Here Comes The Big Bad Wolf

Telltale Games has done it again. However, the Wolf Among Us is actually better than the Walking Dead. Not only do you get fun and charismatic characters, engaging quick-time game play, tough-decision-making events, and an enriching story – you also get mystery and intrigue. Here’s my spoiler-free review.

Story – 10/10
Remember your favourite childhood fairy tale characters? You know, Snow White, Beauty & The Beast, The Three Little Pigs, and of course, The Big Bad Wolf? The Wolf Among Us is about these characters living in a modern city called Fable Town. However, it’s not a bunch of wolves and pigs running around. Instead, all of these animals and characters pay money to the government, in order to be “glamoured” into human form so it looks like a normal city with just regular people. But of course, characters lose control when they’re pissed off and show their true forms throughout the game – including The Big Bad Wolf (Bigby Wolf). You play as Bigby Wolf and guess what? You’re the sheriff of Fable Town. Now as you may recall, The Wolf is a bit of a jerk from our childhood fairy tales. I mean, he tried to eat three very cute little pigs, he tricked Little Red Riding Hood, and so on and so on. However as you’ll see in this game, Bigby is trying to make up for his past mistakes by protecting Fable Town as the sheriff. While Bigby is trying to do things right, most people in Fable Town are either scared of him, assume the worst, or just down right hate him. Can you blame them? So as you can imagine, Bigby has his work cut out for him.

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

Maybe if I just looked like Alcide or Jacob, people wouldn’t hate me so much

The game starts off with Bigby doing sheriffy things when all of a sudden, someone is decapitated and it’s up to Sheriff Bigby and Snow White (she works for the mayor’s office) to not only solve this murder, but to catch the killer as well. Obviously, things get complicated for Bigby as he uncovers dark secrets about the people of Fable Town and encounters new but familiar faces as he tries to solve this case. When I was finishing the game, it seemed like the story was wrapping up with a neat little bow (and that’s not a terrible thing, but it does mean things don’t end off with a huge bang!) but I can assure you, right at the very end – there’s a massive revelation that will make your head spin and send you to online forums to discuss what just happened.

The story was very engaging and always kept me on my toes just like the Walking Dead. However, the Walking Dead lacks mystery but that’s because the game isn’t about solving a crime, it’s about zombie-survival so it makes sense. But The Wolf Among Us is like an old school murder mystery (there’s even this awesome introduction before each chapter with super retro music!) that just keeps players always guessing. And I loved it!

Graphics – 8/10
The graphics are similar to the Walking Dead video games. It’s not a realistic approach at all, but rather a comic book/sleek cartoon look. It honestly suits the game since it’s based off the comic series, Fables, so I really had no problems with it. Despite this, it doesn’t get a perfect score because sometimes the motions and movements didn’t come off 100% crisp and smooth.

Characters – 10/10
The people of Fable Town are incredibly fun. You basically get to see your favourite innocent childhood fairy tale characters in a new, but dark and twisted kind of light. Besides Bigby, you get to see one of the Three Little Pigs smoke cigarettes and swear like an old sailor (side note – there’s an excessive amount of swearing and profanity and it’s so awesome because it comes from fairy tale characters!). You also get to see Beauty & The Beast and their marital problems, the Magic Mirror, Bluebeard, the Woodsman, and my personal favourite – Bloody Mary. She definitely shines in every scene that she’s in and steals the show every time. I assure you, you’ll fall in love with every single person from Fable Town.

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

I’ll never look at The Three Little Pigs the same way again

Gameplay – 9/10
The majority of gameplay is dialogue. You follow Bigby as he speaks to different people and you select what he says/asks. This sounds boring but I assure you, it’s not because you only have about 5-7 seconds to select a response. Sometimes it’s easy to make a choice, while other times it’s nearly impossible to make up your mind. And of course, the game and story are affected by your choices! I mean, you could cheat and reset the game after you’ve made a decision, but where’s the fun in that? Like the Walking Dead, the choices you make for Bigby reflect what you would do in his situation and sometimes you make bad choices and there are consequences – but that’s life and it’s fun!

Besides dialogue, there are quick-time events throughout the game. However, there aren’t too many which is a good thing because I do enjoy them but only to an extent and that’s only if the controls are responsive. For the most part, the controls are quite responsive, but it wasn’t perfect (hence the 9/10 score). There is one quick-time event near the end of the game where Bigby fights someone and it was so much fun! It does last a little long but I’m glad it did because it was incredibly intense. Definitely one of the most memorable parts of the game.

Final Verdict – 9.5/10
This game was phenomenal. I sincerely hope there’s a season 2 for this series. The characters, intense storyline, fun game play, and music were incredible. I’m not giving a perfect score because as good as this game was, it’s still missing that special “it” factor that games like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time have. But besides missing that special quality, this game was a ton of fun, far better than the Walking Dead. Luckily for you, all 5 parts of the game have been released now so you can play from start to finish in the span of maybe 10 hours. The Wolf Among Us will keep you glued to your television and you’ll never look at your favourite childhood characters the same way ever again. Telltale Games, don’t ever stop making video games.

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