Lets go on a Dark Quest!

DarkBannerYesterday, Steam released a game entitled, “Dark Quest” by Brain Seal Entertainment. For obvious reasons, I had to check it out.

First thought was, “Wow, this is so perfect”. Its pretty much an exact port of my favorite board game, Hero Quest by Milton Bradley from 1991. Even the title shares the exact same font and illustration. I did some research, read reviews of the game and found out it’s even available on Android AND it’s more affordable! $4.99 on Steam and $1.99 in the Android Playstore. The game play has so far been very user friendly and story is similar to the great Hero Quest adventures.

4Dark Quest is a dungeon crawler where you command a party of warriors of different races, seek out and complete quests. Quests can be defeating evil foes and monsters, rescuing people, collecting gold, grabbing gear and so much more. Each warrior gets one action a turn. Those can be move, attack, cast a spell and open a secret door. Opening doors, picking up money and looting is free to do whenever.


The only real difference is that you control three instead of four warriors: Zantor, the Barbarian, Zerin, the Wizard and the stubborn Dwarf! The Dwarf’s name is Thorin, as in Thorin Oakenshield! I couldn’t stop smiling when I thought of him cause he’s my favorite character in the Hobbit series.


I’m upset there’s no Elf in this game but maybe in the future if this game becomes large enough, they’ll introduce the option of a fourth. However, on a mobile device (such as my phone where I play this game) it seems so much more fast paced b/c there is no forth character. The mage is pretty op. You lose the mage and it gets MUCH harder!


You can buy spells, potions, weapons, etc back in the town after a quest. Each warrior class also their specific ability. The Dwarf can disarm traps (LIKE IN HERO QUEST) and the Barbarian just has a ton of health so he’s naturally the ‘tanky’ character. He can also quip weapons purchased at the blacksmith like flails, battle axes and broadswords, all granting different abilities. The Mage shoots projectiles and casts defensive abilities. A fourth character would prolong the turn and perhaps bore me a bit. I’m already finding three characters to control overbearing but who knows, I bet it would feel absolutely different on PC because of a larger monitor? It feels like my cell phone is too small for four characters. I wouldn’t mind an elf though.

The cool one-time abilities, weapons and class abilities you can buy/learn at the shops in town are great, very useful and don’t cost many gold coins! You make a TON of money is this game and it seems like it’s programmed to provide enough gold coins to last the dungeon with a sliver of health but if you mess up a lot at once (which has happened to me), it’s over.



The decor, furniture, and art work are top notch! It really does give the feel of a tabletop game! Even though the warrior and monster icons aren’t full body but rather an icon of their face, I’m ok with it! It’s easy to differentiate everyone and the illustration is aesthetically pleasing. It’s as if the company knew what fans wanted and put it into this game.


A feature that I enjoy and hate is the sorcerer’s Skull of Fate events! These events are randomly determined and simply just happen anytime but not while in battle. A wizards asks you to roll the skull of fate or look into the seeing globe! Good and bad things can happen to your warrior (one warrior per event). This can be losing health, gaining health, losing an action, gaining an action, etc. It’s all just chance that you have to take. The Wizard only has three life bars so once he loses them, he’s out for the rest of the crawl unless you heal him with a potion (which restore two health bars).


Recently I’ve been addicted to one of Steam’s recent new release titled, Warhammer Quest. Another classic board game ported to PC that feels and plays like Hero Quest but utilizes more rules and Warhammer lore. I wish I knew about this board game when I was younger.

Hero Quest was my introduction into fantasy and really my imagination. I became a fan of Conan the barbarian because of the Barbarian from HQ. I made a Warhammer army with three hundred Marauders! Why have one Barbarian, when you can have two. three…three-hundred!

A hard battle-cry shout-out goes to my Grandparents for getting my older brother HQ for Christmas when I was five years old. Who would have known I’m still playing and talking about it twenty three years later! Anyways, back to the review.

Most reviews I’ve read are mostly positive and I’m highly enjoying everyone’s opinions and comments on it! Best game I’ve played on my phone since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game (which I still play cause it’s honestly one of the best TMNT games EVER in my opinion).


I’d recommend Dark Quest for sure. If you’re a fan of dungeon crawler board games (or video games), then go check out either of these titles! I’d play Hero Quest with anybody, anyday!

For the $2 I paid for Dark Quest, it’s lasted and provided me with more joy, adventure and fun more than a Tim Horton’s coffee.


Gather some comrades, grab yourself some ale and sharpen your weapons! Now go, defeat menacing orcs, skeleton warriors and many more mighty monsters!

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