I choose you Venusaur!


Back in my day there were 150 Pokemon, a number that has increased exponentially over the past years and is now probably in the thousands. I have no idea what is going on with the Pokemon world nowadays and quite frankly I don’t care; one of my top favorites has always been Venusaur, and he has now been made into an awesome figure by Japanese toymakers D-Arts!

Venusaur is the final form of Bulbasaur, one of the 3 Pokemons you are given to select from in the original Red/Blue versions of Pokemon for the Gameboy. It was always an easy choice for me, I don’t think I ever picked any of the others; the fire-breathing Charmander and the water-squirting Squirtle did nothing for me. I wanted the little toad looking dude with the bulb on his back.


rock paper scissors!… well not in that order

I know he is not the most popular of the 3. Charmander grows up into a huge dragon, Squirtle sprouts cannons out of his back… and Bulbasaur gets a flower-tree thing. Yea, I see your point… but he is still my favorite, maybe I just saw him in a different light, maybe I like the idea of fighting with razor-sharp leaves, or maybe I thought of him as a tank monster that just happened to have a colourful tree on his back.



It irks me how he is always in 3rd place, when Pokemon was introduced to NorthAmerica it came in a Red version with Charizard on the cover and a Blue with Blastoise, while being released as Red and Green in Japan. LeafGreen, paired with FireRed was re-released around 2004 for the GBA, but not after the Yellow version came out. Remember the Yellow one? With the annoying Pikachu you couldn’t get rid of? I wonder if he would have been more popular if Green was released same time as the others…


When D-Arts (different branch of the same tree that brings is Figuarts) announced, and then released their Pokemons it was basically in the same order. I knew right away I was going to get that Venusaur; the other two were, and continue to be maybes. I had to wait what seemed like forever for my leafy monster amigo to come knocking on my door, it was tough to watch all the other kids with their Charizards and Blastoises, but I was sticking with my choice. Everybody gets one.


Good things come to those who wait, and after a long wait mailman Doug came a-knocking and presented me with ma Pokemon!! Overall I am quite pleased, its not perfect though, a few things I’m not crazy about but I will live. So here he is! Shots from front, back, side; the sculpting, colour, and paint is great. Well actually paint is mostly non-existent as all parts seemed to be cast in the right coloured plastic to begin with.


He has a surprising amount of articulation, much more than I would expect for a character like this. The petals and leafs of his flower (haha what?) are all individually attached by ball-joints allowing them to open and close, the tree itself seems to be attached by a ball-joint. The mouth opens and closes, basic hinge. The rest of his body is composed of… what I can only describe as worm-like articulation. Much like a floating ab-crunches on MU or GiJoe figures; allowing for decent movement but still very limited by the chubby-kid limbs. Well, its not like he is known for his acrobatic skills.


He is able to stand and remain standing, which is kind of neat, but his torso does not crunch forwards enough to make it look natural. Oh and its a boy… apparently you can determine the difference by the flower… yup.

My biggest problem is the scale of the figure, he is smaller than I had expected. This is my first D-Arts Pokemon so I wasn’t entirely sure how big he would actually be but I definitely thought he would be bigger..not crazy bigger… but bigger. based on the Pokedex he is 6’7″ tall. I imagine that is measuring to the top of his flower opposed to his height if he was standing. If he was 1/12 scale as I would have loved, he would be well over 6 inches; which he isn’t at all, measuring from the top of his flower he is around 3.25″… so half of what i expected/hoped for.


Here are some size comparisons with a Minimate, a MarvelUniverse and a MarvelLegends figure, you get the idea, clearly he is too small for Legends or DCUC unless he is used as a pet. Fortunately I have more Minimates than any other figures so this its not a complete letdown. Would have totally wanted a huge Venusaur monster though.
According to my research; in the show and in the manga (that i know nothing of) hes def big enough to ride. Maybe not as big as I seem to remember him being but still big. The size itself does seem to fluctuate, so I guess some are bigger than others.


Where are the old guy’s legs?


damn… now I need a Pollywhilly thing

I am realizing now that I did not mention the accessories at all. Nor did I include them in the photos. He comes with a base and his vine whip things, the whips are very disappointing – which is why I decided not to include them I guess. I had expected bendy rubber tendrils but instead got hard plastic vines made up of 3 pieces w very limited poses. So yea, not very exciting.

What IS exciting is Poke-Battles! The whole point of collecting Pokemon is to battle them! To the death! Unfortunately I have only picked up 1 other random Pokemon in my travels. And that is the blue bug Pokemon Heracross!! D-d-d-d-duel!!


Upon researching who would actually win in this battle I found that the two actually have some history! Yea a Heracross can take on a widdle Bulbasaur but can he take on a fully evolved Venusaur? Well I found a video for that!


“Help! I need an adult!!”


Overall I am happy with the figure. I definitely feel the need to catch them all!… or at least a few more to complete a proper team of 6. Hmmm I will actually need 2 teams so they can battle. Oh I will also need to custom some Minimate trainers. I’m so screwed.

Giving Vinnie here a final score of 4.5/5 Pokeballs! If only he was a bit bigger!


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