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With all this Daredevil, Avengers, and JL hype its easy to forget that there are other superhero movies trying to get back in the spotlight. Recently images popped up online of the new Ben Grimm from the weirdy F4 reboot and a look at the new Archangel for the Age of Apocalypse movie.
I want to be excited but I don’t care! Archangel has always been a favorite but I don’t even care to follow the new movies and hes not even blue!! While The Thing looks pretty boss I’m not into the idea of a Dr.Doom hacker guy! Oh what a world!! Why can’t all these Universes be under Marvel Studios so that they can make them right? Make them not suck!  >_<  There’s edgy and modern and then there is whatever these are. I’m an angry fan! They are so close yet so far! Why?!

Well thats just my input. Either way its pretty rad. I guess. If you’re a nerd anyways.
Personally I’m just gonna have to stick to cartoons!!!

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