Netflix’ Defenders : A Work in Progress

Finally the moment so many of us have been waiting for since it was first announced back in November of 2013, the Defenders are coming together! Getting to this point was one hell of a ride! A rollercoaster of feelings! Its taken us 5 Seasons of hallway brawls and slick soundtracks to get to this moment… heres hoping it does not disappoint!
Read on for a Spoiler-Free review/first impression of the first 3 episodes!

Watching a team come together is such a beautiful thing! That first introduction, the first powerful handshake, the moment they realize they are stronger together than on their own! You just gotta love those action movie montages where characters are recruited one by one with some badass tunes playing in the background as some higher-ranking character reads off their names with quick shots of the characters showing off their particular skill-sets! I’m sure you know what I mean!

This is definitely the highlight and main selling point of this new series! Maybe you weren’t a huge fan of each of the character-focused shows that came beforehand but you’d have to be a real nut to skip out on seeing them all side by side by side by side!

Of course a quick team building montage wouldn’t quite work in this case since it would feel rushed and cheap.
Instead we get something more along the lines of your standard superhero team-up  where they start off by fighting each other until they realize they are on the same side. Predictable and boring, but hey if it’s not broke don’t fix it!
Unfortunately assembling The Defenders doesn’t go as smoothly as it should. Although all the pieces fit together the whole thing feels clunky and awkward.

First Impression
You don’t need to watch too many episodes per seasons to learn that these guys are loners. Outside of the occasional coffee dates and  one-sided friendships they put lots of effort into distancing themselves from others. So, it comes to no surprise that any attempts to make a pack out of these lone wolves will result in some serious resistance… and I totally get that, the Avengers didn’t start off as BFFs so why would we expect otherwise from these guys?
But even with that in mind, something about the delivery here doesn’t work. Maybe its because theres just too much brooding and self-loathing for those magical bonding moments we are all waiting for, or maybe its just failing to balance these 4 strong personalities.
Whatever the case may be its making for a slow build up, which considering the season is only 8 episodes long, is not a good thing.
Don’t get me wrong, the show is not BAD! Theres lots of Great things going on here!
Its taking a while for the party to get started but rest assured it will be quite the shindig! Maybe I am judging too harshly considering I am only 3 episodes deep but its only because I am so eager to see everyone suited up (not literally, unfortunately) and beat up some Hand ninjas!

Hallway brawl #8765

The Good
• Together at last! – Although clumsy, the moments when 2 or more Defenders are in the same room is pretty nice. At this point it almost doesn’t matter how the story plays out, I’m just thrilled that it happened haha 😂 ahem well thats not entirely true but mostly. Least in my case.
• Cameras! – The cinematography is very nice and takes bits and pieces from each of the previous seasons. Some really cool shots and angles!
• Fashion! – We have already seen some new outfits and they are dope!
• Worlds collide! – Not only do we get the Defenders all together but we also get a slew of supporting cast members! Hogarth, Foggy, Misty, Colleen,  and of course we get shots of all their locations!

Iron Fist meets Steel Jaw!

The Not-So-Good
• Hurry up! – As I have already mentioned, the pacing and the connecting of the dots leaves much to be desired.
• Iron Fist! – Unfortunately it looks like the issues I had with the Iron Fist character remain unresolved. I don’t know if its the actor or the writing but I have zero love for this guy. Which really breaks my heart as he is my favorite character comic-wise!

The Potential!
•  Buddies! – Although off to a rocky start I am really psyched to see Danny Rand and Luke Cage become Best Buds like in the comics. Please let that be a thing!!
• More Spandex! – I’m really hoping that Danny will be inspired by Matt to wear something other than khakis when he goes out on missions. Lets see some green!
• New Players! – With each season we learn that The Hand is bigger and more powerful than originally thought – which means they have more enemies, which means potential to bring in some more characters! Come on Shang-Chi and MCU crossovers! Oh or maybe Ghost Rider from AOS!

In conclusion
While not perfect I am still super excited to see where the next 5 episodes go and what Netflix+Marvel have in store for us after its all wrapped up. I really hope that the bumpy start is just the writers getting everyone into position before shifting gears and making The Defenders into an actual team and not just a bunch of vigilante grumps with tunnel vision.
But really the fact that this is actually a THING is still so crazy awesome. Ah what a time to be a nerd.



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