New Faces and some Deja Vu from 2015!

2015bannerHow is everyone doing on their New Year’s resolutions? How are those abs coming along? Don’t give up!
While we can’t help you achieve buns of steel we CAN help you reminisce on the nerdy good times of 2015! And boy o’ boy were there some good times! Many fresh new faces along with some familiar ones! Lets check out these lists as selected by you!

Same setup as last year, we asked a bunch of nerd friends to list their Top5s of 2015. Anything nerdy that stood out amidst the onslaught of nerd stuff we were blessed with in the magical year of 2015. Games, movies, comics, toys, whatever. Some chose to write a simple list, some chose to rant. Good times all around!

Here are the lists from our “staff” to kick things off. In Alphabetical order! ————-


What made my 2015 memorable
• Seeing pre-screenings of Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron
• Creating my very own levels for the first time in Super Mario Maker
• Completing a convincing Daredevil costume (inspired by the Netflix series) for the Silver Snail Halloween Party
• Having my mind blown by the ever-growing list of new downloadable characters for Smash Bros. Wii U
• Officially becoming a Star Wars fan because of The Force Awakens


Assorted faves of 2015
•  Avengers – Age of Ultron
•  DC Icons Batman
•  MMPR Legacy Movie figures
• Marvel Select Ant-Man
• BB-8 (the character)


• Mad Max: Fury Road
• Star Wars: The Force Awakens
• Daredevil
• Batman: Arkham Knight
• Ant-Man


Gaming Top 5
Mike2015• The Witcher 3 – I expected one of The Witcher or Fallout to be my game of the year. I’m a big fan of story driven games. And no game I played this year was better written than Witcher 3. And it was wrapped in a package including beautiful graphic, smooth combat, amazing voice acting. For those who don’t know the Witcher series, these games are dense as hell. These are a role-playing-games in the truest sense of the word, with an open world, branching story quests, skill trees, multiple love interests, important world changing decisions. There are seemingly endless quests to do. Looking at the objective map can be very daunting. It’s not a game that you can 100% Unless you want to give the game a year of your life.

• Fallout 4 – I honestly thought this was going to be my favourite game of the year. Even halfway through the game I thought it was my game of the year. It’s more Fallout 3 with a denser world and with a voiced character. The biggest addition to the game was the completely overhauled first person shooting mechanic. It’s nice to never have to justify the iffy gameplay of Fallout. That being said as huge and engaging Fallout was, there were things in the game that feel dated when compared to other RPG’s. As much as I loved the companions and love interests they weren’t as good as in Mass Effect or Dragon Age. The graphics, frame rate and glitches weren’t on the level of The Witcher 3. Bethesda made an amazing game on a dated engine and could learn a few things from their contemperaries.

• Until Dawn – Well this game was a hell of a surprise. An interactive teen horror movie. Perfect. That’s something new and stressful. For anyone who was a fan of the Telltale Walking Dead games, this game is your jam. The skinny is you control a group of teenagers one at a time as they try and survive a night at a cabin in the woods. Depending on your decisions any character can die.

• Bloodborne – Not my kind of game. But I totally get it. It’s a very well-made, challenging, often times painful hack and slash game. It brought me back to when I was getting my ass handed to me by games on the NES. In the end I had to give up on the game. But it was easily one of the best games of the year.

• Batman: Arkham Knight – This is another great game that I never ended up beating. The reason why is the damned Batmobile missions. It’s the same Batman Arkham game we know and love with some shoe horned racing, platforming, tank warfare.


• SH Figuarts Awakening Goku
• DC Icons Batman
• Play Arts Kai Cloud
• SH figuarts Harley Quinn
• Batman Arkham Knight – PS4


Top 5 parts of 2015…in no particular order mind you!
jeff2015• Star Wars Episode VII. No way around this one, I was a Star Wars kid growing up, know the original trilogy like the back of my hand and even my kids love it! To me this movie was a fantastic piece of the saga, fitting in nicely with the originals. The nay-sayers can nay all they want and try to poke holes in it all day long…to me this was an amazing movie! Top it off with our small city theatre busting their butts to convince Disney to let them have it for opening weekend, which also allowed me to arrange a field trip for the grades 7-12 students at my school and then going again the next day with my son and this really will be a huge highlight of the year for me!

