hips and shoulders, ankle, bit of ab articulation. Neck, hip, and elbow movements are very much limited by hair and big cuffs, overall could be much better. Not many action, fighty poses available here.


She does look very good sitting in her chair though, she may be doomed to sit more often than not. Switching skirts is easy enough but I fear that if done too often it will lead to some tearing. Something to watch out for, best to keep her in either one or the other I would think, not much action here unfortunately but it does look natural.


Link is never happy about being called Zelda… and always being compared to the women..

 With all the complaining I have been doing about her size you would expect her to be half the size of other imports in the same scale; which she isn’t. Really when placed side by side other similar figures she looks just fine, maybe a bit slimmer but nothing cray. Yes her head looks a bit smaller but one has to remember that SuperSentai and KamenRider characters wear helmets so of course they have bigger heads… something I may have not thought of when first seeing Elizabeth and thinking “Dang, she tiny!”


Since the chair was such a huge factor for me picking this figure up its only fair that I give it some more spotlight. As I mentioned earlier… its smaller than I had expected. I was hoping for something much more awe-inspiring, grandiose and elegant. I wanted a chair for other random figures to take cool pics on. That sums it up. To get an idea of scale here is Liz’s chair sitting on/in MS Dr.Doom’s throne. Its definitely on the small side.


The chair looks nice with Elizabeth, looks pretty alright with other figuarts figures as seen above with Captain Marvelous, but looks ridiculous with a larger ML or DCUC figure. So, not a complete loss but definitely not a satisfying replacement for the infamous Morpheus chair.

To close my story; Elizabeth is pretty alright, not one of the best figures I have acquired this year, probably something I will sell or trade-ff down the road. I am sure the figure rates higher if you dig the game and actually know the character, but for me its an unknown character that just doesn’t deliver.
With that said I am rating this lady 2 out of 5 Persona Tarot card things… not very exciting.


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