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There is much to be said about the importance of standing the test of time, of remaining relevant and permanent, of inspiring generations time and time again. So many stories, characters, and costumes have come and gone with time, disappearing into obscurity. Of course there are also the few that have become permanent fixtures in our culture and society, and in some cases permanent panels on our skins. I am of referring to movies and comics of course, but also to rad tattoos. But mostly this is me introducing you to Stephen Shaw.

Stephen Shaw aka Shawzy is a very awesome artist on both paper and skin that I have had the pleasure of meeting some time back and of course still keep in touch with somewhat. His work ranges from sweet-ass death skulls, gypsies, and a couple Darths here and there. Sit back and learn some more from my “interview” with this cool cat.

h- Well, I suppose its only fitting that the first question is, due to the nature of this site; are you a nerd?

SS- hahaha, I guess I can be considered a nerd. I need variant cover art for comic books when they are released. ha

h- Yea I would say thats pretty nerdy, so what “kind” of nerd would you say you are?

SS- Im not that smart cant do math and shit, Im more of an art nerd. I went to school for design and did some animation and Im currently a tattoo artist on the west coast. So its more the comic book, video game, movie aspect. No dungeons or dragons or quantum physics or anything like that. pure aesthetic value.

h- Tattoo artist eh? Hows that working out for you?

Greatest job in the world. I started in Ontario but im currently living in Victoria. BC. This city is filled with amazing artists I love it. So many great tattooers to be inspired from. Ive worked in a lot of areas of the art industry and this is where I will stay for sure.

h- So I noticed you like Star Wars, whats up with that haha?

SS-  Shah I have a love/hate relationship with George Lucas just like everyone else does I guess. I love the star wars mythology and as far as the paintings go I did one for our shop manager Nathan for his bday last year and people were stoked on it so i did a bunch more and made prints for sale. Im currently working on some star wars tattoos on him as well.

h- Personally i know the CloneWars cartoon more than i know the movies… How do you feel about the show?

SS- I enjoy it, I think if you watch the video content for the upcoming Old Republic game you can see how far they could take and animated series or movie. this clips are mind blowing.

h- Hrmmm video games, whats your poison?

SS- PS3. Currently Im playing Skate3, COD Black Ops, Mortal Kombat, and patiently awaiting Arkham City which looks like its gonna be just brilliant.

h- So I have always been a fan of tattoos, don’t have none yet, not sure how nerdy to go on them. Any awesome nerdy tats you would want to but have yet to find anyone up for it?

SS- Hmmm Theres always someone ready for it! lol Im currently making plans with a good buddy of mine Kyle to do a colorleg sleeve. Batman inspired! That will be a lot of fun for both of us.

h- So before we go our separate ways, any awesome up and coming stuff we should know about?

SS- Ill be tattooing at the Alberta Bound Tattoo and Arts Festival the Oct 14,15,16.Between everyone at Painted Lotus Studios here we always have stuff on the go. Just released and new set of prints this week. They will be for sale on my site in the next couple of weeks. Prob a sketchbook in the new year and the 2nd series of the star wars prints.

There you go folks. Make sure to check out the man’s website as well as the Shop’s. And of course if you happen to be in the BC area, pop in, set up an appointment, get some ink did. Or of course if you can’t commit just yet, a print is always a nice way to go haha.


Stephen Shaw

Painted Lotus Studios

1412 Douglas st

Victoria, BC

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