How Star Trek Las Vegas is Different, And Why that Makes it So Awesome


How is the Creation Star Trek Las Vegas convention different than a comic convention, and why does that make it so awesome?

Well, there are many reasons why the convention is different, and it’s only my opinion that it’s just so freakin’ awesome. However, for a diehard fan, it’s a totally immersive experience unlike attending any other convention.  Creation Entertainment offers fandom-specific conventions across North America, not only for Star Trek, but for Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. These conventions offer fans the opportunity to meet other fans, interact with the actors from the fandom and, of course, dress-up. 


Part of the total immersive STLV experience: Props for attendees to take pictures.

Star Trek Las Vegas (STLV for short) is different than a comicon in that it’s usually smaller in attendance ( I believe this year’s attendance was 10,000). Because it’s smaller, attendees build a community over the course of the weekend, forming friendships and networking.  Due to the smaller attendance, it’s a more intimate experience, and fans can interact on a more personal level with the cast and crew of the show. There’s a little more time during autographs and photo-ops to actually speak with the actors. Because the convention is held at a hotel (The Rio Suites in Vegas), you’ll also run into cast and crew around the hotel (in the elevator, washroom…standing in line at Starbucks…everywhere!). 

_MG_1564 - Version 2

This year STLV brought a replica Original Series Bridge for fans to enjoy. How’s that for an amazing fan experience?

Cosplay and costuming is huge at STLV. Annually the convention holds a costume competition for attendees, and the costumes that attendees create are absolutely spectacular. However, it’s not just about competition. The convention itself sparks creativity and comararderie through cosplay. Of course there are plenty of costumes at comicons, but because of the small scale of the convention, I’ve found there’s more opportunity to enjoy cosplay. 


A group cosplay I was delighted to be a part of this year. You would witness a lot of costumes at STLV.

The conventions Creation puts on are well-run. Star Trek Las Vegas in 2014 was the first convention of any kind I had ever attended, and I came back this year and intend to return annually. I’ve found the event to be run very well over all. As opposed to large comicons, you’re not going to find as much chaos and lines, disorganization and confusion. They’ve been running this for a long time, and their team of staff and volunteers are professional, dedicated and helpful. You’ll spend less time worrying about lines and stress, and more time having fun at the panel you want to see or getting that coveted photo-op. Basically, once you go the Creation route, you’ll never want to go back!


Tons of opportunities to meet cast members and get autographs and photos at this con. Oh, and you may even get more time with your favourite actor and spend less time in line. Yippie! No big deal, but this was me with Kate Mulgrew. Yeah, that happened :D

It basically adds up to this: I’ve been to comicons, and they can be a lot of fun. But, I’ve spent a lot of time and money in lines and stressing out. I go to a Creation event, and I hardly stress at all, and spend little time in lines. When I go to STLV, I have the time of my life with my friends. And, really, isn’t that what a convention should be? 


William Shatner at STLV 2015. Photo courtesy: Creation Entertainment

The cast of “Voyager” for the 20th anniversary of Voyager reunion panel at STLV. Photo courtesy: Creation Entertainment

If you’re thinking of marking your convention calendar for 2016, be sure to add STLV. It’s Star Trek’s 50th anniversary year, and the convention will be HUGE! Also, you can check out www.creationent.com for the full convention details. Not a Star Trek fan? No worries. Creation Entertainment has conventions across North America for the die-hard Supernatural and Vampire Diaries fans, too!
Until next time, live long and prosper, nerds.


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