I’ll see your Hip-Hop and raise you some Anime


Anyone who  knows me knows that I have massive place in my heart for both video games and hip-hop. Sadly the amount of artists making decent music in the genre is slim to none. Inevitably every nerdcore artist becomes a novelty. I wouldn’t be caught dead admitting that I listen to nerdcore. Not because I think people would make fun me, but because I think it kinda sucks.

Enter Richie Branson.  A rapper with immense skill on the mic and a deep love for all things anime and video game. He has me seeing better things for the genre’s future. The self professed Otaku King, brings more polish and production than any nerd rapper out there. Not only that, he stacks up against any other young up and coming rapper period. And he does it over enormous beats sampled from anime and video game tracks that many of us recognize. The topics range from the insanely popular Attack on Titan, to 16 bit classics like Ghouls N’ Ghosts. Richie stands out compared to other nerdcore rappers because of  the swagger and “me against the world” attitude that he brings. An attitude that is prominent in most great hip-hop but until this point has been lacking in nerdcore. He’s taking on personas of some seriously bad-ass villains and anti heroes to create imagery and stories that would make a music video redundant. He replaces lyrics about the gangster lifestyle and the trap game with those about fighting in mecha suits and slaying demons. He’s not making jokes. He’s he’s telling you to get out of his way before he puts a fist through your neck or that his family kills for wages.

I don’t want to see my name in lights…I’d rather see it in pixels. – Richie Branson

I stumbled across Richie’s music while I was beefing up my Mega Ran library. Since that time I’ve downloaded every one of his free mixtapes (seriously, download them) and purchased From Guardia with Love, his billboard charting album inspired by Chrono Trigger. The great thing about his music is that with every new album or track that he produces you can hear the progression. The Richie Branson on his first album is not close to the Richie Branson on his newest releases.

There so many highlights throughout his library but I will do my best to point a spotlight on a few of my favourites. A couple feature other nerdcore artists that are worth checking out as well.

Zoldyck Family Values – #OtakuTuesdays III
This track is a homage to the Zoldyck family from Hunter X Hunter. It features a beat and flow that wouldn’t seem out of place on one of A$AP Rocky’s tapes.


Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis ft. Mega Ran
This is the song that made me go on the hunt for other Richie Branson albums. I dare you not dance around your room or at the very least bob your head to this track.


Team Krunktaku is the collaborative team of Richie Branson and Kadesh Flow, another formidable nerdcore rapper. To be perfectly honest, this is the first time I’ve had the privilege to hear this track. It is not feature on any of Richie’s albums.


Radical Dreams – From Guardia with Love
This is not the track I was hoping to highlight off the album. But the whole album is pure gold. If you like it do yourself a favour a purchase it. It’s not expensive.


Against The Wall – #OtakuTuesdays III
Against the Wall is another Standout track off of #OtakuTuesdays III. Any fan of Attack on Titan will instantly recognize the sample being used. This track alone had be clambering to watch all of the first season of the show on Netflix.

Recently Richie has delved into developing video games. Let’s hope he continues to produce some of the best tracks I’ve heard in years. One thing I will always thank him for is getting me back into anime after over a decade of not going near it.

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