Building Him Up to Break Him Down

How The LEGO Batman Movie is a deeper character analysis than any recent live-action movie featuring the superhero. *Spoiler-free thoughts*

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Batman & his Creepy Friends

While DC movies continue to leave a bad taste in the mouths of many fans, DC still  manages to churn out Animated movies that hit all the right spots. The most recent being Justice League Dark, the first animated feature to feature DC’s ghost busting team… and Batman. So did this dip into the occult work in DC’s favor? Lets take a look!

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Triumph


Christmas came early this year because Disney just gave us the best gift anyone could’ve asked for – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It’s the prequel to the Original Trilogy that we’ve all been waiting for, but more importantly, it’s one of the best movies from the entire series – yes that’s right, it’s up there with Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The force is strong with this one.

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Batman: The Telltale Series

BATMAN_TT_102_Wall_0Battman: The Telltale Series is the latest entry from the creators of the popular video games: The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead – Season 1, The Walking Dead – Season 2, and Game of Thrones . While the game is super fun and a real dream come true when you’re suited up as the dark knight, the game is no exception to Telltale’s frustrating and misleading promise, that your choices matter because in the end – they don’t. Read the rest »

Bringing Spidey home!

We finally got our first official trailer for the much anticipated Spider-Man movie! Will the third time be the charm or is the franchise doomed to fail shortly after launch? Just thought I would take a minute to share my initial thoughts and reactions!… after watching it 10 times.

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These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends


There are TV shows that are great for background noise when you’re going through subreddits or chatting with friends on Whatsapp. Then there are shows where you should pay attention 100% of the time, otherwise you’ll miss subtle but important and incredibly entertaining clues to what it all means. Westworld definitely belongs to the latter.

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Sweet Christmas!

landscape-1470753902-luke-cageAfter a brief but fun introduction in Jessica Jones, Powerman AKA Luke Cage gets his own show on Netflix. So how does this TV series compare to the other superhero TV shows that we have? Sweet Christmas – this show was a lot of fun to watch!
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The Ant-Man from Japan!


Completing a team is super important when it comes to figure collecting, not an easy task considering how quickly certain characters become “rare” and ridiculously pricey once scalpers start to notice the trend. Sometimes you can’t complete the team because some members just don’t get the action figure treatment, but sometimes team completion is possible, provided you are willing to look overseas. Lucky for us Bandai in Japan noticed Team Cap was lacking, and jumped in to fill the void! Read the rest »

Choosing sides with Marvel Select


Normally action figures drop just before the Movie in order to get fans hyped up and sell tickets, but sometimes toy makers take their sweet time and release figures months after the movie buzz has died down, for whatever reason. This is the case for Marvel Select’s offerings from the Captain America : Civil War movie. At least they got it in before the DVD came out right? At least the toys are awesome? Well, lets take a look at the new Iron Man and Cap before the DVD becomes old news! Read the rest »

Zendaya = Mary Jane?


Rumor has it  that Disney star Zendaya will be playing Mary Jane Watson in the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. This has the internet in an uproar because Miss Zendaya is not white. I can’t wrap my head around this shit. Not the casting, I’m sure she will do better that that awful Kirsten Dunst if the rumor is even true, I mean the straight-up racism. Why/how does it matter what race MJ is?!  If thats enough to make you boycott this movie then maybe comicbook movies where Good triumphs over Evil are not for you.
On the upside many distinguishable Marvel writers/directors have jumped on board defending the fact that these roles can belong to anyone. Come on people, get your acts together! Welcome to 2016.

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