It’s Time for Buster!


More and more I find myself drawn into the Japanese world of Tokusatsu; namely Super Sentai, on the menu for the next couple of days is GO-Busters, the 36th team in the series. So far its pretty alright, bit different than what I’m used to, definitely liking the toys though!

What drove me to this show without any actual knowledge of it was the costume designs. They were obviously SuperSentai but with a modern, tactical look that def piqued my interest. Based solely on the costumes I began downloading about 50 episodes and ordered some figures that I was lucky to find at nowhere near eBay prices.

Go-Busters-1 Another thing that grabbed me was the fact that the team is smaller (easier to complete!), I’m not sure if the team will grow later on as I’m only on ep.15, but thus far its composed of Red-Buster, Blue-Buster and Yellow-Buster… but then again there is also their buddies, Buddyroids; Cheeda Nick, Gorisaki, and Usada Lettuce. So maybe not such a small team after all, but hey at least the weird bots add diversity to the shelf.

buddyroids Alright so here I go starting the show, first thing that comes to mind is “Why the hell am I watching Spy Kids?” Their pre-morphing, special agent uniforms are just so Spy Kids! Combined with the fact that the cast look crazy young I couldn’t help but wonder if this show was a good idea. The characters are not even that young, the youngest is Usami Youko (yellow) at 16, Sakurada Hiromu (red) is 20, and Iwasaki Ryuuji(blue) being the senior at about 28. Either way it took a couple of episodes to shake the feeling that Antonio Banderas was going to show up.


The story is pretty straight forward, let me give you the quick, non-wikipedia version…
The world basically runs off a super awesome power source known as Enetron???, there were some scientists working on teleporting technology and somehow created a computer that became self-aware and of course became evil. The computer program, Messiah, and co were all transported to a subdimension to keep them away, along w the scientists at the facility… except for their kids (why were they even there?) and the buddyroids that were transported back to regular Earth where they grew up training to fight Messiah as he often sends evil Megazords and Metaroids through the help of his minion Enter; a very fashionable character that throws french words in here and there. They each have a Zord of sorts that are connected to their Buddyroids, on their own they can turn into the respective animals as well as a car, truck and helicopter. Ummm.. yea. The Metaroids are basically things (ie. Bicycle, projector, electric drill) that are infected with a virus. So its pretty crazy but really nothing out of the ordinary considering the shows that come out of Japan.

Bon-Bon-Bonjour Go-Busters!

Bon-Bon-Bonjour Go-Busters!

 If, like me, you are a child of the 90s your ears may have perked up at seeing words like Megazord and Morphing, I know hearing… reading the words made me happy, oooh the memories. Anyways, these guys morph by turning a dial on their wrist things, the gizmo then says “Its Morphing Time” which leads to them magically wearing their suits and helmets but they have to speak “Lets Morphing!” in order for the visors to pop on and the transformation to be complete. No idea why the transforming involves so much English, but hey I enjoyed it.

GBmorphing Not sure if I got the toys because of interest in the show or if I looked into the show because of the toys. Hrmm its a chicken vs egg dilemma, in the end its just as irrelevant, result is delicious either way! Figures are by Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts line; meaning excellent attention to detail and superb articulation. So now that I have ranted about the show, lets rant about da figs!


Go-Busters! Go!… Hey aren’t we missing somebody?


“I don’t think I like this gorilla….”

Still missing Gorisaki, personally I think my substitute makes for a stronger team, but alas he does not fall into the colour scheme. Moving on… the Busters sport your basic Figuarts articulation; double-jointed knees and elbows, bicep cut, full rotation in shoulders, ab-crunch, waist swivel/crunch, ankle-pivot, toes. Lots of articulation, lots of posing fun! Yellow is the smaller of the 3, personally looking a bit disproportional.


Awkward poses! Go!

As far as accessories go, nothing out of the ordinary here when it comes to awesome Figuarts figures. Each figure comes with the 3 buster weapons, as well as 3 other sets of hands. Yellow toatally lucked out though, she has an extra with 4 extra pairs of hands (total of 5) as well as her Buddyroid Usada Lettuce.


Scale-wise, the Busters fit in well with other Figuarts, but alas that means they are a bit on the small side when compared to ML or DCUC figures. I imagine they would be bigger than Figma figures but at this point I do not have any to compare to. Pardon the lousy picture.


The Buddyroids themselves are pretty fun, if anything just to have something different than people in spandex and helmets on the shelves. Nick is basically the same articulation as a Buster or any other actual person from the Figuarts line… whereas Usada is a trashcan on wheels.. basically Pikachu meets R2-D2, least he was packed in with Yellow Buster.



Overall the show and figures are quite entertaining. Not different enough to really stand out, a bit too much CGI for my tastes, but for the most part fun and enjoyable. Light-hearted and very bright, I give it a score of 3.5/5 Gorisakis! Did I mention that their Zords also have animal modes? Well they do! gobustrating

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