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Justice League is finally here! While all the new DC movies have made a lot of money at the box office, they were incredibly divisive with critics and fans (with the exception of Wonder Woman – which everyone loved). People either really enjoyed Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, or they really hated them! What about Justice League? I can assure you that you should definitely check out this movie at the theatres because you’ll have a lot of fun. It’s an action-packed, funny, and traditional superhero team-up movie that’ll satisfy all your nerdy needs.


The movie does a sufficient job at introducing new characters in this movie, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Steppenwolf. Could the movie have benefited from more screen time focusing on these characters’ backstories? Absolutely! But I didn’t feel like their introductions were rushed or like I was missing something integral to understand who these people are, and more importantly, what motivates them to team up with Batman and Wonder Woman. Surprisingly, each superhero got an equal amount of time to shine and to steal scenes in this movie, so kudos to Zack Snyder! If I had to pick just one superhero who really stood out, it’d probably be The Flash. Barry Allen is young, incredibly inexperienced with his abilities, and is a fanboy of these superheroes, thus, making him to the most relatable character. Not only was he the funniest character in this movie, his action scenes were definitely the most memorable and iconic.

Another great thing about this movie were the character interactions. I was worried with the two-hour run time, this movie would only be filled with action then dialogue to move the main plot. However, Snyder manages to provide great character moments between Flash and Cyborg, Diana and Bruce, Lois and Martha,  and plenty of disagreements within the entire team. While these scenes didn’t necessarily progress the main plot, it was just so cool to see these iconic superheroes talking, arguing, or joking around with each other.

How exactly do you talk to fish?

Finally, the action sequences are obviously the highlight of this movie. That’s why we’re here! To see these superheroes fight side by side against an army of  Parademons and Steppenwolf. While there are some fight scenes done with practical effects, the vast majority of the battles are bathed in CGI effects. A lot of critics were bashing the CGI effects in this movie and I honestly don’t understand why. The CGI in this movie is comparable to other superhero movies that used an abundance of CGI effects. I think’s all about mindset; if you’re watching this movie and trying to look for how the CGI looks bad just because some pompous critic from Rotten Tomatoes told you it was bad, then yeah, the CGI will look like crap. However, if you’re here for a good time, then you won’t notice the CGI and instead, you’ll be watching your childhood superheroes come to life on the big screen.

How cool is this?

If you didn’t like Man of Steel or Batman V Superman because they were too “dark” then you’ll love this movie, because it’s the exact opposite! It’s incredibly light, fun, and traditional. For me, this was a slight drawback. While I enjoyed the Justice League (I laughed a lot and had a nerdy grin on my face for almost the entire 2 hours), it didn’t have the same emotional weight as Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. While those movies weren’t perfect, I still enjoyed their music, tone, and the high stakes they brought to their stories. So at the end of the day, Justice League isn’t a ground-breaking superhero movie, but it’s an action-packed, heart-warming, and fun movie that everyone can enjoy at the movie theatres.

Until next time, nerd out.

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