Guardians of the 6″ Galaxy

gotGbannerYou had me at giant tree-man and talking raccoon! I mean really, how could anyone not love a team with such amazing members?! This is not a movie review, as I have not seen it yet (also another writer called dibs). Rather its a review of the super cool action figures! Which drew me in harder than the trailers ever could!

If and when Hollywood messes up The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Justice League, heck even The Guardians of The Globe I will be authentically upset and go on a nerd-rage spam attack online! Why? Well because these teams are near and dear to my heart and as such I take it personally if someone else changes them without consulting with me first. I’m mostly kidding of course, in the end I couldn’t care less, at this point I am pretty tired of superhero movies and would actually like them to stop… and then I heard The Guardians of the Galaxy were getting movie-fied.

I don’t really know anything about this team, but I like spacey things and woodland creatures so I was already on board from the get-go. So according to my research and a few angry peeps on the Facebook I have learned that GotG have been kicking since 1969 and had a very different look and lineup. But the movie is not about them (or is it?) so I will not look into that at all.


The most recent version of the team, the group the flick is based on came together on Marvel pages in May 2008, take a look at the original roster, not too different than what we’ll be watching August first; Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Quasar, Adam Warlock, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot.


Fast forward a few issues later and the team’s roster changes again… not that it matters too much as we are talking about the movie figures here, but its only fair to know what the characters have been through. And really once you get close to a team and a look they change it on you yet again!
There have been many more changes since the Guardians became relevant again in 08′. Moving towards Marvel NOW it was decided that the team needed some more popular characters introduced into it.

gotg22Yes Agent Venom was added into the mix, I do not follow the books so I don’t know how long or how successful this team-up was but personally I feel its a bit forced. Speaking of odd and unexpected additions to the Guardians…
Yes Angela, you might remember her from McFarlane days hanging out with Spawn in the Image books. Crazy right? I don’t know the details here but if we can get a nice Angela figure down the road, I am pleased. Oh and of course IronMan was tossed in there at one point as well.


Nobody wants to go see a movie where the characters (mainly Star-Lord) look nothing like their comic-book counterparts, so of course the solution is to change the way they look in the comics! Or at least change their looks (again, mainly Star-Lord) in a GotG comic that is released on FreeComicBookDay!

Alright lets get to the figures!! At this point I am basing all my knowledge on the characters we have here from whatever the blurb on the back of packaging reveals, which isn’t much at all.

Star-Lord / Peter Quill / Chris Pratt
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho is Star-Lord? Well according to the back of the package: Star-Lord – With the universe in peril, interstellar adventurer Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) assembles a ragtag team of cosmic misfits to defend it: the Guardians of the Galaxy!
Other than all that he is played by Chris Pratt, making him instantly cool.


StarLord comes with the most amount of accessories in the team; he has 2 nifty guns, a Chris Pratt head, a yellow Walkman, headphones, and that special orb that seems to be important. The headsculpt is not the greatest, its a nice head but doesn’t really look like the actor, the headphones fit weird, and the Walkman is unnecessary but neat.


Head to toe this figure is 100% a new sculpt, one of the benefits to Movieverse figures! He sports a snazzy red coat, t-shirt and future pants. The backpack is removable too which is a nice touch. Very nice details in the jacket, some light shading, could probably use some more to attention to paint detail, overall a nice sculpt.


One of the issues I have heard with this series is that the joints are very gummy, I definitely see where the complaint is coming from, I think SL here is one of the better ones in the series though, no huge issues for me.
Articulation wise he has everything I would want; Ball-joint/Hinged head, ab-crunch, good shoulder movement, bicep-swivel, double-jointed elbows, and hinge/swivel wrists. He has a waist-swivel, double-jointed knees, thigh-cut, ball-jointed hips, and some nice movement in ankles. The long coat of course hinders some movement so I may trim it down as I have seen some folks do… he is probably my 3rd favorite from the movie figs.

Gamora / Zoe Saldana 


What does the packaging say about Gamora here? Gamora – The last survivor of an extinguished race, the assassin Gamora trained from childhood to become the most dangerous woman in the universe!


Again this figure is 100% new sculpt, which is actually not so much a good thing in this case… why do I say that? This is probably the worst figure in the lot. Headsculpt is pretty bad, maybe some repainting would fix things but I am not sure. Only accessory she comes with is her sword, which doesn’t sit in her hand quite right. Body sculpt and paint are not too bad though, She has a nice slim build which I dig, glad they didn’t make her super bodacious as they so often do. Her hair is nice though.


