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For some reason many peeps out there have this crazy, twisted idea that my favorite X-Man; Mr.Scott Summers AKA Cyclops is… well, a weeny. This could not be any further from the truth. Cyclops is awesome, and I will tell you poor, misguided jerks why!

I would argue that the reason people dont care much for ol’ Cyke is because he is the “goody-good, apple-polisher” leader of the X-Men. No. Not true. Yes he is the leader, he is the authority; that comes with the huge weight of responsibility which of course would make him more uptight. I mean really, have you looked at the bunch o’ misfits on the X-Teams? Its like trying to lead a zoo of super-powered monkeys! You got the short cigar smoking one that is always trying to score with your girl, the thieving cajun, the blue smart-ass, the list goes on and on. Leadership comes with the high price of responsibility which basically means no fun, means putting the job and the mission before everything else. Unlike a certain hairy Canadian, Cyclops has to think things through and carefully weigh the options before giving out orders, he cant simply jump into shit guns blazing without thinking of the risks and the dangers he is putting his team in.

If great power= great responisiblity then great responsibility is given to those with great power. So yadda yadda Cyclops is awesome! Yay math!

X-Men - First Class

He can, and does handle the pressure of leadership pretty awesomely. Sure its fun to cheer for the rebel and the wild card but without Cyclops’ leadership and strategy skillets the X-Men would be hiring new teammates every other day. As of late Cyke’s character has gotten progressively meaner and tougher, adapting to the darker Marvel Universe; more often than not its the death of X-Members or more often due to the death of his beloved Jean Grey that  tends to topples his tower of ethics time after time. Though its nice to believe that leaders are all about doing what is right and sticking to the rules, sometimes the shit hits the fan and hands need to get dirty… gosh that sounded terrible.  Anyways thats just how it is, though hes not always the one covered in red splatters in the panels his hands are just as bloody,  it’s not always black and white, theres also some grey… and silver!

X-Force : Not Forgotten

Not to mention the many costume changes that come with the ever changing Universes. Be it Uncanny, Ultimate, Astonishing or what not; Scott’s costume always comes down to the basic, Ruby Quartz visors! Only the cooliest of cools can pull off wearing sunglasses at night!

Zap! Zap! Zap!

Alright, so he obviously has a tough job and rises to the occasion better than most would. As a kid its easy to dislike the character due to this fact alone. Who wants to emulate the guy that follows orders and tells everyone to stay in line? This is the same reason that Leonardo wasn’t usually the favorite. But we is not kids no more (most of us) so to continue to dislike a character because he represents rules and order… thats just silly beans.

Power. Cyclops has some pretty sweet powers. I only mean that in the sense that they are powerful, by no means are they powers that anyone would actually want. I would much rather be able to turn myself into a super-strong, shiny metal Colossus than have crazy-face laserbeams shooting out of my eyes non-stop. Cyke is pretty handicapped by his powers, but he sucks it up, he controls it. And when it comes time to, he releases the beast!


Alright so lets get to an argument that always comes up, and surely why many choose to dislike Cyclops. Wolverine v Cyclops. It almost comes down to a Team Jacob v Team Edward thing, all starting with a girl. So much can be said in regards to who would win this fight. A fight that we have all seen parts of here and there, through many years of comics, a tension between them you can cut with a butter knife… or adamantium claws. Much like Cyclops’ eye-powers, Wolverine’s healing factor has been getting pimped out time and time again, getting quicker and more crazy. Giving him way too much power and undeserved hype. Facing off, one on one Cyclops would blast Wolverine to shit. Anyone remember the Age of Apocalypse storyline? Wolverine has one arm, who blasted the other one clean off? If you want to argue that Scott can’t cut adamantium, fine, but you can’t dismiss that he would rip off all his flesh and that would stop him. K.O. Even in recent X-Movies Logan is knocked out by a simple bullet to the head. Come on folks! You don’t have to choose! You can love them both. Its totally different than choosing between Superman and Batman… but lets leave that one for another day.

A Classic rivalry!

Pretty much like this but better...

 So he’s tough, powerful, responsible… sounds like quite the catch! And well, he obviously is as he always seems to have a girl on his arm! Yes sometimes it doesn’t go so smooth and one dies or whatever it is that happens to Phoenex with the dying and then not dyring. He cries, because yes men do cry, but he dries them tears and gets back into the game like a champ! Sure he may lose some points in some nerd eyes due to his player-ness-ness but hey, its just one of the perks that come with being the leader.

Jean Grey

Madelyn Pryor.... yea a Jean clone.


Emma Frost

Weird that he would attract so many psychics…  hopefully theres a better reason than the similar sounds of Cylops and Cy-kicks. Actually, I hope that IS the reason.

So at this point my wicked, writing pictures, and amazing scans have surely made you see the light! Of course there may be a tiny chance that you are still not convinced, as such I will have to push a bit further and get into my personal reasons for loving Mr.Scott Summers, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

When I was younger, after watching X-Men cartoons on TV for the first time, probably before my first comic, I recall being out with my Mom and Brother, and I guess we had behaved ourselves or something as we got our first X-Men figures! I doubt it was THE first action figure I had ever gotten my grubby little hands on but still it left an impression on me that still remains. I got my first Cyclops, my brother his first Wolverine (yea hes a Team Wolverine guy). This figure was, and still is pretty great. His eyes lit up and everything! Sure it was the classic blue and white costume that left me somewhat confused when comparing it to the blue-yellow, Jim Lee costume that was on the tube, but that didn’t matter, I loved it. Wolverine was brown anyways hahaha.

This just makes me think I need more.

For some reason I had always identified with Cyclops, maybe its because he was burdened with glasses much like I was, or maybe it’s because as the eldest brother I was always the responsible one, quick to take leadership and bark orders that began with “Mom said…”. Cyke was always my first choice whenever we played X-Men in my cousin’s backyard, I never understood why people disliked my one-eyed hero. Maybe I have convinced you to view this fictional character differently, or maybe not, maybe its just me that seeing him through ruby-coloured visors.

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  1. rikk says:

    I think if they have another xmen film, bubbles from the trailer park boys should play cyclops but retain the bottle glasses. it would be funny, the lazer would go everywhere!!

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