• Canadian Comics. I have been a comic book fan for as long as I have been a Star Wars fan and everyone who knows me can see this…I wear it proudly! Growing up I had the major super heroes from the big two publishers which was all fine and well but I also had a few random issues of a comic called Captain Canuck…totally random but kinda neat. Then in the 90’s Canada Post put out a stamp series about Canadian superheroes with Superman and Captain Canuck as well as some characters I didn’t know namely Nelvana, Johnny Canuck and Fleur de Lys. I bought a big collectors pack that had stamps, postcards, a mousepad and an information sheet. I devoured the info but given where I lived and the fact that the internet was not really what it is now I never had much choice to learn anymore. Last year a surge started in revitalizing the general knowledge of the history of Canadian comic books and superheroes. It may have started sooner but last year it really took off and I dug out my Canada Post stuff and decided I was really going to embrace this more. Reprints of Nelvana, Johnny Canuck, and Brok Windsor from the Canadian ‘Whites’ (the 1940’s) were happening as well as a relaunch of the Captain Canuck character and new takes on classic heroes and new creations as well were all there to greet me in this mission. I am still learning all the various histories behind the Canadian comic books and I am loving every step of it!

• Canadian Corps. Speaking of Canadian comic books this is one that hit me last year. An independent title coming from Winnipeg’s Andrew Lorenz and his September 17 (S17) independent publishing company, this is a comic about a Canadian team of superheroes from all parts of the country. Another great part is that it is set in various parts of Canada as well! I really was looking forward to this books for several reasons – obviously the fact that it is Canadian had a huge appeal, next the artist was Justin Shauf, a Saskatchewan based artist who was fast becoming a good friend and one of my favourite comic book artists. Finally I had picked up Andrews other releases to date and rather enjoyed his writing so Canadian Corps was a high entry on anticipated releases for this year. There was a very successful Kickstarter for the book which I happily contributed to and spread the word far and wide for and the first issue launched at this Septembers Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo, which is basically my home away from home con! I got to meet Andrew and the colourist Donovan Yaciuk and hang out with them as well as Justin at the show. Having the book physically in hand was so cool I ended up buying a bunch of extra copies and handing them out to other guests at the show…so people like Gail Simone went home with a copy to check out. I am eagerly awaiting issue #2 as well as the other parts of the Kickstarter rewards for this amazing series!

♦ Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo. Seems this would be the best time to bring this show into the list. As previously mentioned this is my home away from home con and this year it was fantastic! Being a relatively new show and a smaller city compared to others I love seeming how it grows every year. The media guests this year were great again including William Shatner and Billy Boyd and on the comic creator end they had the likes of Gail Simone, Ed Brisson, Cary Nord and Francis Manupaul. There were tons of amazing sights and people there, it was fantastic! I spent day one dressed as Gandalf and people loved the costume….many pictures were taken and I was even interviewed and ended up on tv! After day one back at the hotel my con crew were in full relax mode which also included some time hanging with Andrew and Justin from Canadian Corps! I added to my Starman art collection and a few other things as well as buying some gifts for others…all in all another great weekend at this show!