It wasn’t until I really began trying to pose this figure that I realized how much I disliked it; the articulation is as disappointing as the look on her face. Ball jointed shoulders, no bicep-swivel, single hing-swivel elbow, swivel-hinged wrists. At this point its not at all exciting but its consistent with what we get from Hasbro when it comes to female characters, unfortunately it gets worse. She has some kind of torso articulation but it barely moves in any direction, so as far as I am concerned its useless. No waist swivel. Her hips… well they are not much more than your basic T-joint, with very slight outward movement, huge disappointment, I didn’t know they still made these joints! She does however have double-jointed knees, and a thigh cut, but considering her bad hips and tiny feet you won’t be able to get any awesome action poses out of her.

Rocket Raccoon / Bradley Cooper


Rocket is so much more than a fuzzy critter in a jumpsuit! Rocket Raccoon – Intergalactic bounty hunter Rocket Raccoon and his partner Groot are hot on the trail of their next big payday: the human known as Star-Lord!


Rocket is probably the best character in the movie, so of course his figure is the crappiest. The sculpting on the figure is OK I suppose considering the size, but even that is rather generous a critique. I mean, look at him, the face is miserable, the fur is sloppy, and the paint could be so much more. There’s not much I can say that one can’t conclude based on the images…


As far as articulation is concerned this guy is hardly an action figure; he has hinge-swivel joints in his writs and elbows, a bad ball-joint for a shoulder and really poor head movement. Other than the waist swivel and helicopter tail (which he needs to stand) Rocket has no movement in his lower body… poor widdle guy.
If its any consolation he does come with his gun (needs paint) and this big machine thing that I’m sure will be explained in the movie.

Drax the Destroyer / Dave Bautista


Another muscley green guy? You betcha! Drax- The vendetta that drives Drax the Destroyer knows no limits: he will avenge the loss of his family no matter the cost!


I would say Drax is my second favorite figure this movie has brought to my shelves! Of course hes an all new sculpt and a particularly good one at that! True to the movie the figure is covered in these raised “tattoos” which are mostly painted spot-on, they are also sculpted deep into the ab-crunch so the fun never ends! The face and overall body sculpt are pretty good, maybe not perfect but I am happy with him not being overly-defined, not too much chiseling. The all brown pants are pretty boring but its very cool that his knives slip into the boots.


The articulation and joints are probably the best of the bunch; double-jointed elbows and knees, bicep swivel, ball-joint shoulders and hips, thigh cuts and nice ankles… oh and of course a waist swivel and sweet ab-crunch. If you had to pick up just one of the movie figures Drax is definitely the one, well IMO.

You may just have to get them all though, especially if you want to build the super awesome BAF that is assembled once all 6 figures are collected (comic figures IronMan and Nova, not included in review, maybe later).

Groot / Vin Diesel


He is Groot… ’nuff said.


Groot is nice and big, towering over the rest of the team as he should! The sculpt is really nice though hes not immune to the gummy joint problems that this wave of figures is cursed with; especially in the arms. He sports a ball-jointed head and shoulders, a bicep-swivel, double-jointed elbows and hinge-swiveling wrists. Lower body has single jointed swivel-hinged knees, hips and footsies! The paint is very minimal here, he would definitely benefit from a blackwash… its on the to-do list.

So there you have the Guardians of the Galaxy! On their own they are a bunch of losers but as a team, who knows what they will accomplish! So lets put them together, mostly for the sake of scale comparisons!


“So… seen any good movies lately?”

Oh man these face sculpts, everyone looks so awkward together, you can feel the tension between them! Probably the reason as to why Groot failed to join the, mostly though because he didn’t fit so well.


2 furballs, 3 greenies, and 3 fans of blue /red outfits!

Heres a more exciting shot comparing the Guardians with some other movieverse heroes, along with an angry space cat. Hrmm maybe movie likenesses just don’t translate well to plastic.

Ah but lets get a shot of the team together! Along with a few other fun shots because what good are figures if you can’t play with them and have some fun!


“Let’s do this!”


“You can put me down now please!”


Green, mean and on the scene!

Speaking of green and mean…


“I am Groot” “Hulk smash??”


“Bring it on you idiotic hulk monster!”


“Have at thee!”

So there you have it folks, its a pretty mixed bag of pros and cons that would benefit from a little TLC, so its not completely hopeless, just a bit of a bummer having to “fix” things you spent your hard-earned money on.
Final outcome? 3/5 Awesome Mix tapes!


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