Logan – The Best Superhero Movie of All Time

After 17 years and 8 movies, we finally got the Wolverine movie we’ve always wanted. It really shouldn’t have taken this long, but at least Hugh Jackman’s swan song with Logan is absolute perfection. How good was it? Well, it just might be the best superhero movie…ever.


Superhero movies have been around for a few decades. The vast majority of them have repetitive formulas and audiences know what to expect: an inspiring origin story, team-ups, jokes every 5-10 minutes, extravagant and over-the-top action sequences, and set ups for future movies, spinoffs, etc. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with superhero movies. I mean, what’s better than seeing your childhood icons come to life on the big screen? Well there’s only thing that’s better than making a fantastic superhero movie, and that’s making a fantastic MOVIE.

In 2008, Christopher Nolan set out to make a great movie, which just so happened to include Batman characters in The Dark Knight. This monumental movie didn’t feel gimmicky or predictable; it was just a perfect crime drama. No other superhero movie has been able to achieve this accomplishment and surprisingly, out of all the superhero properties and movies studios out there, it was Fox’s Logan to meet, if not surpass the incredibly high bar that The Dark Knight set.

Better than The Dark Knight?

Logan is an intense, violent, emotional, and character-driven drama that just so happens to include X-Men characters. What I’m trying to say is, Logan made me forget that I was watching a superhero movie because there was such a great emphasis on telling a great character-driven story. In addition to getting a Wolverine movie with a powerful concluding story, we finally got a Rated-R Wolverine movie and this was a brilliant choice.

So violent and so satisfying

Excessive blood, violence and f-bombs won’t make a mediocre film into a masterpiece. However, the mature content and themes, violence, and imagery can enhance a great story. But more importantly, it has to match the character’s world. An R-rating worked perfectly for Deadpool and Blade 1 & 2, but an R-Rated Spider-man movie wouldn’t make much sense. In Logan, things are incredibly bleak not just for Wolverine and Charles, but also for society as a whole so going for an R-Rated Wolverine movie was sheer perfection. Also, it was pretty damn cool to see Wolverine unleash his berserker rage and chop off some limbs.

Who else loves R-Rated superhero movies?

Logan definitely brings things to an end in a grand, satisfying, and very emotional way to Wolverine’s long and tragic story. You’ll love this movie even if you’re not up to date with everything that’s happened in the other X-Men and Wolverine movies, but obviously if you are, you’ll appreciate the very subtle references that are made in the movie. Thank you Hugh Jackman but more importantly, thank you Fox and James Mangold for giving us the best superhero movie of all time. Until next time, nerd out.









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