• Social Media. This might seem like an odd choice for this list but buckle up as I will do my best to explain it in a way for it to make sense…maybe. Modern society is an increasingly global community thanks to technology and social media. As I am typing this on my laptop I have my headphones plugged into my iPad listening to music and my iPhone is running Facebook and Twitter nearby…yes I am a bit of a techno junkie in that way, always have been, and the upside is that it really allows me to enjoy where I live a lot more. I love being able to pick up any of these devices – all of which are so far more advanced than my first computer and when I bought that I thought it was something amazing! So yeah… I am an oddity in that I love living in a smaller community in the middle of the prairies…it has some drawbacks for the geek side of me like a lack of comic shops, not a whole lot of geek related events happening and the distance to said events can be restrictive. This is where social media kicks in and takes away a lot of those walls. With social media not only am I able to keep up with news and other things that relate to my passions but I am able to talk to friends from all around the world that share these passions! I can carry on meaningful conversations about all topics and even get the inside scoop on stuff that is happening with my favourite creators – both independent as well as people that have made their mark in the industry. There is nothing quite like being able to talk to your favourite comic book artist on a first name basis, have his wife message you personally to share stories, be able to get one of the creators of your favourite toy line send you artwork he did of your favourite comic book character done in the style of that toy line, being able to collaborate with like-minded teachers from various parts of the world to better enhance lessons I am using in the classroom…these are just some very minor examples of some of the things that social media has brought into my life. So while there are drawbacks to social media, as with anything really, I am all for the use of it as it allows me to find that balance between my enjoyment of small community living and being connected to the larger communities of the world outside!

• Auroraman. Yes I do realize this is number 6 on a top 5 list but I couldn’t leave this list without mentioning this name…it is a name that was brought to me by one friend and then as the year progressed another friend latched onto the idea and now in 2016 it is really going to become something so much more and is taking me on a new adventure that I could have never imagined before!


My Top 5 favorite things from 2015
dale2015• Favorite Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road
Unlike most Mad Max fans, I didn’t have a lot of reservations about Tom Hardy stepping up and filling the iconic role that Mel Gibson made famous well over 30 years ago. But if I did, they all went away after watching this movie.
Moreso a continuation of the cult classic franchise, than a straight up reboot, Director George Miller seems to have reinvigorated his creation with the help of Hardy. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the franchise.

• Favorite Ongoing Comic Series: Saga
It took me awhile to discover this series after countless recommendations by friends. But I finally did and I’m glad I did. After buying the first four volumes of trades, I’ve become a new member of an already growing huge following of Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staple’s comic masterpiece. Saga is the very antithesis of all the popular mainstream titles currently being published. It’s original, creative, and free from the burden of countless renumberings and rebootings that seem to currently plague readers these days. At its imaginative heart, its a sweeping epic story about family, wrapped up in science fiction with a healthy dose of Romeo and Juliet thrown in. With ground-breaking panel and page designs and layouts, as well as characters you can easily invest in, Saga has definitely proven to be the comic series of the year and future years to come. Can’t recommend highly enough.

• Favorite TV Show: Adam Ruins Everything
Lots of contenders in this category for me this year, that’s why I decided to split it up into comic shows and regular shows.
I was almost going to go with this season of American Horror Story, until I had the chance to catch a random episode of Tru TV’s Adam Ruins Everything. After that, it quickly became my new favorite regular TV show. Basically series host Adam Conover really does “ruin” previous popular beliefs, sentiments and the acceptable societal norms, and exposes the for what they really are; blatantly perpetuated myths created by advertisement companies. It’s really informative and entertaining at the same time. Just prepare yourself to feel stupid and angry afterwards;)

• Favorite Comic TV Show: Daredevil Netflix series
Surprisingly the Flash does nothing for me although it should. Don’t care for Agents of SHIELD or Supergirl, and don’t get me started on my disdain for Gotham. And up until this season I was a loyal, diehard Arrow fan. For me, it was Marvel’s new Netflix series Daredevil that easily wins this year. Containing more brutal and realistic fights than Arrow, better caliber actors and performances, Daredevil is the show that has single-handedly reinvigorated the superhero genre on television. It’s already blazed the trail that shows like Jessica Jones, and soon Luke Cage and Iron Fist will benefit from. And with the upcoming second season featuring the Punisher, I fully expect more great things from this series.

