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dPbanner Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10yrs or just really dislike house music you are familiar with the awesome helmet-wearing duo that is Daft Punk. And if you know who they are, and actually enjoy what they do… you will be pleased to know that they are now available in 1/12 scale plastic goodness. Work It Harder Make It Better. Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger. Beep boop beep beep!

For those who DON’T know who these two are, here is a quick bio as posted on Rolling Stone’s website:

With their thoroughly modern disco sound — a blend of house, funk, electro and techno — this French duo were one of the biggest electronic music acts of the late 1990s and 2000s. Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter wore shiny droid costumes at every live show (and only allowed themselves to be photographed in said costumes) but their music was only sometimes robotic: Daft Punk were as influenced by rock bands like AC/DC as they were by classic disco acts.

I would be lying if I said I was well educated on the subject of DaftPunk, its a name I would overhear every now and then, music my father would always play very loudly and “faces” that I thought were cool as hell. Oh the days when MTV used to actually play music. Long story short DaftPunk are robot-humans that make awesome music and really odd music videos. Daft Punk In 2006 DaftPunk released ELECTROMA, which doesn’t actually feature their music but its an amazing look into their brains; their strange, electric brains. I highly suggest looking up said video, I think the whole thing is actually available on the YouTube. r_1216072009_electroma If you don’t remember their great beats from the 90s you should at least remember them from the insanely amazing soundtrack for Tron 2. Personally its an album I can listen to on loop and disappear… until of course I realize I have been riding the subway for much longer than I should have. The pair actually appear IN the Tron sequel, be sure to look out for them next time sporting some nice white outfits which I would love to see in actionfigure magic. Oh also they were in DJHero. Kinda cool. tronPUnk In regards to what they have done for you lately, well the first single off Random Access Memories, released in January of 2013 made a pretty big splash. Though not quite the same as the style they are known for I found it very enjoyable. Here is the video which isn’t really a video… but the audio is there!

Alright, enough of that. Either you love them or you hate them, either way they must have done something right because SH Figuarts decided to release them in actionfigure form and boy are they nice! Lets start of course with the packaging! Something I usually skip but these are just so well done!


So much attention and thought was put into this packaging that it would be a sin to ignore it, and utter blasphemy to throw them out! The helmet windows on the front are just phenomenal. The shots on the side ensure that your shelves will look splendid even when you can’t see the figure! Overall just a big fan of the packaging. Im sorry if that is weird.

inpackagePulling the trays out of the box we are welcomed with of course the figures but also 7 extra pairs of hands! Grand total of 8 pairs! Yes I am bummed out that they don’t come with any stands or blast effects or a turntable (bit more appropriate than blast effects), but at least we are getting a nice amount of hands to play with. We get a PEACE hand, a Spider-Man hand, some DJ hands?.. and an Iron Man blasting hand for some reason. Overall I am pleased… will definitely need to build myself a DJ station and some massive speakers though.


Moving past the crunchy exterior and into the gooey center we have our DJ heroes clad in black leather and their awesome helmets of course. Not sure how well the photo shows the details but there are many,tiny zippers and stitching all around the jackets are very nicely done, nice clean paint all throughout. Other than the helmets and different coloured gloves the two are virtually the same figure. I do think Thomas (silver helmet) has a longer body though, I suppose hes the taller one. Here are some more shots of figure doing nothing!… I swapped out some hands, just because I get bored of all my plastic friends sporting closed fists.


why are we posed so awkwardly?…


In case you forget the name of the group they have it printed on the back ;) Please note the texture details to suggest different fabric and such on their biker-esque outfits. Its unfortunate how obvious those circles on their bums are, just another Figuarts feature I suppose heh.


Just wanted to point out the shoes. Simple but very nicely done. I like them! Looking at the shoes you can see they have some toe articulation which is very nice… aaaand moving on to articulation!


Guy Manuel – “Oh man my left shoulder doesn’t feel so good”

Though the jacket design robs the figure of any ab movement (though I swear the body underneath has a crunch!) the figures still sport the elaborate articulation one has come to expect from the SH Figuarts line. Double-jointed knees and elbows, wrist, ankle, waist and the figuarts style hips and shoulders – which are admittedly a bit odd the first time you encounter it but its def a nice way of creating more articulation without looking bee-stung. The head/neck articulation is a bit strange probably because there is no actual head in the helmets… you’ll see what I mean should you get your hands on one.


One of the best things about collecting action figures is being able to mash Universes together and create the team-ups of your dreams! So here we are comparing Thomas with another the awesome Red Ranger (Tyrranoranger) also released by figuarts along with an IronMan from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line. He is in perfect scale w ol’ Red, much slimmer build, but that just makes sense. Compared to the IronMan he is definitely on the small side, you might get away with posing them beside certain ML figures but really it depends on the character… you don’t want them to just look like children in helmets.


Speaking of the helmets… they are beautifully done. No they do not light up (sad face), but they have very nice details. Difficult to tell but Guy’s helmet has some really nice details under the black dome. And boy are they shiny! If you try hard enough I am sure you can see me and my apartment reflected off them.


There you have it folks. Daft Punk by SH Figuarts. Beautifully done figures. The only thing I would have liked its more accessories and light up features!!… but thats pushing it. At this point I am just really happy and surprised these figures even happened. Should they re-release them in different costumes I would be all over them! Debating getting another pair as it is!


I am giving them a full 5/5 rating. First time ever. Its pretty great to get figures of characters I would have never expected to get characters of, they are nicely made and just oh so fun to pose and play with! Not saying the figures are perfect, because really what is perfection?? We are just Human After All….

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