• Favorite Toy line: Marvel Legends
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m an unabashedly avid action figure collector, and this year’s been a really good year to us, even if not to our wallets. And if you’re a collector of Marvel Legends figures, then this year has been an extremely good year for collectors such as myself. With no less than 6 waves of figures, each containing parts to a build-a-figure, as well four sets of exclusive box sets and two Walgreen’s exclusive figures, this truly has been one of, if not THE best years for the line. And if released pics of upcoming waves are any sign, then it looks like 2016 will continue that trend.





TystarrTops• The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Yes, the Marvel cinematic universe was sparked years ago in 2008 but in 2015 things kicked into high gear and truly cemented Marvel studios as a powerhouse in Hollywood. This year we were blessed with Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Agents of Shield, Agent Peggy Carter, Ant-Man and Avengers 2 and they’re ALL connected and highly praised by fans! Not only did we get amazing content but we also received information regarding the future of Marvel studios with a sneak peak of their movie line up for YEARS to come. I have to say, this has been a Marvelous year for the company that not long ago had to file for bankruptcy. The comics are doing okay but the film side of Marvel is booming and I don’t see it slowing down. Not to mention, it definitely helped Marvel Legends come back to store shelves in a way it hasn’t been since the good ol’ days.

Articulated Comic Book Art
ACBA is an artform involving the posing of action figures that started on Youtube and then migrated to Facebook where it amassed a huge audience. About a year ago it finally got with the times and joined Instagram and already has earned thousands of followers. 2015 was the year where things were taken to a higher level with new merchandise exclusive to the brand, a new website, a fresh podcast, a monthly Youtube show, and multiple international contests sponsored by well known companies in the toy community.This entity has branched out in so many ways that its influence helped The Fwoosh complete their Kickstarter for a line of figures created by fans for fans. If this is all they accomplished this year I would to see what happens in the next.

• One Punch Man
I’m going to acknowledge the very offensive portrayal of the one black dude on the show and chalk it up to parody as the whole show in itself is a parody of the absurdity in Anime and Manga. That being said, One Punch Man is a must watch anime. The manga has been online forever but this was my first forray into the series and it was mindblowingly awesome. I’ve watched a lot of cartoon in my 26 years of life and One Punch Man’s action is some of the best I’ve seen since Avatar: Legend of Korra. Not only is the work a feast for the eyes but the writing is stellar. It reminded me of a child coming up with the most imaginative story and it being streamlined through an adult’s pen. The show works on so many levels and it is definitely a must-watch of 2015.

Bossfight Studios
This small toy company is what happens when you assemble a talented group of creators who have worked on toys for GI JOE, Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel and more and decide to start their own figure line. Their Kickstarter was funded in 2014 and the figures have not been sent to anyone in 2015 yet their story in 2015 is impressive (They are on pre-order now though!). As anxious backers of the project we got to witness the whole toy production process from beginning to end and it’s so rewarding that we all helped this dream come true. As a 3.75 scale collector I wholeheartedly supported what Bossfight aimed to do and they did not only reach their goal they surpassed it numerous times. Their story is inspiring and shows us that with dreams and commitment you too can make things happen.

• Steven Universe
This show might have came out in 2013 but I’ve only became invested in it this year. Whoever said cartoons aren’t good anymore has never watched Steven Universe. It’s a story about a team of super-powered women called the ‘Crystal Gems’ who take care of this boy named Steven while they fight to protect the Earth. I don’t even know where to start. This brightly colored show has so much more to it than meets the eyes. Steven Universe has cleverly broken through so many boundaries in race, gender, and content while retaining its innocence and integrity.I won’t get too much into it because you should really check it out for yourself. In a world where remakes and adaptations are taking over Steven Universe is that unique creative vision that will go down in the history books as a shining example of what the animated medium is capable of.

We nerds and geeks were spoiled rotten this year, I didn’t even list The Flash, Arrow, Rick And Morty, Bojack Horseman, Arkham Knight, Super Smash Bros (Cloud!!!), DC Icons, and soooo much more. Just know 2015 was a dope year for so many reasons.


Top Five Minimates
• Ant-Man
• Hobgoblin
• City Predator
• GITD Alien
• Queen Alien
Top 5 minimates


Major Awesome

Mjros• Anniversaries
2015 was a year of anniversaries. This was the year that Marty McFly arrived in the future. It was amazing watching the interviews with the cast of the movie and reliving the nostalgia of one of my all-time favourite Trilogies. The movies were so well made and timeless. This is exactly why great Classics must never be remade. This year also marked the 30th anniversary of the M.A.S.K. cartoon. I do hope this series gets revived in one form or another.

• Collecting
There is no rest for collectors like me. This year was no exception as I bought numerous Holy Grails (such as Kriefgaffe, Herman Von Klempt and Abe Sapien from the Mezco Hellboy series) to fill in the gaps in my collection on top of the new releases from this year. Hasbro continued to churn out new figures from the Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black series lines. This year was unique in the sense that quite a number of collectors held fire sales as they decided to stop collecting.

• Pre-orders
It was pretty much the year of Pre-orders and Kickstarters for me. I was sad to have missed out on the exclusive version of the Iron Giant figure from Mondo but still happy to have secured the regular version.
It was expected to ship in the 3rd quarter of this year but sadly delayed till 2016 because of quality issues.
Apprehension turned to delight when the Kickstarter project I supported came to fruition when they hit their target pledges. I’m looking forward to receiving my articulated Ninja action figures in 2016.

• Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Shocker! Most Star Wars die-hard fans like myself would have placed the long awaited movie at the pinnacle of their list but I had my reason which you will read next. After the disappointment that was the Prequels, you can’t blame fans of the original Trilogy from being wary. I made sure that I caught the first screening in Singapore to avoid having spoilers ruin the movie for me. The general consensus is that fans were happy with the latest Episode (myself included). The fans got what they want from the storyline but it was a little predictable to me. The Original Trilogy is still the best to me but the new Trilogy comes in a close 2nd.

•  A.C.B.A. World Tournament 2015
*drum roll* This year marked the 5th edition of the World Tournament where artists from all over the world pit their skills against each other. I initially wasn’t planning on participating in the tournament but changed my mind after numerous close friends and mentors strongly encouraged me to. I entered with very low expectations but I surprised myself by qualifying for the finals where only 25 contestants are left standing. The level of competition forced me to learn how to make my own Dioramas which was an area that I previously was not inclined to pick up. Stay tuned for the results as they will only be released in January 2016.

2016 is looking to be an exciting year already.


My top whatever’s!
• Movies: Ant-Man, Avengers AOU, Kingsman, Star Wars
• Tv shows: The Walking dead,
• Toys: Disney exclusive Marvel Select Ant-Man, Ultron build a figure, SDCC Ant-Man Minimates



• Callix MOTUC would be my figure of the year.
• Star Wars Black would be the line of the year.
• General Grievous Elite Series would be the QC fail of the year
• Daredevil Netflix is the show of the year (or maybe decade?)
• Yuengling Black & Tan is my BEER of the year
• Daisy Ridley is the woman of the year


• Marvel killing it on Netflix with Daredevil and Jessica Jones .
• Fallout 4 !!
• Marvel legends stepping it up , Hulk Buster BAF nuff said.
• Getting stupidly addicted to Marvel Future Fight .
• Kung “FUCKING” Fury !!



Nerd1 (meeeee)
TOPs of 2015
• Jessica Jones. So gooood!
• Star Wars: Force Awakens. So gooood!
• Ant-Man. Especially Michael Peña
• Marvel Select AOU Hulk.
• X-Men ’92. I’m just a sucker for anything 90s X-Men!



Thanks for sticking with us and reading through those lists! Its always fun to see differences and similarities in Nerds!
2016 promises to be an even nerdier year with all kinds of goodies!
As always feel free to comment and discuss!

Catch you guys later!

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